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Game of Thrones 4×04, “Oathkeeper”: Slower than January molasses, and twice as cold

This week’s sojourn among the squabbling folk of Westeros finds little actually going on, but lots of talking.  The brief mystery of “Who Killed King Joffrey?” is solved quickly and with little fanfare, while everyone else just kinda twiddles their thumbs.  That’s how things go on this show, sometimes; it’s a lot like watching baseball […]

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Silicon Valley 1×03 ‘Articles of Incorporation’: Pied Piper marches on

I have always been a big believer of this general rule of TV – three strikes, and a show’s out. If I’m not interested after watching three episodes, I’m probably not going to like the rest. Silicon Valley has been decent viewing material so far, but the first two episodes did not make me fall […]


Veep 3×02 ‘The Choice’: Boom, boom, shake the womb!

Vice President Selina Meyers continues her secret campaign for the Presidency, Dan goes loses his cool, Mike returns from his honeymoon, and Jonah starts up his news blog. Part of the fun of watching Veep is imagining this lighter version of politics going on behind closed doors, so when the show tackles real political issues, it becomes […]


Game of Thrones 4×1 ‘Two Swords’: All Hail the Lannisters

The flames of war are growing colder in Westeros, and although the War of the Five Kings isn’t quite done, it has lost a major player. After last season’s horrifically incredible Red Wedding and the brutal deaths of Robb, Catelyn, Talisa, and the majority of the Stark and Tully armies, the Lannisters reign almost uncontested. […]


Looking 1×08 ‘Looking Glass’: The finale

The season finale of Looking, entitled ‘Looking Glass,’ brought the inaugural season of this unique show to a close. Patrick is facing a decision between two guys. Agustín is dealing with the fallout from last week’s breakup. And Dom is trying his best to open a restaurant. Brock Kimbrel is a social media specialist from […]


Looking 1×07 ‘Looking for a Plus-One’: Falling apart

This week’s episode of Looking saw the unraveling of the characters as building tensions finally overflowed. Patrick and Richie have a wedding to attend, Agustín and Frank have some unfinished business with a hooker, and Dom and Lynn have a difference of opinion over some peri-peri chicken. Brock Kimbrel is a social media specialist from […]

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Looking 1×06 ‘Looking in the Mirror’: Slumming it

This week, ol’ Dom turns 40, but it’s not just him that gets a chance to be introspective. After last week’s intimate date episode, the whole cast returns, and it leads to some harsh realizations and some long-simmering conflicts. Brock Kimbrel is a social media specialist from Atlanta, Georgia, who likes to pretend that TV […]

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Looking 1×05 ‘Looking for the Future’: The eternal date

When Looking started out, it looked like it was going to be a show about three friends living in San Francisco, but over the past few weeks, it has increasingly become all about Patrick. Depending on whether or not you’re a Patrick fan could make this a good or a bad thing, but this week […]


Looking 1×04 ‘Looking for $220/Hour’: Folsom Street Flirting

This week’s Looking takes place during the Folsom Street Fair. The annual San Francisco celebration of leather unsurprisingly gets Patrick and company into some interesting situations. Brock Kimbrel is a social media specialist from Atlanta, Georgia, who likes to pretend that TV characters are his friends. If you’re looking to have an hour-long discussion about […]

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Looking 1×03 ‘Looking at Your Browser History’: NSFW

The third installment of HBO’s Looking may have finally won over some of the naysayers who were not yet sold on the show. We finally get the introduction of Russell Tovey, as well as some forward progress in the characters’ plots (even if that plot progress means personal regression for some characters). Brock Kimbrel is […]


Looking 1×02 ‘Looking for Uncut’: Dating is hard

This week’s episode of Looking was all about transitioning. From actually moving to a new place, to finally moving past an ex, to trying out a more casual style of dating, this episode saw fresh starts for each of the leads. The show itself also transitioned into more of what seems like will be its […]

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Looking 1×01 ‘Looking for Now’: Gays in San Francisco

HBO’s new half-hour comedy/drama Looking has a sense of realism to it not often seen in a show featuring gay men. It managed to cover a lot of gay stereotypes while (for the most part) not seeming cliché. Set in San Francisco, the show focuses on three gay men and their quest to find love […]

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Boardwalk Empire 4×07 ‘William Wilson’: Everyone is secretly up to something

This was another episode that had a unifying theme throughout every story line, but the writers saw fit to spell that theme out overtly rather than merely through symbolism. The Edgar Allen Poe short story Willie and his classmates read, William Wilson, is about a man who is hounded all of his life by a doppelganger that […]

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Boardwalk Empire 4×06 ‘The North Star’: For those who are lost

‘Where is this going?’ is a refrain I frequently ask of this series. It feels like at times the writers know what they want to happen, but don’t know how to get their characters there. We’ll spend an episode or two listing in one direction only to tack back towards something else altogether. With ‘The […]

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Boardwalk Empire 4×05 ‘Erlkönig’: The Elf King is real

One of the ways that a television show can endear itself to me is when a series of events have built up an emotional desire within me for certain things to happen, and then there is a payoff handled as elegantly as what happened with Eddy. I know it makes me kind of terrible, but […]

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Boardwalk Empire 4×04 ‘All In’: Upping the Ante

Another way that Boardwalk Empire can be frustrating is that even when you get a solid episode such as this one, it seems like the creators go out of their way to bang you over the head with its given theme. That definitely happened in a few places and had me echoing (some of) the sentiments of […]


Boardwalk Empire 4×03 ‘Acres of Diamonds’: Stuck in the swamp

Full disclosure: I watched this episode immediately after watching Breaking Bad and I had to take my time and go back and re-watch it. Upon second viewing? This episode was still almost completely in service to the plot and gave few, if any character moments that meant much to the series as a whole. Christian […]