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New Girl 3×11 ‘Clavado En Un Bar’: The gang reminisces

After what seemed like an eternity of a holiday hiatus, New Girl returned this week with its first new episode since Thanksgiving. In ‘Clavado En Un Bar,’ the gang spent the entire episode at Nick’s bar reliving what brought them to where they are now.┬áJess comes to the guys wanting advice on a potential job […]


New Girl 3×09 ‘Longest Night Ever’: Dating can be difficult

I won’t say that last night’s New Girl was my least favorite episode this season; however, it certainly wasn’t my favorite. You would think an episode where Coach was heavily featured and Ferguson made a triumphant return would be a slam dunk, but the execution just came off all wrong. Jess and Schmidt were on […]


New Girl 3×08 ‘Menus’: Ocean Conservation Day

It’s been so long since there was an episode of New Girl that focused solely on Jess that this week’s episode seemed a little surprising, despite Jess being the title character. For so long now, all of Jess’s storylines revolved around Nick, so it was refreshing to have an episode that let her do her […]


New Girl 3×07 ‘Coach’: The return of Damon Wayans Jr.

Last night finally saw the much-lauded return of Coach! Though not in quite the capacity that was expected. Taye Diggs also made a guest appearance. Between the two of them, they definitely shook things up in the loft and made for an exciting episode of New Girl. Brock Kimbrel is a social media specialist from […]


New Girl 3×06 ‘Keaton’: A roommate moves out

This week the unthinkable happened on New Girl: a roommate moved out of the loft! It was a pretty busy Halloween-themed episode that ended in a shock change in address for our favorite Jewish apartment resident. Yes, it’s true, Schmidt moved out. But only to the vacant apartment across the hall. And probably only temporarily. […]