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Parenthood 5×10 ‘All That’s Left is the Hugging’: The Winter of Breakups

I definitely shouldn’t have watched this episode right after watching such an intense Grey’s winter finale. I went in expecting to be underwhelmed by comparison and my expectations were met. I love this show, but there’s a reason why it’s repeatedly the underdog of Thursday night, if not the entire week. This is the first […]

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Parenthood 5×06 ‘The M Word’: Four carrots

I’m really glad I had the privilege of starting this episode in the wee hours of the morning and finishing it after I took a shower because I do my best thinking in the shower. While in the shower (how many times can I say shower?), I thought about Joel and Julia’s storyline and came […]

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Parenthood 5×04 ‘In Dreams Begin Responsibilities’: Hank said I could have $20 if…

Remember what I said last week about Zeek and Camille having zero interaction with anyone else besides each other? Well, we didn’t even see Camille this week, but there was so much tenderness between Victor and Zeek, which I loved. He’s clearly acclimated well to the family, as he fights with Sydney like brothers and […]