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Racing to complete the survival task - NBC

Get Out Alive 1×06 ‘The tough get going’: Big fall, bigger drop

Lucky and Louie have taken charge and led the team to the first challenge they face – climbing down a giant cliff. Cruel Bear, very very cruel. Kyle and Royce went down first, Jim and Austin were next, then Ryan and Madeline and, lastly, Chris and Jeff (though apparently Chris trusted Louie more than Jeff […]

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At, we try our best to write reviews that invite discussion from fellow fans and critics. To end the summer with a bang, we’re giving away a gift card for one month of Hulu Plus (there’s also a one week free trial for new signups) to one lucky winner. The contest will last two weeks, until 9pm Pacific […]

The obstacle challenge that the team faces is a rope across a deadly drop into the gorge below - NBC

Get Out Alive 1×05 ‘Don’t Look Down’: Dinner is eel

So last week we lost Donna and Canden and this week they have to face some of their biggest challenges. It’s raining, and cold, damp and dreary. The obstacle is a single rope across a gorge and the challenge, not simply to cross it, but to do it when wet, cold, tired and mentally exhausted. […]

Jim and Austin eating some Spaniard Root found by Lucky - NBC

Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls 1×04 ‘The Mountains Will Give You Strength’: Duck eggs…

This week we saw some of our teams pushed near to breaking – notably Robin and Wilson, Donna and Canden and Lucky and Louie. First they had to contend with the mother of all obstacles – a waterfall that no one should have to climb, let alone want to. Madeline, Ryan, Kyle and Royce were […]


Get Out Alive 1×03 ‘Leave no man behind’: White waters

Madeline and Ryan, Wilson and Robin were the Obstacle team and they had no plan, no darn idea of what to do! They just jumped into the water without even thinking about it! That’s amazing. They’re so incompetent that had Bear not intervened there could have easily been two injuries. Jesus, that was awful. Competence […]

Bear ready to go as the contestants set out for their hellish climb - NBC

Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls 1×02 ‘Living on the Edge’: What high mountains you want us to climb Bear!

Well, I was a bit shocked at who was out this week – I honestly thought it’d be the happy Sheppard’s with their ‘come on! we can do it (but give me twenty to rest first)’ attitude who would “never make it out alive”. Still, there’s a reason it’s Bear doing the deciding and not […]

Contestants for the $500'000 cash prize ready and waiting for Bear's commands - NBC

Get Out Alive With Bear Grylls 1×01 ‘The Wild Is Revealing’: Fish eyes… yum.

I’m not normally a big fan of these sorts of shows, with contestants and cash prizes, but I have a love of Bear Grylls and so I bit the bullet and watched GOA. I’m glad I did because this show is amazing. The contestants come into it with their preconceived ideas about how well they’re […]