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Marvel’s Agent Carter 1×08 ‘Valediction’: No, you don’t understand. I actually need this to last forever, okay?

I was waiting for a cliffhanger. I was waiting for someone to get shot in the head by Dottie or something like that. I am so used to Marvel cliffhangers making me sad that I wasn’t prepared to be so darn happy at the end (albeit the twist). Then I remembered that the show hasn’t […]

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Marvel’s Agent Carter 1×05 ‘The Iron Ceiling’: The true definition of Girl Power

Whenever I’m in times of trouble (or Russia) I think WWPCD? What would Peggy Carter do? Marnie Azzarelli is your average everyday horror writer and TV watcher, who finds herself connecting on a deep level with mythical monsters, and serial killers. She lives in a fantasy world that Joss Whedon created where she goes through […]

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Agents of SHIELD 1×07 ‘The Hub’: Big Brother is so… big

This episode had some wonderful concepts, and characterizations. It also had one of my favorite mechanisms for opening a television show, that is to say, it opened in the middle of the end of a story. That’s always a hoot. Also Coulson is just awesome. I suspect he is Vision. For all of you super-fans […]