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Gotham 2×22 ‘Transference’: Scary girls save the world

Who knew water could stop a nuclear bomb? Apparently not Jim Gordon or Lucius Fox, but that didn’t stop them from trying it anyway as the lives of thousands of citizens hung in the balance. God bless em. And God bless this show for throwing sanity out the window, and just letting the chaos take […]

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Gotham 2×21 ‘A Legion Of Horribles’: Hugo Strange is the evil version of Oprah

You get a mutation! You get a mutation! Everyone gets a mutation!!! Also everyone thinks they’re Gods and Goddesses, except for Fish because she already knew she was a Goddess since season one. And now Ed was given a modicum of power, so of course he goes insane with it, and there are two Jim […]

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Gotham 2×20 ‘Unleashed’: Boom goes the Galavan

Well that’s how the villains get their wrath I guess. Through a rocket launcher. God, this show is bananas. Marnie Azzarelli is your average everyday horror writer and TV watcher, who finds herself connecting on a deep level with mythical monsters, and serial killers. She lives in a fantasy world that Joss Whedon created where […]

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Gotham 2×16 ‘Prisoners’: Gothic Gotham

What show am I even watching anymore, and why can’t I stop crying?!?!?! This show got far too real this week, and the amount of deaths, and underhanded dealings through both storylines just made it all the sadder. Of course I loved it, but I doubt I’ll ever be the same after it. Marnie Azzarelli […]

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Gotham 2×15 ‘Mad Grey Dawn’: Forgotten fathers

Oh my God, I did not expect this episode to be so emotional! I just thought Ed was going to pull a couple of annoying misdemeanors to set up his Riddler persona, but I had no idea it would go as far as putting Gordon in prison! Along with that we got Penguin’s sketchy family, […]

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Gotham 2×14 ‘This Ball Of Mud And Meanness’: It’s a mad world

But Oswald is a little bit saner. Though I think Ed is picking up that slack since now he found a new target to chase. With a Jerome look-alike and a suicidal hitman this episode gave a thorough look at the underbelly of Gotham, and with Bruce going on a retreat to the streets, I […]

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Gotham 2×13 ‘A Dead Man Feels No Cold’: I wish my heart was made of ice

Because then I wouldn’t be crying so hard over this episode! Oh my God, I don’t why, but the writers of this show decided that Victor Fries’ story line wasn’t tragic enough, so of course they had to up the ante, and make his story as painful and as terribly sad as possible. I loved […]

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Gotham 2×12 ‘Mr. Freeze’: Freeze is back!

Ah, I love when this show comes back on. Like last year we started off with a riot in Arkham, and this year we started with a…different kind of riot in Arkham. New blood in the insane asylum added new life to the series, while Victor Fries was chilling out and cooling down Gotham citizens. […]

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Gotham 2×11 ‘Worse Than A Crime’: The Dark Gordon rises

Nothing good happens at that bay, does it? First, Fish getting tossed into the water, and now Galavan getting popped in the head with a lovely umbrella shoved down his throat….But wait, did you see what I saw that made me squeal like the piece of trash fangirl that I am? Marnie Azzarelli is your […]

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Gotham 2×10 ‘The Son Of Gotham’: The meanest monks in town

Nothing like ritual sacrifice to brighten up your Monday night. Oh, and children getting kidnapped, two serial killer bros arguing over mustard, a karate kicking psychopath, and Alfred getting stabbed…again. There was so much going on in this episode that I’ll probably have to re-watch. Then again, I’m lazy, so that’s not going to happen. […]

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Gotham 2×09 ‘A Bitter Pill To Swallow’: Everybody, kill Jim Gordon!

So we upped the darkness level by adding in a nice case of cannibalism…Yeah I got nothing else to add to that. Marnie Azzarelli is your average everyday horror writer and TV watcher, who finds herself connecting on a deep level with mythical monsters, and serial killers. She lives in a fantasy world that Joss […]

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Gotham 2×08 ‘Tonight’s The Night’: I’m hearing wedding bells

Oh, they’re not for Barbara no matter how beautiful that dress was. No, I’m hearing these bells come from a flightless bird with a gunshot wound and a mental game lover who had more people to bury in the woods than he originally planned. How beautiful was that last couple of seconds? These two glared […]

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Gotham 2×07 ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’: An Ode to Gertrude Kapelput

Oh Gertrude, why hast thou been taken from this mortal coil? Why hast thou been ripped from this earthly plane all too soon, perishing in the arms of your most beloved Penguin?…. It’s cos the Galavans are total A-holes that’s why! Theo’s getting a little sloppy man. Did he not know what Penguin did to […]

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Gotham 2×06 ‘By Fire’: All burnt up

From darkness to despair in just one scene. As always thank you Gotham for making me have feelings for Batman villains that I happily beat the crap out of in video games. But also thank you for giving these characters some of the best arcs in the world, and thank you for making my Monday […]

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Gotham 2×05 ‘Scarification’: Everyone, lose a limb!

I’m surprised no one lost their head with the way Penguin’s been acting lately. He’s seriously ready to snap. Also, we got a new supervillain that I should have known would have turned into a villain because she has a super sad backstory, and I feel bad for her, which seems to be the MO […]

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Gotham 2×04 ‘Strike Force’: Between a rock and a Penguin

I am still upset about Jerome and the loss his insane laughter permeating every second of this episode, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t miss him too much. For the last two weeks, he brought his own kind of madness that made the show feel incredibly different. Obviously it wasn’t in a bad way, but with […]

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Gotham 2×03 ‘The Last Laugh’: Don’t forget to smile

Called it! I knew Jerome wasn’t long for this world, but I was so not prepared for that ending whatsoever. I mean, it was beautifully done, but we might have a problem now. Jerome was so good that I think we’re going to feel the immense emptiness of that laughter next week. Marnie Azzarelli is […]

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Gotham 2×02 ‘Knock, Knock’: Laughter is the best medicine

Unless Jerome shoots you. There ain’t no helping that. That was…God that was disturbing. Awesome, super violent, and fairly cruel, but disturbing nonetheless. With the addition of a red-headed, wise cracking, rising villain it made it semi palatable. If not making me guilty for laughing at his jokes while numerous dead bodies are scattered around […]

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Gotham 2×01 ‘Damned If You Do…’: Making PB&Js with Penguin

Wow….WOW! Silly me thought that the second season was going to start off a little slow, ease us into the normal madness that is Gotham, but how silly am I? Of course the first episode would end up being as off the wall as the final episode of last season. Not only did it bring […]

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Gotham 1×22 ‘All Happy Families Are Alike’: There’s a bat moon on the rise

Let’s forget about that awful pun and get down to the brass tacks, and oh, there will be spoilers. So Barbra’s nuts, Ed is paranoid, Fish is swimming, Maroni’s got a hole in his head, Falcone is retiring to the south (probably Florida), Jim is confused, Cat is a bad grrl, Bruce actually figured something […]