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Game of Thrones 6×10 ‘The Winds of Winter’: The more things change…

It’s shocking, but it all makes sense.  People are part of cycles, of waves in history, and while they like to think that they can stake their unique claim to a portion of history, often enough they’re filling a role created by somebody else.  That realization is difficult to have because it reminds us of […]

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Game of Thrones 6×09 ‘Battle of the Bastards’: The price of power

Tyrion isn’t wrong.  Death really is abstract when it isn’t you that is dying.  It is why the slavers are so confident when they come up against Daenerys, up until the point they know that they’re done.  It is why Daenerys is willing to torch all of these cities until she gets them back.  It […]

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Game of Thrones 6×08 ‘No One’: Who you are

Game of Thrones has been spending the whole season digging into notions of identity.  Characters have pieces of themselves stripped away until theyre not sure what is left.  Other characters further define themselves in the wake of having lost so much, building themselves back up from the ground.  As we move closer to the endgame […]

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Game of Thrones 6×07 ‘The Broken Man’: The cruelty of reality

“The Broken Man” is a massive leap in quality from the previous episode, not simply because Sandor Clegane is back (even though that is ridiculously exciting), but because the episode as a whole cohered into something more complete than the last. This episode revolves around the idea that people are often the source of their […]

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Game of Thrones 6×05 ‘The Door’: Born to suffer

It’s great to see that, even in Season 6, Game of Thrones understands a thing or two about using scope. The last episode, “Book of the Stranger”, did a great job showing us the broad implications of ruling, the way that countries are shaped by not only the way that rulers operate, but also the […]

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Game of Thrones 6×04 ‘Book of the Stranger’: Trial by fire

Game of Thrones is fascinated with the way that rulers control their empires, with the way they utilize their power.  It’s also fascinated with the way that, no matter who the ruler is or the way they rule, there’s always a power imbalance, somebody who is disadvantaged.  Maybe it’s because the ruler is exploiting others; […]

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Game of Thrones 6×03 ‘Oathbreaker’: His watch has ended

I had forgotten just how difficult it is to get a season of Game of Thrones moving.  Three episodes in and, while characters like Jon Snow are back and made major decisions, characters like Theon have really just said a couple words and left to go somewhere else.  Jorah and Daario have only been in […]

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Game of Thrones 6×02 ‘Home’: Back from the grave

Game of Thrones is a miserable show.  It’s a show that I have always had a tough time with, not just because it’s bleak, but because of the tone of the show.  It seems to take glee in its brutality, but more than that, it seems to position this brutality as a part of existence.  […]

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Game of Thrones 6×01 ‘The Red Woman’: The effects of loss

It’s an exciting time to be a Game of Thrones fan.  The show has officially caught up to the books, and, as a result, nobody quite knows what is going to happen next. Of course, this could entirely throw the show off the rails, but the great thing about Game of Thrones is its ability […]


Game of Thrones 4×10, ‘The Children’: At long last, the behemoth lurches forward

Well, that’s what I call a finale!  This might have been my favorite episode of the entire series, I kid you not.  So much stuff happened!  And not in a typical Game of Thrones, “we see a lot of things and places and people speaking words but little actually goes on” way.  This was an […]


Game of Thrones 4×09, ‘The Watchers on the Wall’: A bad goodbye to Castle Black

This week treats us to one of the series’ extremely rare focused episodes, with the entirety of the episode centering on the Wildling army’s grand march on Castle Black.  It’s a beautifully shot episode, with cinematography and pacing worthy of any Hollywood offering, and the events that unfold change the landscape of Jon Snow’s story […]


Game of Thrones 4×08, ‘The Mountain and the Viper’: Eye-popping entertainment

You know what?  I think I may be done with this show. I’ve had just about all the misogyny, shocking violence, and endless meandering plotlines I can stand. But what’s even worse than all of that is the way that the truly despicable villains on this program continue to wreak misery unmet. They don’t just […]


Game of Thrones 4×07, ‘Mockingbird’: I’ll fly away

Well, I guess I was a little too optimistic that we would start picking up the pace here, wasn’t I?  This is Game of Thrones, y’all!  I should know better!  Like Tyrion’s trial-by-combat was actually going to happen this week, pshh.  Week 7 brings us one of our most lurchingest, meanderingest, ploddingest episodes of the […]


Game of Thrones 4×05, ‘First of His Name’: Poppin’ Locke

Narrative momentum begins to simmer in Westeros, and as things settle down in King’s Landing new developments kick up in the Vale and the fires of conflict continue to rage along the Wall in the North.  Danaerys considers  the advice of counsel and possibly revises her “I’mma go burn down the world” plan, Arya gets […]


Game of Thrones 4×04, “Oathkeeper”: Slower than January molasses, and twice as cold

This week’s sojourn among the squabbling folk of Westeros finds little actually going on, but lots of talking.  The brief mystery of “Who Killed King Joffrey?” is solved quickly and with little fanfare, while everyone else just kinda twiddles their thumbs.  That’s how things go on this show, sometimes; it’s a lot like watching baseball […]

The Antihero Trend In Film & TV

The term “antihero” gets thrown around quite a bit in fiction analysis and commentary, to the point that it’s a pretty easy word to brush over. However, before you ignore the term as a pretentious or meaningless label, you may want to take a minute to think about some of the biggest heroes of fiction […]


Game of Thrones 4×03, “Breaker of Chains”: Other than that, how was the wedding Mrs. Baratheon?

Fallout from The Most Awkward (but Totally Rewarding) Wedding of all time sends its ripples throughout Westeros as news of the late King Joffrey’s fatal indigestion spreads from Kings’ Landing, while those within the palisades begin the preliminary stages of figuring out what next to do when your really horrible monarch dies and pretty much […]

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Game of Thrones 4×02 ‘The Lion And The Rose’: The Westeros royal wedding

A great many things have happened tonight. Above the “Read More” tab, I will offer no spoilers. Therefore, let’s do the teeniest of recaps before we get to the goods. This is the episode where we catch up with the other half of characters not shown in the previous episode. Theon (better known as Reek […]


Game of Thrones 4×1 ‘Two Swords’: All Hail the Lannisters

The flames of war are growing colder in Westeros, and although the War of the Five Kings isn’t quite done, it has lost a major player. After last season’s horrifically incredible Red Wedding and the brutal deaths of Robb, Catelyn, Talisa, and the majority of the Stark and Tully armies, the Lannisters reign almost uncontested. […]