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Elementary 3×18, ‘The View from Olympus’: Playing at couch quail within the pied-à-terre

After enjoying a Spring Break hiatus (where Sherlock undoubtedly went to South Padre Island to do keg stands), Elementary is back this week and our boy is a grumpy, sulky git burdened with romantic crises — probably because the bros at Omega Sigma Mu floated their Natty Ice party ball too early and they all […]


Elementary 3×16, ‘For All You Know’: The persistence of memory

Is Sherlock Holmes a killer?  Elementary is back from a brief hiatus and brings us a really great stand-alone episode that takes a look into our boy’s troubled past with drug abuse, and examines the very fabric of what makes us who we really are in any given moment.  Joan takes on most of the […]


Elementary 3×15, ‘When Your Number’s Up’: Eat the Rich

The format changes up a bit this week by showing us exactly who the killer is right off the bat, and it’s perennial TV staple Alicia Witt!  You know, the redhead from Friday Night Lights.  And Justified.  And Law & Order.  And The Mentalist.  And House of Lies.  And Ally McBeal.  Okay, you get the […]


Elementary 3×13, ‘Hemlock’: Joan Watson, heartbreaker

“To err is human; to forgive is divine.” – Alexander Pope The phraseology has an unintended macabre connotation in the context of this week’s case, as an act of charitable forgiveness leads to our victim meeting his maker in a most grisly fashion.  Sherlock, in his solitary malaise due to Kitty’s absence , takes on […]


Elementary 3×12, ‘The One that Got Away’: At long last, the status quo

This week wraps up the back half of a two-hander, where our intrepid detectives continue the search for the criminal mastermind/kidnapper/rapist/torturer/sexual deviant/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist/all-around evil rich white guy.  That guy’s LinkedIn profile must be amazing.  Anyway, last week was really crap and kinda pointless, as we learned the case about the Albanian sex dungeon (and jeez, what’s […]


Elementary 3×11, ‘The Illustrious Client’: You get further with a smile and a nightstick than just a smile alone

This week finds us with the first half of a rare two-part tale on Elementary, and I’m sorry to say that it’s a big stinking pile of disappointment.  This is obviously the crescendo Kitty’s narrative progression has been building to, and . . . . the story just kinda fumbles it away.  It’s a dang […]


Elementary 3×10, ‘Seed Money’: Blood orchids

This week’s Elementary is a lovely romp through the delicate world of botany and home gardening.  It also features a murderous drug cartel, because what’s a day in the garden without a little homicide?  Junior Detective Kitty returns to the forefront after a few weeks on the bench as Sherlock and Joan hunt down clues […]


Elementary 3×09, ‘The Eternity Injection’: The tedium of sobriety

Take down the tree, pack away the tinsel, and snuff out that menorah: the New Year is here and Elementary is back!  You can leave the leftover cookies, though, I’ll take those.  Thank you.  Mmgphff.  Vrmy gufp.  Fhamks.  Oh, fruitcake?  Oh, no, I couldn’t.  I mean, I could, but I won’t, because fruitcake is awful […]


Elementary 3×07, ‘The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction’: The Nose knows

Welcome back, friends, to the penultimate episode before Elementary goes on mid-season break!  Ah, mid-season.  That wonderful time of year when instead of our favorite shows, we get old reruns, holiday variety specials starring Carrie Underwood, and lots of football games.  Yawn.  But let us be thankful, in the spirit of the holidays, that we […]


Elementary 3×06, ‘Terra Pericolosa’: Atlas shrugged

Joan Watson rejoins the fold this week after her (briefly alluded to) lovers’ rendezvous in Copenhagen, and I hope Lucy Liu had a nice week off work.  It’s business as usual back at the Brownstone when Sherlock, Joan, and Kitty are called in to solve the mystery of the missing maps, which sounds like such […]


Elementary 3×05, ‘Rip Off’: Some people really know how to lend a hand

In a very curiously-scheduled episode of Elementary (seriously CBS, the night of Thanksgiving?  When everyone else is coming down from the meat sweats and watching football in a tryptophan-enduced malaise?  A thousand lashes with a soggy green bean upon you), everyone’s favorite New York-based British detective works a case involving the hand and (eventually) the […]


Elementary 3×04, “Bella”: I think, therefore I am a suspect

What does it mean to be human?  Is consciousness and self-awareness the same thing?  Does an emotionless act make us inhumane?  And most importantly, where’s the beef?  Questions like these are the lofty fodder we find ourselves grappling with this week in what is one of Elementary’s most esoteric and thought-provoking episodes, wherein we dig […]


Elementary 3×03, ‘Just a Regular Irregular’: “We’re just here for the math.”

I never did like math, much.  I wasn’t great at it in school even at a young age, unless I had a calculator.  Later developmental specialists would tell me I had something called “dyscalculia,” which is basically math dyslexia.  As long as I could input numbers into a calculator that would do the actual formulations […]


Elementary 3×01, ‘Enough Nemesis to Go Around’: The tenuous independence of Joan Watson, P.I.

Velcome, velcome!  Do sit down and have a nice warm glass of blood, um, . . . I mean . . . cocoa.  Yes, cocoa.  Warm, salty, hemoglobin-rich cocoa.  Or whatever.  It’s the day after Halloween, whaddya expect?  For Dia de los Muertos, it’s festively raining bodies down elevator shafts this week on Elementary‘s season […]


Elementary 2×24, ‘The Grand Experiment’: Every new beginning . . .

The second season of Elementary draws to a close with the culmination of the over-arching plot involving Mycroft and MI6, as Sherlock and Joan explore the unravelling of their partnership in efforts to discover the identity of the double-agent within British Intelligence framing the elder Holmes for treason and murder.  It’s an episode full of […]


Elementary 2×23, ‘Art in the Blood’: A Disarming Personality

The penultimate episode of the second season explains everything about Mycroft’s clandestine goings on and sets the stage for what’s sure to be a finale full of twists, turns, and at least one explosion, as the brothers Holmes sort out beeves both personal and professional and Joan gets all wishy-washy on her feelings towards Sherlock’s […]


Elementary 2×22, ‘Paint It Black,’: The Brothers Holmes

The concluding half of our two-parter is actually just the middle act of a multi-episode arc that likely closes out our season, as we find out how Mycroft’s nefarious connections to the French mafia ties into Joan’s abduction . . . or do we?   (Hint: no, no we do not)  The brothers attempt to […]


Elementary 2×21, “The Man with the Twisted Lip”: Without peer

The Elementary company builds to the climax of the second season with the first of a two-parter that weaves myriad mysteries and revelations around each other in a tremendously satisfying episode this week, as Watson & Holmes attempt to solve a double homicide that may be much more complicated than at first glance.  Brother Mycroft also […]

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Elementary 2×18, ‘The Hound of the Cancer Cells’: The incredible shrinking Joan Watson

So let’s get something out of the way really early-like: just what the stuff is going on with the way this show is treating Joan this season?  Sure, this episode was yet another largely filler episode, and sure it had a few redeeming factors in the B-plot revolving around Detective Bell’s attempt to get a witness […]

Elementary 2×17, ‘Ears to You’: A chop off the old back

Through its almost two season run, Elementary has proven itself time and again as one of the few high-end broadcast productions dedicated to embellishing the crime procedural formula with unique characters and engaging stories that grow our protagonists (and a few antagonists, as well) in organic, interesting ways as the series develops.  We’ve watched anxiously […]