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Girls 6x02 Cover

Girls 6×02 ‘Hostage Situation’: Finding yourself

In today’s era, being in your 20s has shifted towards this state of purgatory.  Those in their 20s are legally adults, are supposed to inherit an amount of responsibility that those in generation past have inherited.  They’re supposed to pay their bills, cook meals for themselves, clean their own apartment, get a full-time job.  Maybe […]

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Girls 6×01 ‘All I Ever Wanted’: Living the dream

Do you remember what you wanted to be as a kid?  I wanted to be a teacher.  I thought that, as a teacher, I could help cultivate the future leaders of America, transform kids’ lives, you know, all that stuff.  And for the longest time, I fought for that, fought through school, through internships, through […]

Girls 5x10 Cover

Girls 5×09 – 5×10: ‘Love Stories / I Love You Baby”: Real progress

There’s something inherently satisfying about the end of this season of Girls, more so than other seasons.  Other seasons had the characters lost in their ways, trying to find clarity and purpose only to find nothing on the other side but more questions.  Here, even though the characters are still certainly struggling, there’s a sense […]

Girls 5x08 Cover

Girls 5×08 ‘Homeward Bound’: Directionless

One of the best things about Girls is that it highlights how growing up isn’t a linear journey. You might make a decision only to realize how childish it was a year down the road, reverting to your worst self in order to get out of it. You might decide to follow a path that […]

Girls 5x07 Cover

Girls 5×07 ‘Hello Kitty’: A sense of clarity

Part of growing up is realizing that your old friendships are built on something dated, something that doesn’t make sense anymore. Part of that is because friendships are partially built on convenience, on people being physically close to one another and not really wanting to try to branch out. It’s inherent in what it means […]

Girls 5x06 Cover

Girls 5×06 ‘The Panic at Central Park’: Becoming something new

“I don’t need to change anybody anymore.” It’s important, maybe one of the most important things in the world, to be self aware.  It’s see easy to delude ourselves and forget reality, whether that reality is very happy or very dismal.  And it’s easy, as a result of that, to make all sorts of missteps […]

Girls 5x05 Cover

Girls 5×04 ‘Queen for Two Days’: Action or inaction

One thing that separates childhood from adulthood is action. Children are reactive beings, their emotions largely controlled by the circumstances around them. It’s different with adults. Adults have to be able to assess situations and act accordingly, and if they want to react, that reaction still has to be somewhat calculated. Does my reaction put […]

Girls 5x04 Cover

Girls 5×04 ‘Old Lovers’: Recklessness and reservation

Relationships, especially in your twenties, are far more complicated than they were before. It’s not necessarily about preserving those relationships at all costs, and it becomes more about how valuable specific relationships are. As you become busier and more entrenched in professional life, high-maintenance relationships can simply be too much to handle. And it can […]

Girls 5x03 Cover

Girls 5×03 ‘Japan’: Older and wiser

The hardest part about growing up is being able to understand how you deal with a new status quo.  As you get older, people expect different things out of you.  People treat you differently.  People look at you differently.  You fit into the world in a different manner, your relationships shift, your personality shifts.  And […]

Girls 5x02 Cover

Girls 5×02 ‘Good Man’: A complicated world

The greatest praise I can give “Good Man” isn’t that it’s hilarious (which it most certainly is), but that it has so many storylines and characters and ideas and it still ends up being a great episode. Season 5, more than any season of Girls in recent history, has a grasp on its characters that […]

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Girls 5×01 ‘Wedding Day’: Growing up

“All they ask is what they can get from a given situation.” The one facet of Girls that I most appreciate is that, while it is certainly a show that speaks to the way that millenials grow up today, it has a certain timeless quality to it. Girls is about the way that people grow […]

Girls 4x10 Cover

Girls 4×10 ‘Home Birth’: Nowhere to go but up

Television shows always have to balance self-containment and serialization, and that balance is never more evident than in a show’s season finales.   Many shows will operate on cliffhangers, on keeping viewers coming back for more because they want to know what happens.  Netflix has been using this model with their self-published shows, like House of […]

Girls 4x09 Cover

Girls 4×09 ‘Daddy Issues’: Setting boundaries

We’re tested all the time in our lives.  We’re faced with personal dilemmas that are so monumental that they serve as a checkpoint in our development.  We can look back at what happened and either see that we’ve grown from it, that we handled it gracefully (or as gracefully as we could), or that we […]

Girls 4x08

Girls 4×08 ‘Tad and Loreen and Avi and Shanaz’: Deal with it

We always have problems that we have to deal with.  When we’re younger, the problems that we have to deal with aren’t nearly as bad.  We might get into high school and have to deal with increasing homework, friends inflicting peer pressure, but that’s still nothing compared to what we go through in college, or […]

Girls 4x07

Girls 4×07 ‘Ask Me My Name’: Fragmented

There has always been a fair amount of backlash against Girls with the assertion that these people on the show are far more awful than people generally are in the “real world”.  And sure, the people on Girls aren’t great.  Often enough, they’re portrayed as immensely selfish and petty and narcissistic.  But when I think […]

Girls 4x06 Cover

Girls 4×06 ‘Close Up’: New directions

Life, for many middle-class citizens of America, has a way of moving of its own accord for a long time.  You go to elementary school, you go to middle school, you go to high school.  You try to get good grades.  You try to pass your tests.  You try to get decent enough ACT or […]

Girls 4x05 Cover

Girls 4×05 ‘Sit-In’: Moving on

People’s lives move in trajectories.  When two people are in a relationship, those trajectories may change, but only if those in the relationship will it to be that way.  We can usually see what possibilities there are to change, but we have to realize that changing ourselves affects those around us.  It’s why long-distance relationships […]

Girls 4x04 Cover

Girls 4×04 ‘Cubbies’: No right choice

Change is inevitable.  No matter what choices we make in life, the world moves on, and the people around us move on as well.  We can never stand in one place, even if it scares us to move forward.  We’re constantly moving, constantly evolving, and we have to make choices that scare us, even if […]

Girls 4x03 Cover

Girls 4×03 ‘Female Author’: “Everything turns out the way it’s supposed to”

“Everything turns out the way it’s supposed to.”  My thoughts on that quote are certainly bifurcated.  On one hand, we have to make the best out of what circumstances we find ourselves within.  We don’t have ultimate free will, no matter how much we may want to, and it’s easy to beat ourselves up because […]

Girls 4x02 Cover

Girls 4×02 ‘Triggering’: The decision to change

Girls episodes have a tendency to improve as their focus narrows.  Take, for example, Season 1’s “The Return” or Season 2’s “One Man’s Trash”, or even Season 3’s “Flo”.  They’re all some of the best episodes of the series because they reduce the focus to Hannah’s search for her place in the world.  More specifically, […]