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Boardwalk Empire 5×08 ‘El Dorado’: I have to see a man about a dog

“Prohibition is the trigger of crime.” ― Ian Fleming.   Now that we’ve arrived at the series finale, I feel a deep sense of serenity and poignancy settling over me. I do think that this finale gave the show what it deserved. A fair send off for all of the years of excellent writing, cinematography, […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×07 ‘Friendless Child’: Rot gut riots

This is the second to last episode you’ll ever see of Boardwalk, and man is it a doozy. From the very first frame, it feels different this time, almost cinematic. Is it just me or did the cinematography and editing really hit their mark this time? Not that they’re not always fabulous, but it’s particularly […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×06 ‘Devil You Know’: Buying the farm

With ‘Devil You Know’ it finally feels like we’ve taken off into the finale. There are two major developments this episode, which thankfully both made perfect sense although it was pretty tough to watch. Nucky is drunk a lot, and yes, there are some more flashbacks. The story is progressing nicely and despite my earlier […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×05 ‘King of Norway’: Throwing lead

Well, that was pretty freaking intense folks. Episodes like this remind me of why I started watching this show in the first place. Nucky’s friends are still thinning, and nobody trusts anyone anymore. Chalky is making a bit of a comeback and Capone is as whacko as ever. There are more flashbacks, although much more […]

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Boardwalk Empire 5×04 ‘Cuanto’: Partners in crime

Well folks, here we are at the halfway point for the farewell season.  I think next week we’ll really see the show ramp it up but this episode sort of just maintained the status quo with a few noted exceptions. Like my favorite Al Capone’s appearance and the superb Michael Shannon gracing our screens once […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×03 ‘What Jesus Said’: Clip Joint

As of next week we’ll be at the halfway point til the end of Boardwalk for good. I can’t help but feel like the show is stalling and holding on to its good cards until the very last episodes. The pacing was slow this time around but I still enjoyed it. I’m sure the show […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×02 ‘The Good Listener’: Booshwash

Nucky is dabbling in both the legitimate and shady aspects of his business practices this episode. We’re also treated to a host of flashbacks from his childhood and it feels as though we are slowly closing Nucky’s book. He’s considering retirement and with the end of prohibition looming who can blame him? His popularity is […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×01 ‘Golden Days for Boys and Girls’: The kiss off

Here it is folks. The final season of Boardwalk Empire is upon us. Many critics say that the show ran its course in the first season. Which is total rubbish in my opinion. I’ve loved every season of BE so far and I cannot wait to see how everything gets wrapped up. Sadly, HBO shortened […]


Game of Thrones 4×10, ‘The Children’: At long last, the behemoth lurches forward

Well, that’s what I call a finale!  This might have been my favorite episode of the entire series, I kid you not.  So much stuff happened!  And not in a typical Game of Thrones, “we see a lot of things and places and people speaking words but little actually goes on” way.  This was an […]


Veep 3×09/3×10 ‘Crate/New Hampshire’: Beyoncé called me a single lady!

In the two-part season finale of Veep, Selina gets congratulated and called a single lady by Beyoncé when the team reaches “Defcon Fun.” Diego Crespo Diego champions fallen TV shows that never had a chance to shine. LOST ruined his life for the better. Diego spends his days trying to convince strangers that Buffy the […]


Game of Thrones 4×09, ‘The Watchers on the Wall’: A bad goodbye to Castle Black

This week treats us to one of the series’ extremely rare focused episodes, with the entirety of the episode centering on the Wildling army’s grand march on Castle Black.  It’s a beautifully shot episode, with cinematography and pacing worthy of any Hollywood offering, and the events that unfold change the landscape of Jon Snow’s story […]


Veep 3×08 ‘Debate’: Third R is the charm

Team Veep deals with a haircut, a beard, a twitch, and a whole lot of candidacy. Amy becoming the official campaign manager for Selina was one of Veep’s most heartfelt moments. Amy’s machinations that pitted Jonah against Dan and caused his mental breakdown gave us an Amy with an edge – and one that kicked […]


Game of Thrones 4×08, ‘The Mountain and the Viper’: Eye-popping entertainment

You know what?  I think I may be done with this show. I’ve had just about all the misogyny, shocking violence, and endless meandering plotlines I can stand. But what’s even worse than all of that is the way that the truly despicable villains on this program continue to wreak misery unmet. They don’t just […]


Veep 3×07 ‘Special Relationship’: Daniwah!

Selina and Team Veep go to the Kingdom of Hats and Dan proves his worth. More after the break but first… Daniwah! Diego Crespo Diego champions fallen TV shows that never had a chance to shine. LOST ruined his life for the better. Diego spends his days trying to convince strangers that Buffy the Vampire […]


Game of Thrones 4×07, ‘Mockingbird’: I’ll fly away

Well, I guess I was a little too optimistic that we would start picking up the pace here, wasn’t I?  This is Game of Thrones, y’all!  I should know better!  Like Tyrion’s trial-by-combat was actually going to happen this week, pshh.  Week 7 brings us one of our most lurchingest, meanderingest, ploddingest episodes of the […]


Silicon Valley 1×06 ‘Third Party Insourcing’: Back to old habits

Although this week’s Silicon Valley was decent enough TV fare to keep me entertained, the show again starts to fall back on the tired old cliche of the high school whiz kid, with guest star Austin Abrams doing a convincing portrayal of Kevin “The Carver”, hacker extraordinaire. Oishee Shemontee is a college student who is always […]


Veep 3×06 ‘Detroit’: Feminism: Reloaded

Team Veep heads to Detroit. Selina tries to be conservative and liberal when it comes to firearms. Catherine becomes an overnight sensation. It’s a mess for them, fun for us. Whenever Team Veep gets out of the office, it’s always great. When Catherine shows up, it’s always great. When Catherine shows up with Team Veep […]


Veep 3×05 ‘Fishing’: In the a** of the hurricane

An ex-baseball coach makes waves on the campaign trails, Gary helps Mike harbor a secret, and Selina meets with a potential campaign manager. Diego Crespo Diego champions fallen TV shows that never had a chance to shine. LOST ruined his life for the better. Diego spends his days trying to convince strangers that Buffy the […]


Game of Thrones 4×05, ‘First of His Name’: Poppin’ Locke

Narrative momentum begins to simmer in Westeros, and as things settle down in King’s Landing new developments kick up in the Vale and the fires of conflict continue to rage along the Wall in the North.  Danaerys considers  the advice of counsel and possibly revises her “I’mma go burn down the world” plan, Arya gets […]


Veep 3×04 ‘Clovis’: Flying Hitler

We learned a couple new things this week on Veep. Mike is too happy being married, Selina Meyer became a millionaire in her thirties, porn parodies are a sure sign of success, and Veep is having one heck of a third season. Clovis and Craig (pronounced Kray-eeg) made for great opposition for our beloved Veep […]