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Graceland - Season 1

Graceland 1×06 ‘Hair of the Dog’: Tough to move forward

Graceland is a show that knows what it has to say and where it’s going.  Sure, it moves rather slow to whatever end-point it has in mind, and sure, what it has to say isn’t anything particularly grand, but the mere fact that it has certain plot points in mind makes episodes like “Hair of […]

Graceland 1x05 Cover

Graceland 1×05 ‘O-Mouth’: Cowboys and drugs

My enthusiasm for Graceland comes in waves.  An episode will feel boring and tedious, not really evolving or expanding on central ideas, but then everything will come together in a way that gets me immensely excited for what could come next.  For the majority of “O-Mouth”, not all that much was going on.  Mike is […]

Graceland 1x04 Cover

Graceland 1×04 ‘Pizza Box’: It’s just sauce…

Nobody’s perfect.  We live under so many pressures that one of them is bound to bend us a little, warping our common sense and pushing us to do things that are otherwise detrimental to our well-being.  It’s an avoidable pitfall, but we so often don’t care to avoid it that we gladly dive right in.  […]

Graceland 1x03

Graceland 1×03 ‘Heat Run’: Good intentions

When a television series premieres, it has a specific status quo that it takes great care to establish.  LOST had a bunch of people stranded on an island with a monster lurking in the shadows.  Homeland had a rescued POW that was potentially working for al-Qaeda.  And Graceland has a bunch of undercover agents living […]

Graceland pilot

Graceland 1×02 ‘Guadalajara Dog’: Merry band of misfits

My first impression of Graceland was pretty strong, especially compared to what I thought I’d be watching.  What seemed like a standard cop drama mixed with The Real World actually transcended some of its clichés to offer fascinating characters, a fast-paced and interesting plot, and some ideas that felt interesting and thought-out.  Some of those […]