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frank underwood slit my wrists with his butter knife

House of Cards 3×09, 3×10, 3×11: What I hate is how much I need us

3×09, ‘Chapter 35’: The JordonValley – the underlying Major Issue of this entire season – just turned into an even hotter mess when we find out eight Russians were killed there. Viktor Petrov wants to blame Frank. Petrov’s people are conducting a secret investigation and won’t allow the UN to do their thing, which isn’t […]

frank underwood and viktor petrov

House of Cards 3×03, 3×04, & 3×05: Well, I’ve got God’s ear now

The first two episodes of Season 3 focused on Doug, Claire, and Frank’s respective falls from grace. Doug is in pain and out of work, Claire lost the election to become UN Ambassador, and Frank isn’t being supported by the Democrats for the 2016 election. Womp womp. But we know Frank and his people tend […]

Frank Underwood

House of Cards 3×01 & 3×02: I will not be a placeholder president

What’s ol’ Frank Underwood been up to since he weaseled his way into the Presidency at the end of Season 2? Is Doug dead-as-a-doornail at the hands of Rachel, his unwilling captive? Where even IS Rachel?! Is Claire Underwood still the mysterious Ice Queen whose feelings even she doesn’t seem to understand? Well how ‘bout […]

The Antihero Trend In Film & TV

The term “antihero” gets thrown around quite a bit in fiction analysis and commentary, to the point that it’s a pretty easy word to brush over. However, before you ignore the term as a pretentious or meaningless label, you may want to take a minute to think about some of the biggest heroes of fiction […]