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Once Upon A Time 4×11 ‘Heroes and Villains’: Two more stops to make

What a spectacular mid-season finale! I enjoyed every minute of it. However, I kept asking more and more questions as the episode went on. The episode was good closure for the Frozen arc, but it got super confusing.  Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When he is not watching TV shows, he is […]


Once Upon A Time 4×10 ‘Shattered Sight’: Love and hate

All great stories must come to an end. Except this isn’t exactly the end. With one more episode left this year, Once Upon A Time has done a really great job with the Frozen arc. In fact, I almost don’t even want to see the rumored sequel because I don’t think Disney could do any better than […]


Once Upon A Time 4×09 ‘Fall’: Sisters reunited

Was this the mid-season finale? No? Well it could have been. That ending was fantastic and such a cliff hanger. The rest of the episode was good as well, but mostly the ending. I did have a lot of questions, but I’m sure they will be answered. Maybe. Nathan S. is a teenager who is […]


Once Upon A Time 4×08 ‘Smash the Mirror’: Chocolate for Anna

Hooray for two-hour episodes! I loved every second of it, which is weird because some people hated it. I honestly thought it was the best episode of the season, maybe even the best since the beginning of Season Three. Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When he is not watching TV […]


Once Upon A Time 4×07 ‘The Snow Queen’: It’s a trap

Have you ever learned something knew about yourself and been afraid of what might happen with this newly found ability? Well, Emma, Elsa, and Ingrid sure have. In an episode filled with anger and terror, we found ourselves reunited with a few old friends as well as an interesting new character, and we get a […]


Once Upon A Time 4×02 ‘White Out’: The cold never bothered me anyway

Wow. What an episode. There was so much character development in just the 48 minutes that we were given. Two new characters also made their debut. In all honesty, I think “White Out” was just as good, maybe even better than last week’s premiere. Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to television. When he is not watching […]

A Tale of Two Sisters

Once Upon A Time 4×01 ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’: An icy arrival

Wow. I must say, I am pleased with the way that Season Four began. It brought back an old character and introduced a few new ones. The ratings went through the roof! Anyways, time to be critical. The episode began with a flashback to Anna and Elsa’s parent’s death. I was happy that it provided […]