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Franklin & Bash 4×10 ‘Red or Black’: Fishy destinies

After a season of a lot of misses Franklin & Bash go out with a pretty entertaining, telling and emotional season finale. Stanton faced destiny, two couples faced romantic realities and the boys faced a life changing opportunity. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. After two […]


Franklin & Bash 4×09 ‘Spirits in the Material World’: Boo!

Just this afternoon I learned someone watches Franklin & Bash. I then wondered if they were seriously liking this season or if like me, they were watching it as a task and because it’s been years – so why not keep up with it? So what even went on this week…let’s see the guys got […]


Franklin & Bash 4×08 ‘Falcon’s Nest’: Game of Thrones Ruins Lives

Obvious suspicions about Anita and Karp were on point, Ellen made a friend and the guys helped two grown men with an adoption that was just odd but when it comes to Franklin & Bash you’re never really that surprised by the case or the outcome. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing […]


Franklin & Bash 4×07 ‘Honor Thy Mother’: A real motherfu…

Remember that time I watched Franklin & Bash, actually enjoyed the whole episode and then my laptop decided to shut down and lose my notes? Ugh, technology fail – but thankfully it’s only the next morning and I still have some of the laughs and drama in my head. Let’s see, the boys deal with […]


Franklin & Bash 4×06 ‘Dance the Night Away’: Commoner

Last night I actually chuckled, was happy and even got a little shocked with Franklin & Bash. Could the dry spell be over? They were great last week and this week, while wasn’t as interesting, was still entertaining with strippers, puppets, mama drama and a reunion. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing […]


Franklin & Bash 4×05 ‘Deep Throat’: Power ballad mixtapes

It’s a miracle; this week’s Franklin & Bash wasn’t horrible. It was actually entertaining and kept my attention the whole time. My mind failed to wander as Ellen was back and her relationship status with Franklin was put to the test, the case this week was easy to follow and there was some Bash’s history […]


Franklin & Bash 4×04 ‘Good Cop/Bad Cop’: “I pounded your bottom…”

What happened between last summer and this one? Did a major writer quit? I hope you guys know that until I see some improvement – these recaps are just going to be riddled with a lot of complaints and a few, “well that part wasn’t so bads.” Like this week for instance, Damien and Stanton […]


Franklin & Bash 4×03 “Love is the Drug”: Potheads and perverts

Usually I can sit and write these right after but last night’s Franklin & Bash was just meh. I didn’t even pay attention to the boys’ case until the end, I had no care for whatever Stan’s drama was and I’m still mad we replaced Carmen and Pindar with Dan, who was back this week. […]


Franklin & Bash 4×02 ‘Kershaw vs. Linecum’: “I’m on top tonight”

Remember that one time in reality that someone kept trading things on Craigslist and went from like a paperclip to a car or house? Something like that went on this week on Franklin & Bash. All the guys seemed to do was trade one thing for another while in the middle of a well constructed […]


Franklin & Bash 4×01 ‘The Curse of Hor-Aha’: “I have the body mass of a teenager”

Summer shows are like one night stands who want more. You have fun but the details are a little fuzzy when you get a text from a name you’re not quite familiar with. Well that’s how I feel with Franklin & Bash. I enjoy every season but then when they come back I’m like – […]


Franklin & Bash 3×10 ‘Gone in a Flash’: He comes with his own aura

It took a minute to calm down from the hormonal overload from the season finale of Franklin & Bash. If Mark-Paul Gosselar and Breckin Meyer weren’t enough, this is the week we seen Rob Lowe in the flesh. Yes, last week he was on a video, but this week he was in the same room […]


Franklin & Bash 3×10 ‘Gone In a Flash’: Watch Exclusive Season Finale Preview Clips!

We got two clips to share with you from tonight’s season finale of Franklin & Bash. Are you excited? You should be. Last week we finally saw Rob Lowe. After a whole season of threats from their less than perfect neighbor, we found out he’s out for blood and he’s already stolen Bash’s lady. We […]

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Franklin & Bash 3×09 ‘Shoot to Thrill’: Cocoa Puffs of love

Where do we even start? There were bounty hunters, Damien going insane and finally – the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Rob Lowe! Let’s start with the case. Is it just me, or is it getting easier to solve the cases? Like with Hugh Laurie on House, you can see the moment when Franklin […]


Franklin & Bash 3×08 ‘Out of the Blue’: Meteorite man

Damien was still able to stay relevant this week. Even he couldn’t make being charged with murder seem boring. So let’s start there. Damien’s a lot of things, a sour puss, stiff and not much fun, but you’d never figure him for a murderer, so it was obvious when watching that he couldn’t have killed […]


Franklin & Bash 3×07 ‘Control’: Hey batter, batter

Every week we learn something new about Bash and his “if I wasn’t a lawyer” life. First a musician and now a baseball player? He’d make a very fine baseball card, but judging from his batting stats, he wouldn’t have made it past his high school team. It’s best he went the way of the […]


Franklin & Bash 3×6 ‘Freck: You can’t be in our gang

Who would’ve guessed Bash was such a baby when it came to a little blood? With the guys defending their buddy Robbie in a murder trial, you had to guess that they’d win since they rarely lose – but getting to the end was still a plot filled with one too many twists. You can […]


Franklin & Bash 3×05 ‘By the Numbers:’ Twinkie conspiracy

Imagine defending someone against some guy, then getting a call saying, “Hey remember Noel? Well she’s dead. Guess who you’re defending now…The dude suspected of killing her. You’ll recognize him. He was that guy in court today.” The cases Franklin and Bash face are sometimes a little too out there, but you have to love […]


Franklin & Bash 3×04 ‘Captain Johnny:’ Rob Lowe’s Couch

Reasons to watch Franklin & Bash: laughter, a love for lawyer dramas and shirtless Mark-Paul Gosselaar. This week had a grand abundance of all three. The boys set another with Rachel, only this time nudity isn’t part of it and there are also pirates, psychics and a war with Rob Lowe. Bash gets into it […]


Franklin & Bash 3×03 ‘Good Lovin’: Mozzarella sticks

Sex sells. That’s one thing that’ll likely never be proven false. From this week’s case to shirtless lawyers to one of this year’s hottest liplocks, Franklin & Bash; sex sells. Only is this case we aren’t so much selling sex as much as we’re helping out with it. While Franklin and Bash are enjoying some […]