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Episode 401

House of Lies 4×10 ‘Prasie Money! Hallowed Be Thy Name’: “We have burger lettuce.”

Marty and his gang are back in hot water this week as a deal that’s slated to go through gets the kibosh from Denna. The ugly Clyde-Doug-Kelsey love triangle comes back into focus as well, hopefully for the last time. Plus, Roscoe’s dance with the devil finally catches up with him. Sarah S. Sarah S. […]


House of Lies 4×09 ‘We’re Going to Build a Mothership and Rule the Universe’

Hey there guys! So what’s happening in the super messed up world of Marty Kaan this week? Well, despite having sold 60% of his company to Denna, his new squeeze (?), everything seems to be coming up roses. Business is booming, Gage Motors and Ellis Hightower seem to be leaving well alone (we’ll see how […]

Episode 406

House of Lies 4×08 ‘He Didn’t Mean That, Natalie Portman’: Fire in the hole.

Marty and his associates gear up for some serious revenge against Ellis Hightower this week. After last week’s episode where tensions were running very high, Marty and his team scramble to find an ace and get back the edge in their fight against thieving and terrible Ellis Hightower. There’s also a new love triangle forming […]


House of Lies 4×06 ‘Trust Me, I’m Getting Plenty of Erections’: Jeannie’s gotta go.

Aaaaand here we go again with the Marty back in prison flashbacks. Just as I predicted, we get to see a lot more of Marty as a convict. Specifically we get to see Roscoe and Marty’s relationship deteriorate even further as well as his relationship with Jeannie who may be leaving for a new start […]


House of Lies 4×05 ‘The Urge to Save Humanity is Almost Always a False Front for the Urge to Rule’

Hey there pilgrims! Marty and the gang are back and they’re still trying to court a partnership between Ellis Hightower and Maya. Everyone attends a fancy garden party/silent auction for Maya’s charity, One Child One Spirit, to try and pretend that everyone is getting along famously but of course everything comes crashing down around them. […]


House of Lies 04×04 ‘We Can Always Just Overwhelm the Vagus Nerve with Another Sensation’

Heyo guys! Ready for another hilarious installment of House of Lies? Cause I sure am! I know what you’re thinking, with an episode title that long, what can these fools be up to this episode? Well Marty is working on getting Ellis Hightower to play ball, which is slowly becoming a freakishly huge nightmare. Clyde […]


House of Lies 04×03 ‘Entropy is Contagious’: Don’t drink and text.

This week on House of Lies, Marty is still having an enormous amounts of personal and professional problems. Doug and Sarah are still trying to conceive, and she’s getting quite creepy about it. Clyde is having a personality crisis because he’s a jerk. Jeannie and Marty are still at odds over how to handle their […]


House of Lies 04×02 ‘I’m a Mother***king Scorpion, That’s Why.’: Preemptive child services

Wow, Showtime sure is pushing out these new episodes quickly. With little to no warning either. I wonder what’s up. Anyway, this season started off strong, let’s hope the show keeps it that way. Marty is still trying to rebuild the company that Jeannie wrecked while he was away. We also get some more flashbacks […]


House of Lies 04×01 ‘Episode 1′: No more Mr. Nice Guy.

I was quite surprised to see that Showtime released several premieres early this week, including House of Lies. If you’ve never seen it, the show centers around Marty Khan (DON CHEADLE) who runs a Management Consulting firm that basically cons every person they come across. The show also focuses on his associates, Jeanie Van Der […]