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Glee 6×12/13 ‘2009/Dream Come True’: End of an era.

I remember hearing about a new show called Glee and I remember being told by my friend that I had to watch it. I distinctly recall watching it for the first time and texting my friend saying ‘Glee = big yes! This will deffo be a thing’ and it was! Six years filled with singing […]


Glee 6×11 ‘We Build This Glee Club’: Listen to your heart.

It’s the last ever sectionals that we’re ever going to see and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it! This episode gave all the newer members a chance to shine and to me it was their finale, as the next two episodes will focus largely on the old glee members! Hassan H. Riding […]


Glee 6×10 ‘The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester: The final countdown.

It’s all about Sue this week! Susan Sylvester (finally) gets her comeuppance from literally everybody – but maybe a little too much? Her superior discovers Sue’s very unprofessional hurt locker along with pornographic magazines containing a ‘Sue Spread’ and inappropriate shippings. This discovery unfortunately leads to her dismissal. Hassan H. Riding the emotions of television […]


Glee 6×08 ‘A Wedding’: A working progress.

This week on Glee we see the marriage of my favourite coupling – Brittany and Santana; oh and Kurt and Blaine! It’s just what you expect for a Glee weeding: breaking the rules, marriage in a barn, singing and dancing, random proposals and peer-pressured marriages.   Hassan H. Riding the emotions of television since the […]


Glee 6×07 ‘Transitioning’: Returning.

Finally! Glee delivers my favourite episode of season six so far with an episode overseeing a lot of transitions from genders, home, jobs and relationships. I feel as if they got it right this week and its made me really happy! Hassan H. Riding the emotions of television since the 90’s… Appreciating american TV from […]


Glee 6×06 ‘What The World Needs Now’: New beginnings.

Each week Glee comes with more and more ridiculous storylines and I’m never quite sure whether it’s due to the cut in budget, lack of viewings or an inside writer’s joke. Whatever the case is, Glee keeps delivering bizarre plots that echo the craziness of season one glee but without the originality. Hassan H. Riding […]


Glee 6×05 ‘The Hurt Locker Part Two’: The Purge

I love how ‘meta’ glee is nowadays. Season 6 of glee is definitely embracing it’s ridiculousness and you can’t really take it too seriously else you won’t enjoy it. This week picks up right from where it picked off last week – invitationals. Hassan H. Riding the emotions of television since the 90’s… Appreciating american […]


Glee 6×04 ‘The Hurt Locker Part One’: All because of a fork.

This week on Glee Sue flips her lid after Will left his unused fork on the table after having dinner – shock horror. Sue goes down one of her random soliloquy in which she ends up revealing a secret lair, also known as the ‘hurt locker’. It’s practically a store garage full of voodoo dolls […]


Glee 6×03 ‘Jagged Little Tapestry’: Honesty is the best policy.

This week Glee returns to its favourite trope of all – the mash-up.  The theme of this week for the glee club was to understand how to mash up two things that don’t usually go together. However, the universal episode for the whole episode was being honest with both yourself and others! Hassan H. Riding […]


Glee 6×01/6×02 ‘Loser Like Me’/‘Homecoming’: The beginning of the end.

Glee kicks off right after the failure of Rachel’s TV pilot as she’s forced to return ‘home’. Season 5 left us with an optimistic Rachel ready to take on television and now here we are with a broken, sullen Rachel Berry. Rachel isn’t the only one forced to return back to the Ohio – Blaine […]


Glee 5×20 ‘The Untitled Rachel Berry Project’: The end of an era.

Five years later and he we are; left a crossroad waiting to see where/what our beloved characters will get up to. The season finale has surprisingly been enjoyable and [dare I say it] well written. All in all the episode had a couple of twists and turn and Murphy subtly hinted potential directions that the […]


Glee 5×19 ‘Old Dogs, New Tricks’: Broadway Bitches

It’s the episode before the season finale and Chris Colfer (Kurt) has been given the chance to write his own episode. As much as I loved it and his writing I felt as if he could’ve done a lot more; although it was a nice break from the drama-heavy episodes I felt as if it […]


Glee 5×17 ‘The Back-Up Plan’: The show must go on…

This week on Glee is all about potential changes – Rachel is considering changes to her career even though it’s just begun. Blaine meets socialite June Dolloway (Shirley McLaine) and she suggests a change in relation ship status whilst Mercedes is looking for a change for the better in regards to her album! Hassan H. […]


Glee 5×17 ‘Opening Night’: Supernova

So here it is, the big day Rachel’s been anxiously working towards, her opening night of the smash hit Funny Girl. The episode welcomes back some of the olden goldies like Miss Tina Cohen Chang as well as my favorite Santana Lopez. The whole episode I was constantly on edge waiting for something bad to […]


Glee 5×16 ‘Tested’: Slut-shaming

On this week Glee it’s all about sex sex sex (and relationships). Artie has to deal with his film school player lifestyle and Samcedes are still working things out. To top things off we have Blaine and his new obsession with food – especially his cronut’s! Hassan H. Riding the emotions of television since the […]

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Glee 5×15 ‘Bash’: “Real” adults in NYC

Glee this week was jam-packed with a lot of heavy storylines that range from ‘gay bashing’, interracial relationships and college dropout etiquette. I still don’t know how I feel about the transition to 24/7 NYC – I am definitely edging towards liking it, but because it feels like a slightly different show, it’ll take some […]

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - March 14, 2014

Glee 5×14 ‘New New York’: A new direction.

Many months have passed according to our new New Yorkers! The episode had a different feel to it and I kind of liked it. Obviously Sue will be missed and I hope she finds a way to make an appearance or two and I hope Kitty comes to visit Artie. I feel like Glee has […]


Glee 5×13 ‘New Directions’: Don’t stop believin’

Five seasons later and Glee Club has finally been cancelled. Despite Holly and April’s attempts, Sue explains that there is nothing she can do and it really is the end. Will has digested this fact and he just wants to enjoy his last week with the New Directions, old and new! Hassan H. Riding the […]


Glee 5×12 ‘100’: High-school ghosts.

First and foremost “Happy 100th Birthday Glee”. Having been following Glee for 100 episodes now it’s safe to say that there has definitely been some good episodes and some not so good. This episode is deffo up there as a good one in my opinion. They took it back to basics and brought the beloved […]


Glee 5×11 ‘City of Angels’: Game over.

Glee takes nationals to L.A and with it they carry a tribute for Finn deep within their hearts. There is a lot of things riding on the New Directions’ win at nationals so it’s going to be a bumpy ride – as per usual. The episode kicks off with a pep talk from Finn’s parents […]