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HaCF 1x04 Cover

Halt and Catch Fire 1×04 ‘Close to the Metal’: Human qualities

At the very least, “Close to the Metal” works to narrow the interpersonal drama within the main cast.  That drama may not be as potent as the writing crew would hope it would be, but the fact that it isn’t sprawling in all directions is enough cause for rejoice.  Joe and John are at odds […]

Halt and Catch Fire 1x03 Cover

Halt and Catch Fire 1×03 ‘High Plains Hardware’: Bad melodrama

Halt and Catch Fire is quickly squandering any potential it showed in the pilot episode.  “High Plains Hardware” continues the trend of clichéd character development (if you could call what is going on “development”), simplistic plot movement, and bizarre twists for the sake of bizarre twists.  Those themes present in the pilot episode are still […]

HaCF 1x02 Cover

Halt and Catch Fire 1×02 ‘FUD’: Inert

Most television programs work in a similar manner.  A pilot is an introduction to the show; it’s there to hook the audience and set the stage.  A show’s second episode is far different, in that it needs to take the idea from the pilot and expand it in a way that lays groundwork for an […]

HACF 1x01 Cover

Halt and Catch Fire 1×01 ‘I/O’: Chasing it

We’re all chasing “it”.  We’ve been doing it our whole lives.  In an attempt to get ahead of the inevitabilities of life, we search for whatever will give power and control over those around us.  Maybe, if we start to approach some level of divinity, we can begin to control what happens to us.  But […]