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Mad Men 7x14

Mad Men 7×14 ‘Person to Person’: Something new

A silhouetted man stares at his office, a life that he’s created for himself, but an empty one.  He sets down his briefcase, watches that life fall apart, slowly sliding to the ground.  He jumps (or falls) off of the building, soaring in free fall, flanked by advertisements on buildings, delusions, promises of ways to […]

Mad Men 7x13 Cover

Mad Men 7×13 ‘The Milk and Honey Route’: Moving on

Does a desire to change mean that change will happen to you?  Yes and no.  Sure, in wanting to change, there’s an incremental change that will happen.  Maybe it’ll be something as miniscule as eating less red meat or spending more time with the kids, but there is a small behavior change that will certainly […]

Mad Men 7x12 Cover

Mad Men 7×12 ‘Lost Horizon’: One for the road

Mad Men has always been a show about “chasing it”, trying to find your niche in the world.  Or, more than that, it’s about trying to find that utopian place that we’re all searching for.  There has to be some place where we belong, and even if getting to that place requires sacrificing everything we […]

Mad Men 7x11 Cover

Mad Men 7×11 ‘Time and Life’: Rise and fall

We all know the story.  We’ve heard it a thousand times.  A man builds a dynasty.  That dynasty flourishes.  That dynasty is threatened.  That dynasty is destroyed.  Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Scarface, Goodfellas, we as a society are fascinated with the rise and fall of empires.  Maybe it’s because, as built our own empires and […]

Mad Men 7x10 Cover

Mad Men 7×10 ‘The Forecast’: Somewhere to go

When we look at our lives, we see ourselves along a path.  Every facet of that path may not be absolutely clear to us, but we can see ourselves in a year, in five, in ten, or at least vague notions of what those versions of ourselves look like.  Being on a path is comforting; […]

Mad Men 7x09 Cover

Mad Men 7×09 ‘New Business’: Out with the old…

Life is full of new beginnings.  We decide that the path we’re on isn’t what we wanted, and so we embark new into unknown territory, trying to make this story better than the last.  Because, in essence, our life is a story, and it’s made up of smaller stories.  We can choose to see these […]

Mad Men 7x08 Cover

Mad Men 7×08 ‘Severance’: “Is that all there is?”

I don’t think there’s a single person out there that doesn’t wish that their lives had turned out differently.  It’s because there’s no way to really understand where our lives are going and what that means for us.  We can reach to achieve our dreams, but dreams change, and we’re always reaching for something different, […]

Mad Men 7x07 Cover

Mad Men 7×07 ‘Waterloo’: “The best things in life are free”

Mad Men never fails to astound me.  When I saw that the mid-season finale (which, let’s be real, was a season finale), was named “Waterloo”, it was apparent that something bad was going to happen.  Somebody was going to suffer a major setback; somebody was going to lose something dear to them.  But then we […]

Mad Men 7x06 Cover

Mad Men 7×06 ‘The Strategy’: What do you want?

“No, you’re not, Bob.  Because I want love.  And I’d rather die hoping that happens than make some arrangement.  And you should too.” –Joan Holloway “I’m just being realistic.” –Bob Benson Michael St. Charles is just a Michigan State University grad who loves a good story. If he’s not off teaching the young ones how […]

Mad Men 7x05 Cover

Mad Men 7×05 ‘The Runaways’: Knowing a person

We can never really know people.  When it comes to those that we “know”, our perception of other people is a combination of their authentic personality and what we want them to be.  Not to mention that people hide large parts of themselves from other people, whether that be because they’re scared of rejection or […]

Mad Men 7x04 Cover

Mad Men 7×04 ‘The Monolith’: The possibility of evolution

What does it take for a person to evolve?  To change is to move in any direction, whether it be forwards or backwards, but evolution is far different.  Evolving from one stage to the next means ascending to some entirely new level, becoming something capable of far more than was capable before.  But evolving is […]

Mad Men 7x03 Cover

Mad Men 7×03 ‘Field Trip’: Unfamiliar territory

Mad Men is less of a story about how people never change and more of a story about how people don’t know how to change.  There is a magical formula, a miracle way to alter your identity, but there is so much to it that most people have no idea where to start.  Do you […]

Mad Men 7x02 Cover

Mad Men 7×02 ‘A Day’s Work’: “Just tell the truth”

Why is it that change is so hard to adapt to?  Is it that change involves losing a portion of one’s identity, filling that void with something foreign and potentially damaging?  Is it that change involves acknowledging that one is inching ever closer to death?  Or is it that change involves diving into the unknown, […]

Mad Men 7x01 Cover

Mad Men 7×01 ‘Time Zones’: Out into the cold

“In these days of wars and rumors of wars—haven’t you ever dreamed of a place where there was peace and security, where living was not a struggle but a lasting delight?  Of course you have.  So has every man since Time began.  Always the same dream.  Sometimes he calls it Utopia—Sometimes the Fountain of Youth—Sometimes […]

Mad Men 6x13 Cover

Mad Men 6×13 ‘In Care Of’: Truth and redemption

Up to now, this season has worked well to dive into the chaos and delusion that comes from people lying to themselves.  Whether it be the drug-induced chaos in “The Crash” or the existential crises in “The Doorway”, Don and company have been consistently damaged by their own delusion, spiraling downward because of their inability […]

Mad Men 6x12 Cover

Mad Men 6×12 ‘The Quality of Mercy’: Soaring past windows

Mad Men is a subtle, quiet show, but only when it wants to be.  It knows how to navigate a person’s emotions, slowly pulling at them, teasing them, until pivotal moments when it just tears them apart.  Last week’s “Favors” was one of those episodes that delivered a gut-punch pivotal moment at the end, when […]


Mad Men 6×11 ‘Favors’: “I’ll make it worth your while”

The things we do for other people almost always come with some sort of catch, something that boosts ourselves as much as those we’re supposedly helping.  The social obsession with power certainly exacerbates this, contributing to the selfish nature that permeates people and the actions they impose on other people.  Mad Men has consistently been […]

Mad Men 6x10 Peggy

Mad Men 6×10 ‘A Tale of Two Cities’: “Dying doesn’t make you whole”

Mad Men, in its later seasons, has emphasized how the social systems in place shift and contort underneath the feet of the powerful, until those in power can barely recognize the world around them. As the current season has gone on, this shift is more and more apparent, with increasing emphasis on the counterculture and […]


Mad Men 6×09 ‘The Better Half’: Two halves don’t make a whole

Mad Men has consistently focused on the clashing forces that inexorably take hold of a person, whether it be business vs. family, past life vs. present life, or delusion vs. reality. It’s a strong thematic focus, given its universal nature and the depth to which it’s explored. This theme shines brilliantly through the lens of […]

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Mad Men 6×08 ‘The Crash’: Sex, drugs, and misery

Mad Men has at least one episode that deviates from the normal narrative structure used through most of the show’s episodes.  “Seven Thirty Three” moved between past and present to effectively tell three specific stories.  “The Suitcase”, for the most part, followed two specific characters through a life-changing night.  “Far Away Places” wove together three […]