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Louie 5x08 Cover

Louie 5×08 ‘On the Road: Part 2’: A closed loop

And so Season 5 of Louie doesn’t necessarily end with a hopeful beat, but it doesn’t end with a purely negative one either.  Instead, “On the Road” culminates with a series of shots of trees, of other cars driving down the road.  It’s about “the road”, but it’s about more than that.  Louis C.K. wants […]

Louie 5x07

Louie 5×07 ‘On the Road: Part 1’: The thrill of adventure

Many of us spent the majority of our earlier years in only a couple different locations.  Even those that are relocated across the country or those that change school districts year after year don’t see a whole lot of the world.  So when we look at the world, we look at possibility, the idea of […]

Louie 5x06 Cover

Louie 5×06 ‘Sleepover’: Slowly learning

This season of Louie has commented again and again on how people don’t really understand the way that millenials live in the world, and, more than that, they’re afraid of what millenials and their knowledge means for themselves.  Every generation experiences the world differently, and the older generations look at the younger and demonize the […]

Louie 5x05 Cover

Louie 5×05 ‘Untitled’: Afraid of…

Well.  Louie has a strange connection between fantasy and reality.  For the most part, every episode of Louie is meant to straddle that line closely, where the concepts that the episode is dealing with reflect ideas that we deal with in reality, but they’re dealt with through this absurdist lens that makes them easier to […]

Louie 5x04 Cover

Louie 5×04 ‘Bobby’s House’: Be a man

People try to boil our identity down to a short list of words.  Strong.  Weak.  Male.  Female.  Smart.  Stupid.  These words help other people compartmentalize us, to the point where it’s easier to deal with the world around them.  Otherwise, people become so complex that we don’t really understand them at all, and if we […]

Louie 5x03 Cover

Louie 5×03 ‘Cop Story’: Who are you?

We would like to think that we aren’t judgmental.  We would like to think that we understand the world around us, the people around us, and ourselves.  But we are all very judgmental.  We use assumptions and judgments as a way to craft the world around us, and not only that, but also to reinforce […]

Louie 5x02-4

Louie 5×02 ‘A La Carte’: The choices we make…

People are always trying to direct each other’s lives.  We think that we have some intimate knowledge of the world, and when we find an opening, we like to impart that knowledge onto those around us.  Sure, we might be trying to help those around us, but in reality, we’re also trying to validate our […]

Louie 5x01 Cover

Louie 5×01 ‘Pot Luck’: The ballad of Louis C.K.

There’s a certain loneliness inherent to existence.  As we grow up, we grow apart from people and grow towards others, a repeating loop that continues and continues until we grow old and watch those around us die, until we become irrelevant to society and waste away on our own.  And it’s inevitable that we reach […]

Louie 4x13 Cover

Louie 4×13-4×14 ‘Pamela Part 2/Pamela Part 3’: Hold my hand

A few years ago, I was struggling to complete my undergrad education at Michigan State University.  It’s not that school was difficult for me (I always breezed through whatever the professor threw at me), but I deal with some pretty serious medical anxiety issues, and being up on campus always gave me panic attacks.  It […]

Louie 4x11 Cover

Louie 4×11-4×12 ‘In the Woods’: Being a man

“You think this is games?  No, no.  This is man s*** right here.  You understand that?” -Jeff Michael St. Charles is just a Michigan State University grad who loves a good story. If he’s not off teaching the young ones how to solve quadratic functions or to write an expository essay, he’s watching old-school HBO […]

Louie 4x09_10 Cover

Louie 4×09-4×10 ‘Elevator Part 6/Pamela Part 1’: Connect and disconnect

“Elevator Part 6” and “Pamela Part 1” are two sides of the same coin, where one ends in an uplifting goodbye between two people who have discovered the importance of connection, and the other ends with an extremely unsettling scene of assault where the desire for connection pushes out any possibility for connection.  It’s fitting […]

Louie 4x07_08 Cover

Louie 4×07-4×08 ‘Elevator Part 4/Elevator Part 5’: Keeping us apart

One of my favorite facets of this Elevator arc is how it takes the elements of a movie and the elements of an episodic television arc and blends them together into something’s grander than each individual storytelling medium.  Put together, all six Elevator episodes would make an amazing film, but splitting it into episodes makes […]

Louie 4x05_06 Cover

Louie 4×05-4×06 ‘Elevator Part 2/Elevator Part 3’: Talk to me

If Louie is a show about connection, then this Elevator arc is about the things that keep connection from happening.  Most prominently among those things is communication and how people don’t ever communicate with each other in a meaningful way.  Communicating means being real with one another, and it’s much easier to live in our […]

Louie 4x034 Cover

Louie 4×03-4×04 ‘So Did the Fat Lady/Elevator Part 1’: Stepping outside ourselves

There isn’t a more ambitious show on television than Louie.  Not only does it evade genre classification by blurring the lines between comedy and drama, but it also delves into serious territory without fear of digging too deep.  If Louie wants to remind us of the difficulty we run into when seeking human connection, it […]

Louie 4x01_2 Cover

Louie 4×01-4×02 ‘Back/Model’: All connected

Life is suffering.  That’s a pretty odd way to start out a review for a comedy show, but Louie isn’t really a comedy show.  It’s not really any kind of show.  It’s simply one man’s vision of what the world is like, what people are like, and how hard it is to make connections in […]