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Hart of Dixie 3×18 ‘Back in the Saddle Again’: The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Zoe Hart and Lemon Breeland couldn’t be less alike, or at least, that’s what they like to think. This week, we saw them figuring out that they might not be so different after all when they both struggle to get back into the dating pool. That, combined with a jealous Lavon and a motivational George, […]

A Good Run of Bad Luck

Hart of Dixie 3×17 ‘A Good Run of Bad Luck’: The return of Lem-orge?

‘A Good Run of Bad Luck’ felt very much like a classic episode of Hart of Dixie, and by that I mean Zoe had a zany plan, Lavon was trying to control said zany plan, and there was no Joel in sight! Katie Anaya lives in Austin, TX and has been obsessed with television since she […]

Carrying Your Love With Me

Hart of Dixie 3×15: ‘Carrying Your Love With Me’: Poor Zoe

Poor Zoe? Poor Lavon! He has no hot, French femayor, and the male mayor wants to hook up with Annabeth. It’s not a happy week for Mayor Hayes. Life definitely sucks for Zoe too, especially because of all the weight she’s going to gain from the neighborly baked goods. With Joel out of town and […]

Hart of Dixie 3×14: ‘Here You Come Again’: When life gives you two boyfriends, you spill lemonade.

LEMONS HOME! I missed her so much! In celebration of Lemons return, Brick decides to throw her a surprise party by advice of Magnolia. During the party, Wade gets a call from Lemon and she tells him she’s in jail and needs him to come get her.(Brick ends up throwing a Gatbsy party the next […]

Hart of Dixie 3×13 ‘Act Naturally’: Overbearing mom alert

It’s Zoe’s birthday and Joel wants to throw her a party even though she doesn’t want one. Lavon and Annabeth are mourning their breakup. Lavon is overcooking & Annabeth rejoined the Belles via a beg from Cricket.   Angela Mazzeo Angela is an avid tweeter and tumblr[er] who happens to be fluent in sarcasm and hyperbole. […]

Hart of Dixie 3×12 ‘Should’ve Been A Cowboy’: Healthkick to the curb

So, apparently its been a month since last weeks episode. Strange, but I’ll continue. Joel is struggling with being a manly man because Tom, his biggest fan, told him that his cowboy protagonist in his book makes no sense, and let Joel know that maybe he should stick to a protagonist that he knows. Because […]

Hart of Dixie 3×11 ‘One More Last Chance’: BREAKING: President Andrew Jackson once used toilet in Bluebell, saves town

My sincerest apologies for missing last week, I thought I had the time to watch, and when I didn’t, it was too late to find a replacement writer. Not much was missed last week though. In summary, Brick was trying to get Shelby out-of-town by making sure her cabaret fails. So, he hired Zoe who […]

Hart of Dixie 3×09 ‘Something To Talk About’: Coming together

Before the winter hiatus, we learned a few things. • Shelby is pregnant via artificial insemination. • Zoe’s family is finally ready to begin accepting her. • Zoe’s cousin, Vivian and Wade have a flirtation. That was the lightest mid-season finale ever, no…seriously. I did not freak out, I was calm and relaxed about it. […]

Hart of Dixie 3×08 ‘Miracles’: Hanukkah before thanksgiving?

So holiday episodes are already beginning. I don’t understand. Thankgiving hasn’t even happened yet. But I can also understand why, this is the last episode of Hart of Dixie before a long break. They are trying to get the holiday episode in before they disappear for a bit.   Angela Mazzeo Angela is an avid […]


Hart of Dixie 3×07 ‘I Run To You’: Caught between jam and a hard place

This week was more boring than last week which makes me really sad because this season is generally really good! I can tell these are the filler episodes and ‘blank curse word that starts with an S’ is going to hit the fan soon. But anyways, The Annual cross country relay race competition against other […]

Hart of Dixie 3×06 ‘Family Tradition’: Fun and fancy free advice from dolphins

Zoe and Joel need privacy so they to start looking for their own place. They find a great place only to find out that it is owned by the Wilkes family. In case you are unfamiliar, Zoe’s biological father is Harley Wilkes; he left her his practice and is the reason why she found herself […]

Hart of Dixie 3×05 ‘How Do You Like Me Now?’: Zip lining for votes

This week’s episode of Hart of Dixie had me laughing out loud multiple times. There is a huge difference in being entertained from a funny line and straight up laughing at the scenes altogether. This show slowly seems to be getting better and better but keeps just the right about of cheesy with overkill; which […]

Hart of Dixie 3×04 ‘Help Me Make It Through The Night’: Put your guards up, guys. Granny’s home

This weeks episode of Hart of Dixie was probably my favorite episode of the entire show. It was adorable and cheesy and unexpected. It wasn’t that predictable and the entire episode kept me on my toes. I’m just so giddy after watching it.   Angela Mazzeo Angela is an avid tweeter and tumblr[er] who happens […]

Hart of Dixie 3×03 ‘Take This Job and Shove It’: Working hard and hardly working

In this weeks episode of Hart of Dixie, story lines were attempting to grow all over the place. I mean, I’m not complaining, this isn’t the most serious show. Last week was the best episode so far though. This episode seemed like somewhat of a filler, which happens a lot with these types of shows. […]

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Hart of Dixie 3×02 ‘Friends in Low Places’: People named after food have sex.

This weeks episode was far better than the season premiere, but that’s understandable; I guess they have to continue the storyline and set a new one. The episode begins with Joel telling Zoe that he is not sure he can stay in Bluebell because the heat is far too much to handle. First World Problems. Lavon […]

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Hart of Dixie 3×01 ‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home’: Everything seems to magically fall into place…

The episode starts with Zoe dreaming about a parade in Bluebell, obviously because she misses it. She wakes up taking a nap in a New York City ER. She has been living in New York City again for 5 months trying to leave her life in Bluebell behind. While working at the hospital, she is […]