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Fresh Off the Boat 3×20 ‘’The Masters’: Hats

One cannot stress enough how important representation is. When you see people who look like you in various positions, you then feel you can achieve more. It’s not hard to realize that. Growing up do you know how many interracial couples and mixed kids I got to see? Very freaking little. Shawn and Angela on […]


Fresh Off the Boat ‘3×18 ‘Time to Get Ill’: Bet on bass

Jessica was down and the rest of the Huangs were ecstatic over the possibilities of what could come of it on Fresh Off the Boat. Being the responsible one is hard as hell. In recent months I have had to step into this role as cancer found its way to my boyfriend. It can be […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×17 ‘The Flush’: Giant peanut

One of the hardest things to realize when you’re a kid is how knowledgeable and helpful your parents can actually be. Eddie learned that the hard way from his dad on Fresh Off the Boat, while his brothers learned that some dreams are never meant to come true. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality […]

Fresh Off the Boat 3×16 ‘Gabby Goose’: RIP Biggie

The last time Fresh Off the Boat got this deep, Eddie was back when the season began and Emery was joining him in middle school. Eddie broke it down about stereotypes and made us all take a step back. This week he did it once more, but by dealing with death from the perspective of […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×15 ‘Living While Eddie’: Baby to Scary

Ever since I was little, I have loathed whoever was in office for messing with TV time. Yeah, Fresh Off the Boat wasn’t interrupted and we got a new one, but nights like this just throw me off and I needed to vent a little, okay? Just like Jessica thought she had to lie about […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×14 ‘The Gloves Are Off’: Mount Brushmore

One of the first people to ever make me love television was Heather Locklear. I was obsessed with her on Melrose Place, and to see her tonight on Fresh Off the Boat made my heart smile. Playing a heartless ex-wife who actually grew to have compassion, she is a guest star we need more of. […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×13 ‘Neighbors with Attitude’: First kiss

Did someone at ABC sense this season needed more focus on the kids, because this week’s Fresh Off the Boat was actually laugh out loud funny and in all honesty it has everything to do with Eddie’s friends. Even Evan’s small story line with the money owed to him was funnier than a lot of […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×13 ‘Sisters Without Subtext’: Pistachio belt

While Fresh Off the Boat continues to be a funny show, I am finding it hard to really care about it the same way I do when it comes to shows like Modern Family and The Goldbergs. There the whole family is in the spotlight, but with this show it seems like they are pushing […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×11 ‘Clean Slate’: A Randy

Chinese New Year is upon us again on Fresh Off the Boat and this means getting through it free of bad karma, grudges or any other negativity. This makes Jessica nervous as hell since she’s the only one in the family who has a patience as long as a fly’s lifespan. She’s not the only […]


Fresh Off the Boat 4×10 ‘The Best of Orlando’: Trending jeans

How many of us have imagined winning a big award, and our thank you speeches? I do this every other day in the shower, but it was a reality for Louis on Fresh Off the Boat. It’s a lot of pressure not to forget anyone, and of course he goes and forgets the one person […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×09 ‘How to Be An American’: Modern romantic

At first this seemed like a rerun since I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard that octopus story from Louis, but behold – Fresh Off the Boat found a new way to present it as we learned the real story behind how he and Jessica came to be as she awaited her citizenship. While their parents […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×08 ‘Where are the Giggles?’: Freaking Elmo

It’s Christmas time on Fresh Off the Boat (and every other show right now) and with that comes a lesson about the holidays. Eddie learned he couldn’t just celebrate Kwanzaa, Jessica got a lesson about her youngest and Marv saw those pesky three ghosts we all know from A Christmas Carol. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×07 ‘The Taming of the Dads’: RIP Jerry

Lately I’ve felt like Fresh Off the Boat was losing me just a little in the humor department, but that dry spell ended tonight with an insane amount of ‘90s references, Jessica taking control of the court and Louis finding a new friend. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×06 ‘WWJD: What Would Jessica Do?’: Costco

As if I couldn’t love Jessica from Fresh Off the Boat anymore, she showed her major appreciation for Costco this week. Of course it came with some heartache as she lost her shopping buddy to a higher power. While she was dealing with that, her other sons were trying to make the boring cereal taste […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×05 ‘No Thanks-giving’: Family trees

Eddie made a very important point this week on Fresh Off the Boat. 8th grade doesn’t matter. Even his principal and parents could see how right he was but at the same time, can you give a 14-year-old that much power. While they were dealing with that, they were also dealing with the idea of […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×04 ‘Citizen Jessica’: East vs West

We’re a week away from what could potentially be Doom Day here in the US; the election that puts Hillary Clinton against a reality TV star. So it was fitting that Fresh Off the Boat had an election of their own…well the one that went down between another Clinton and Dole. Funny though, the issue […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×02 ‘Breaking Chains’: Hired help

This year we saw Adam enter high school and like I said then, it doesn’t matter what decade you’re in – school is always the same. So while none of the Huangs on Fresh Off the Boat are heading towards the milestone, Eddie is stepping into his eighth grade shoes, while his little brother is […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×01 ‘Coming from America’: Ghost

Didn’t it feel like something was missing? Finally Fresh Off the Boat is back and they headed back to the homeland – at least as far as the parental Huangs go. As for Eddie and his brothers, it was their first time seeing Taiwan and it’s safe to say they weren’t the biggest fans. From […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×24 ‘Bring the Pain’: We’ve Got It Goin’ On

Unlike with The Goldbergs, it didn’t take a random case of reruns for me to fall in love with Fresh Off the Boat. They had me at the 90’s, even though I was weary since Fox had failed to do that decade justice. Remember Surviving Jack? I clearly didn’t recall the name as I did […]


Fresh Off the Boat 2×23 ‘The Manchurian Dinner Date’: Palidictorian

So Fresh Off the Boat isn’t done with it’s second season and is going one week longer than ABC’s Wednesday night comedies. Just a heads up, but this week could’ve very well been the end as we saw growth from Jessica and Emery enter a new relationship (kind of). Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between […]