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Hannibal 3x13 Cover

Hannibal 3×13 ‘The Wrath of the Lamb’: Eternally intertwined

Hannibal has always been a show about relationships and identity.  It’s about how a relationship with another person can warp your identity into something unrecognizable, can unleash a part of you that you never knew existed.  And while that part is foreign and terrifying, maybe it’s beautiful at the same time.  Maybe you feel a […]

Hannibal 3x12 Cover

Hannibal 3×12 ‘The Number of the Beast is 666’: “You owe me awe”

Countless television shows explore the struggle within a person as they fight against their worst impulses.  Breaking Bad was entirely about Walter White trying to assert that his actions were for his family, when he kept leaning closer and closer to his darkest impulses.  Mad Men was about Don Draper trying to find his way […]

Hannibal 3x11 Cover

Hannibal 3×11 ‘…And the Beast From the Sea’: The sacrificial lamb

Hannibal is ending the series with one of the best story arcs it has ever done.  While the first half of the season was fascinating and gruesome, it doesn’t hold a candle to the kind of character study the second half of the season is doing.  The lines between Dolarhyde, Hannibal, and Will continue to […]

Hannibal 3x10 Cover

Hannibal 3×10 ‘…And the Woman Clothed in Sun’: Competing identities

Hannibal, in being a show about family and relationships, is also just as much a show about the different identities that we take on.  Relationships are about contorting identity to fit in with a group of people, about code-switching between facets of yourself.  And, when we extricate ourselves from the context of relationships, sometimes it […]

Hannibal 3x09 Cover

Hannibal 3×09 ‘…And the Woman Clothed With the Sun’: Family ties

These final six episodes of Hannibal are focusing on the one most important theme of the series: family.  Family consists entirely of relationships, of the connection between people, and while we are related by blood to them, familial bonds are really forged from emotions, from the long-standing ties that family members are forced to make.  […]

Hannibal 3x08 Cover

Hannibal 3×08 ‘The Great Red Dragon’: The beast awakens

This may be the most excited I have ever been for Hannibal. It’s not to say that “The Great Red Dragon” is the show’s finest hour (even though it is one fantastic episode of television), but the episode really does function as a pilot of sorts.  It’s as if the series completely rebooted after “Digestivo”, […]

Hannibal 3x07 Cover

Hannibal 3×07 ‘Digestivo’: Moving on

It’s definitely apparent that the first half of this season of Hannibal has led up to this episode.  If anything, “Digestivo” is not quiet.  There’s more graphic violence in this episode alone than in the last six combined, from suffocations to skinnings to brandings to shootings to disembowelings.  Out of all of the episodes this […]

Hannibal - Season 3

Hannibal 3×06 ‘Dolce’: Forced into cages

The one facet of Hannibal that always gave me pause was the plotting.  Season 1’s plotting was, by far, the easiest to get a handle on.  Season 2’s plotting worked very well in the first half, but stammered a little in the second half as the Hannibal/Will relationship took center stage.  This half of Season […]

Hannibal 3x05 Cover

Hannibal 3×05 ‘Contorno’: Maintaining equilibrium

“Contorno” seemed to suggest a sort of balance in the world.  If you put negativity into the world, you’ll receive that same negativity back, like a whiplash effect that doesn’t suggest justice, but equilibrium.  It’s not as if this suggestion negatives the randomness of the world, as you can be a wholly optimistic person and […]

Hannibal 3x04 Cover

Hannibal 3×04 ‘Aperitivo’: Vengeance and forgiveness

Everybody searches for balance and peace in their lives, and a lot of that can be chalked up to the idea of forgiveness.  When we experience any turmoil or pain in our lives, in order to put that behind us, we have to look to forgiveness in order to move forward.  Because there is always […]

Hannibal 3x03 Cover

Hannibal 3×03 ‘Secondo’: Understanding and acceptance

We can’t escape the damage that others do to us.  Even if we separate from them, there’s still a part of them inside us, a fragment that was changed and that continues to change as a result of their influence.  And it can be terrifying to admit that we don’t have control over ourselves, that […]

Hannibal - Season 3

Hannibal 3×02 ‘Primavera’: I forgive you

Relationships have a way of warping us, changing us from who we are into some other version of ourselves.  In healthy relationships, the point of adapting to another person is to become a better person yourself, and to help the other person become a better version of themselves.  But even in the healthiest of relationships, […]

Hannbial - Season 3

Hannibal 3×01 ‘Antipasto’: Observing or participating?

A woman slides into a bathtub, only her head above the water.  She stares at the faucet, one drop filling the tub at a time, slowly dripping in the pool she lies within.  Her head slips under, slowly encompassed by the pool, and she finds herself falling, further down into the abyss, the water omnipresent, […]

Hannibal 2x13 Cover

Hannibal 2×13 ‘Mizumono’: The teacup shatters

Fuller has teased Season 3 as being the “fugitive” season, where Hannibal is on the run and is in the process of being hunted down.  I had assumed that, even with Jack being stabbed in the flash-forward, that the season finale would end with Hannibal running away with his tail between his legs.  Because how […]

Hannibal 2x12 Cover

Hannibal 2×12 ‘Tome-wan’: The reveal

Hannibal has always been a show about concealing identity.  Whether it’s Will hiding his darker tendencies from those around him or Hannibal simply concealing his identity as the Chesapeake Ripper, people are always hiding who they are in order to function within society.  Everybody has their own set of dismal secrets that they have to […]

Hannibal - Season 2

Hannibal 2×11 ‘Ko No Mono’: Taking control

All of the biggest television shows of the past two decades have been about control.  Breaking Bad was about an emasculated man trying to wrench back power from those he believed had wronged him.  The Wire was about socioeconomic power structures and the way they attempt to control the very people they’re supposed to support.  […]

Hannibal 2x10 Cover

Hannibal 2×10 ‘Naka-Choko’: The price of intimacy

When we think of intimacy, we think of romantic intimacy.  We think of sharing emotions, sharing our darkness, sharing our bodies.  We think of sex and the closeness that comes from that.  But Hannibal has always inverted the notion of intimacy.  There’s intimacy in death as well.  There’s intimacy in experiencing death with another person, […]

Hannibal 2x09 Cover

Hannibal 2×09 ‘Shiizakana’: Becoming a monster

“Man is the only creature that kills to kill.” It would be easy for this case-of-the-week format to become stale again, to fade into Season 1’s content without bringing anything new to the table.  But, in bringing together Will and Hannibal in a way that explores their transformed relationship, it offers a new perspective on […]

Hannibal 2x08 Cover

Hannibal 2×08 ‘Su-zakana’: A sense of freedom

This season of Hannibal is structured with a far different pattern than the first.  The first seven episodes of the season were their own mini-season, where Hannibal destroyed anybody with any incriminating evidence or suspicious disposition towards him.  Beverly, Gideon, and Chilton were all killed within those first seven episodes, which is a both frenetic […]

Hannibal 2x06 Cover

Hannibal 2×06 ‘Futamono’: Born again

It’s strange to consider that Hannibal has an ounce of humanity in his body.  He’s been portrayed as a demonic figure, as superhuman, to the point where seeing him engage in human acts is somewhat bizarre.  That demonic portrayal works on multiple levels: it heightens the tension by having Jack and Will go up against […]