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Hannibal 2x05 Cover

Hannibal 2×05 ‘Mukozuke’: Thicker than water

How does somebody fight evil?  If the one fighting evil has a moral code that they live by, then they intrinsically have less in their arsenal to fight with.  Fighting is an inherently violent and destructive endeavor, and the more strict a person’s morality, the less they’ll be capable of doing in order to defeat […]

Hannibal 2x04 Cover

Hannibal 2×04 ‘Takiawase’: Ascension above humanity

Lots of shows are fascinated with death, but they’re fascinated in an ugly capacity.  Shows like Criminal Minds revel in the gruesome nature of death, believing that they are diving into the heart of darkness.  Only, there’s a level of delusion there.  The darkness inherent in thinking about death doesn’t come from death itself, but […]

Hannibal 2x03 Cover

Hannibal 2×03 ‘Hassun’: Back in the cage

The eeriest thing about Hannibal isn’t that he eats people.  This is familiar territory for anyone who knows the lore, though Fuller certainly does a great job making the violence Hannibal does to dead bodies seem as gruesome and violent as possible.  But the eeriest thing about Hannibal is the way he interacts with society.  […]

Hannibal - Season 2

Hannibal 2×02 ‘Sakizuki’: Only the devil

In my last review, I talked about Hannibal needing worthy opponents to engage with.  And while Will Graham and Jack Crawford are opponents, while evading the FBI is certainly a task, this episode keeps those two sides on completely different playing fields.  There’s something about Hannibal that’s so above and beyond those around him, like […]

Hannibal 2x01 Cover

Hannibal 2×01 ‘Kaiseki’: Touching evil

Hannibal has never been the best show on TV, but it comes pretty close.  Season 1 boasted some of the most beautiful imagery I’ve seen on a TV show, as well as some of the most grotesque (and oddly beautiful) murder aftermaths.  That beauty is one of the facets that separates Hannibal from the rest […]

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Hannibal 1×13 ‘Savoureux’: I guess they broke up…

The final episode of the first season of Hannibal is here and it broke my heart in so many ways. I’ve made no secret of my love of an epic bromance and this show just tore me apart because it was all a fabrication made by Hannibal. As I said in previous posts, Hannibal is […]

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Hannibal 1×12 ‘Releves’: Bad manipulation

Well this episode surprised me. Not in a good way, unfortunately. It surprised me because I was disappointed by it. I’ll admit that I’m wasn’t happy to have my bromantic illusions shattering around me as I watched this episode. But the primary issue I had was flat out the poor writing. This show started out […]


Hannibal 1×11 ‘Roti’: Selfish narcissim

This episode is really bringing home the fact that Will is going crazy and there isn’t much anyone can(or will) do to stop it. It’s also making me dislike Jack Crawford more and more. Will’s encephalitis is getting worse and he’s having seizures now. About the only thing good I can say about this is […]


Hannibal 1×10 ‘Buffet Froid’: Japanese horror movies and doctors behaving badly

This week’s episode is probably the freakiest thing I’ve seen in a while. The girl from the ring coupled with doctors behaving badly, and I’m literally covering my eyes in parts. This episode has brought the focus back to Will and his increasingly frequent bouts of crazy. I honestly feel terrible for Will. That guy […]


Hannibal 1×09 ‘Trou Normand’: Totem

I think I become more and more of a fan of this show with every episode. It hits all the rights notes with me and this episode is really no different. They’ve brought back Abigail Hobbs for this episode because you know Jack Crawford is like a dog after a bone. A few episodes back […]