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Witches of East End 02×12&13: ‘Box to the Future’ & ‘For Whom the Spell Tolls: Beauchamps are dropping like flies

In the last episode, Joanna, Wendy, and Freya jumped through a time door as if we were in the Disney Channel Original Movie, ‘Halloweentown”, to retrieve a box that captures an evil spirits soul. Joanna used it once on an evil spirit that inhabited Freya’s body, which is why she knew it would work. Well, […]

Witches of East End 2×11 ‘Poe Way Out’: Damnit Killian

This week’s episode started out with a huge bomb drop. Joanna has killed Freya before. With good reason of course, but that’s still pretty huge! Freya apparently dated Edgar Allen Poe, and wouldn’t you know it…it was Killian. He was an actually pretty good Edgar Allen Poe. Angela Mazzeo Angela is an avid tweeter and […]

Witches of East End 2×10 ‘Fall of the House of Beauchamp’: Daddy’s home

This weeks episode beginning where last week’s episode left off. IN THE SADDEST POSSIBLE WAY. Making people wait one week after killing two main characters is not healthy. I think someone should do a database lookup on how many people were mentally hospitalized after last week. Thankfully, THE GIRLS ARE BACK! But not without a […]

Witches of East End 2×08 ‘Art of Darkness’: Poisons and paintbrushes

First off, lets begin with…Not everything shown in the preview, was in this episode which just leaves me with more questions. But lets just go with what we got. Eva, Eva, Eva…You are a psychopath. In the preview(which I don’t remember seeing in the episode), she said she needed Killian’s body to make her a […]