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Fresh Off the Boat 2×22 ‘Gotta Be Me’: Fun moms and beefcakes

Most people have seen both sides of their mom. The fun and the well, mom. Most does not include Eddie from Fresh Off the Boat. This week he was more than shocked to see his mother let her hair down, ignore the rules and actually have some fun. On the flip side, Louis tried to […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×21 ‘Rent Day’: Squatter Fiasco

A half hour or so before turning on Fresh Off the Boat, I had to pay rent and bills for the month and with that – my bank account is like many around the first of the month, it’s crying. So when I saw what Jessica’s first tenants were doing to her, I couldn’t help […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×20 ‘Hi, My Name Is…’: Toasters and Garfield

When the Huangs end up needing a new toaster, they wind up down memory lane and Louis and Jessica tell their kids how they got their American names to help Evan come to terms with being named after a random nurse who was in the room when he was born on Fresh Off the Boat. […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×19 ‘Jessica’s Place’: Dramatic head turns…

Soap operas are one of the most addicting forms of entertainment. Possibly the grandfather of reality TV, they’d been around for decades before they finally made the jump from daytime to primetime – and one of the most entertaining of the new, nighttime soaps was Melrose Place. I feel like this show doesn’t get enough […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×18 ‘Week in Review’: Outbreak

Louis and Jessica’s modern day teamwork is put to the test when the boys get lice. Plus, Eddie goes toe to toe with a teacher over pizza and homework in this week’s Fresh Off the Boat. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. After two years of […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×17 ‘Doing it Right’: Listen up…

Things were sort of lackluster on Fresh Off the Boat this week as Eddie and Louis butted heads about a chili cook off, and Jessica learned one of her other sons felt as though no one ever listened. Thankfully though they played one of the best Whitney Houston songs in a scene, so spirits were […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×16 ‘Tight Two’: Lesson learned…

When you opt to have kids, you have to wonder – will they like me? I mean, there is an unconditional love most of us have for those we’re related to – but liking them? I for one know there are members of my own family I love but wouldn’t say like. This week on […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×15 ‘Keep ‘Em Separated’: Princess Jasmine

The Huang men were dealing with friendship drama when it came to their ladies and it was pretty interesting but not at all surprising that Jessica was way more immature about things than Eddie’s girlfriend, Allison on Fresh Off the Boat. While each couple ran into some trouble when it came to men and women […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×14 ‘Michael Chang Fever’: Pog debts

Pretty sure this is the second time pogs have been mentioned in Fresh Off the Boat and I welcome more as they were one of the biggest crazes for kids in the 90’s. One of the biggest wastes of money aside, Jessica worried too much about Emery’s future while Evan and Eddie bonded over a […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×13 ‘Phil’s Phaves’: Mixtapes

Being that I have had a music site of my own called Golden Mixtape for some years now, this episode personally made me smile. What’s cuter than compiling a group of songs that mean something and then sharing them? In my world, nothing. This however can go horribly wrong when the mixtape lands in someone […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×012 ‘Love and Loopholes’: Goober Grape

With Valentine’s Day less than a week away the Fresh Off the Boat decided to celebrate by teaching us a thing or two about romance and the importance of a nation made up of rhythm. Yes, they paid homage to Janet and even had some special cameos, all the while Emery was learning the ins […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×11 ‘Year of the Rat’: Little red envelopes

It seems like it’s been far too long since we’ve seen the Huangs, but thankfully ABC decided to bring them back, and with their return came a cultural lesson with their Chinese New Year’s episode. Fresh Off the Boat is always teaching us something new, as good sitcoms do – but this one went above […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×10 ‘The Real Santa’: PC Christmas

Was the ‘90s really about being that politically correct? Maybe I didn’t notice because I was a mere child then and the Power Rangers seemed pretty diverse in my eyes, but nonetheless, Fresh Off the Boat took on who Santa really is in their holiday episode and it wasn’t the greatest we’ve seen from the […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×09 ‘We Done Son’: Ruff Ryders

Eddie learned about the real gifts in life and Jessica learned about the importance of compromise when it comes to friendship on Fresh Off the Boat. While it wasn’t the greatest episode of the series, it had its fine moments that made me laugh and one that made me tear up just a bit. Also, […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×08 ‘Huangsgiving’: “Cranberry, stingy berry”

Because the only thing to watch on Thanksgiving is football and parades, everyone is rolling out their holiday episodes this week – Fresh Off the Boat included. Jessica’s sister has always hosted Thanksgiving, but this year their mom has decided Florida will be the place for the big dinner. Huangsgiving is a go, but of […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×07 ‘The Big 1-2’: Pogs!

Last week on American Horror Story: Hotel Countess said one of the most poignant things in a long time on that series. It was something along the lines of being two different people; the version the world needs us to be and then who we really are. The point being that we all wear masks […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×06 ‘Good Morning Orlando’: The dating race

If you would’ve told me that an episode of Fresh Off the Boat about Eddie and his friends getting girlfriends and Louis appearing on the 4am local news would be one of the most thought provoking, I would’ve cocked my head to the side. Despite thinking this was just going to be a good time, […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×05 ‘Miracle on Dead Street’: “Tic Tacs to the face!”

Taking notes during this Fresh Off the Boat was hard because I was really invested in the comedic chops they brought out this week. Grandma as Garfield and that sickly kid as Jim Carrey’s The Mask, those were priceless moments that are still making me giggle well into this hot afternoon. Jokes aside, this Halloween […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×03 ‘Shaquille O’Neal Motors’: Anniversaries and Beanie Babies

Louis and Jessica are celebrating their anniversary in a very odd way that only they could pull off on Fresh Off the Boat this week. While the parents were away, Eddie learns a valuable lesson about brotherly love thanks to hot dogs and one of the ‘90s most ridiculous trends. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×2 ‘Boy II Man’: Shop is closed

If there was one thing Fresh Off the Boat had to cover being in the ‘90s it’s Boyz II Men. They may not have been that relevant towards the end of the decade, but they owned that first half with music that still resonates with ears today. Whose knees don’t get weak when “I’ll Make […]