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Halt and Catch Fire 3×05 ‘Yerba Buena’: Down into the abyss

This season has been dealing intently with the notion of fear, how taking chances causes excitement as well as terror, how progress is inevitable but instills fear that those who have made waves are vulnerable to being outdated. But it’s dealing with more than just fear. It’s dealing with what people are afraid of as […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 3×04 ‘Rules for Honorable Play’: Social irrelevance

If there’s one thing that this season is communicating better than anything else on television, it’s that people are terrified of becoming irrelevant, useless, and impotent.  Society deems people useful based on certain criteria; capitalist countries do so based primarily on money, but we also do so based on appearance, on specific kinds of talent, […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 3×03 ‘Flipping the Switch’: The fear of irrelevance

There’s a certain unique feel that runs through great television shows, almost like a pulse that makes it feel alive.  The Leftovers has this pulse, an empathy and connective nature that imbues words and action with an additional meaning.  Breaking Bad has this pulse, an urgency informed by an existential need for control over one’s […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 3×01 – 3×02: The drive to innovate

I’m not sure I can think of a television series that has improved as much as Halt and Catch Fire.  The first season, or at least the first half of the first season, was not particularly great, mostly because it focused intently on the mystery of Joe’s character, exploring it in a way that took […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 2×10 ‘Heaven is a Place’: Running in circles

In the end, journeys aren’t necessarily linear paths from one stop to the next.  They’re circuitous, looping back on themselves, often hitting the same points again and again with the hope that a new trajectory will be reached.  And that’s why our own lives are ultimately so frustrating.  We expect progress to come to us […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 2×09 ‘Kali’: Destroyer of worlds

Halt and Catch Fire has been getting better and better with every episode this season.  There were a couple in the middle of the season that sagged a little bit, but these last three have been fantastic, better than anything AMC has put out since Breaking Bad and Mad Men.  And it’s not just that […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 2×08 ‘Limbo’: Crushing the new

There’s a reason that, as people grow older, they become increasingly frustrated with younger generations.  As people get into their 40s, 50s, they see young people that have new perceptions of the world around them, new ways of navigating it.  And that threatens the older generation’s life choices, their values and beliefs, their way of […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 2×07 ‘Working for the Clampdown’: Compromise is death

How are we supposed to live by our beliefs and our dreams, when, at every turn, reality works to destroy them?  People are always compromised by systems that work off of money, capitalism having little room for creative freedom, instead wanting preservation of the status quo.  And what happens to those compromised people?  They learn […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 2×06 ’10Broad36′: Swallowed whole

What does it take to change the world?  When we think of changing the world, we think of servicing the public, educating youth or innovating technology or making new laws, something that pushes for a future different than the one we live in.  But does educating the youth really operate outside of the institutions we […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 2×05 ‘Extract and Defend’: Business versus creativity

If there’s one thing that makes Season 2 of Halt and Catch Fire work, it’s the strain between business and creativity.  Things that are void of creativity will never sell, but too much creativity and the product won’t sell either.  There needs to be a happy medium between the status quo and progressive ideas, considering […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 2×04 ‘Play With Friends’: Your wildest expectations

It’s fascinating that the second season of Halt and Catch Fire is as interested in skyrocketing forward as it is.  “Play With Friends” is another very, very good episode of the show, as it continues to push forward the narrative at the breakneck pace that the previous episode, “The Way In”, moved at.  And what’s […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 2×03 ‘The Way In’: Becoming the new you

We all want to be better.  But how do we do that?  We have to think about what it means to be better, what it means for us to be better, what we have to do to become better, how we even begin to do that.  One thing that the HBO show Girls so eloquently […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 2×02 ‘New Coke’: Rebranding the product

Halt and Catch Fire has a lot of discussion involving dreams.  Every character has a dream for their life, and each dream is, for the most part, unattainable.  They’re looking for some invention that will define their own existences, that will give them some sort of legacy to hold onto.  But the thing about legacies, […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 2×01 ‘SETI’: Welcome to Mutiny

Before I watched “SETI”, the Season 2 premiere of Halt and Catch Fire, I thought back on my opinion of Season 1.  I remember it being somewhat mediocre for the first half of the season, but it improved enough in the second half to be a memorable watch, even if the second half existed in […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 1×10 ‘1984’: To the future

Endings are more important than people let on.  They have to make a statement, they have to be satisfying, they have to wrap up the story, they have to leave it open-ended enough.  Just look at the ending of The Sopranos, the infamous cut to black that left millions of people horrified that their beloved […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 1×09 ‘Up Helly Aa’: Into obscurity

At the very least, Halt and Catch Fire feels like a coherent show now.  It may not be perfect, it may not even begin to match up to AMC giants Mad Men and Breaking Bad, but it still operates at a functional level.  It’s fascinating how the show seems almost knowledgeable of its own failings, […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 1×08 ‘The 214s’: Chasing dreams

It’s fascinating how television shows can bounce back from a string of terrible episodes.  Audiences tend to have a short memory span, where a show can produce an absolutely awful episode of television, but a great new episode can erase the bad taste of that awful entry.  Of course, there’s no way to completely erase […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 1×07 ‘Giant’: Becoming relevant

In a continuation of the current trend of Halt and Catch Fire taking a step forward and then taking another back, “Giant” moves us into Season 1’s final act with a some great ideas that are horribly muddled by deeply flawed storytelling.  While it continues to examine the notion that everybody wants to leave some […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 1×06 ‘Landfall’: Having a soul

There’s not a whole lot to be said that I haven’t said yet.  Halt and Catch Fire is a show that tries too hard to be something that it’s not.  It doesn’t know how to utilize its characters in a way that resonates both emotionally and thematically.  Its plot meanders and never keeps the stakes […]

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Halt and Catch Fire 1×05 ‘Adventure’: Tethered

Halt and Catch Fire is improving, however slow that process may be.  There’s still a reliance on out-of-nowhere twists and over-obvious symbolism, but the character development is becoming more potent.  And, in a show where reliance on plot is dragging it down, creating potent character development by slowing down the plot is never a bad […]