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Game of Thrones 4×10, ‘The Children’: At long last, the behemoth lurches forward

Well, that’s what I call a finale!  This might have been my favorite episode of the entire series, I kid you not.  So much stuff happened!  And not in a typical Game of Thrones, “we see a lot of things and places and people speaking words but little actually goes on” way.  This was an […]


Game of Thrones 4×09, ‘The Watchers on the Wall’: A bad goodbye to Castle Black

This week treats us to one of the series’ extremely rare focused episodes, with the entirety of the episode centering on the Wildling army’s grand march on Castle Black.  It’s a beautifully shot episode, with cinematography and pacing worthy of any Hollywood offering, and the events that unfold change the landscape of Jon Snow’s story […]


Game of Thrones 4×08, ‘The Mountain and the Viper’: Eye-popping entertainment

You know what?  I think I may be done with this show. I’ve had just about all the misogyny, shocking violence, and endless meandering plotlines I can stand. But what’s even worse than all of that is the way that the truly despicable villains on this program continue to wreak misery unmet. They don’t just […]


Game of Thrones 4×04, “Oathkeeper”: Slower than January molasses, and twice as cold

This week’s sojourn among the squabbling folk of Westeros finds little actually going on, but lots of talking.  The brief mystery of “Who Killed King Joffrey?” is solved quickly and with little fanfare, while everyone else just kinda twiddles their thumbs.  That’s how things go on this show, sometimes; it’s a lot like watching baseball […]


Game of Thrones 4×03, “Breaker of Chains”: Other than that, how was the wedding Mrs. Baratheon?

Fallout from The Most Awkward (but Totally Rewarding) Wedding of all time sends its ripples throughout Westeros as news of the late King Joffrey’s fatal indigestion spreads from Kings’ Landing, while those within the palisades begin the preliminary stages of figuring out what next to do when your really horrible monarch dies and pretty much […]