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Arrow 3×08 ‘The Brave and the Bold’: Part 2

In tradition with every great superhero crossover, after Barry and Oliver duked it out in the previous episode, Oliver teams up with Barry to stop an assassin using boomerangs to unleash vengeance upon ARGUS. The title ‘The Brave and the Bold’ is a callback to the early crossovers of DC comics. And this was one […]


The Flash 1×07 ‘Power Outage’: Blackouts

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you all! I almost just skipped talking about this episode entirely before the Flash vs. Arrow epic crossover event. HOWEVER, this episode rocked too much not to talk about. It’ll just be a quick recap with some thoughts. When Barry loses his speed powers after being struck by electricity from a new metahuman, […]


The Flash 1×06 ‘The Flash is Born’: Guy of steel

Barry teams up with Eddie Thawn to track down a metahuman with the ability to turn himself into metal. Joe recruits Harrison Wells to uncover the murder of Barry’s mother, but Joe has other plans. Iris, and her sincere likability, finally gets more involved in the central plot. Diego Crespo Diego champions fallen TV shows […]


The Flash 1×04 ‘Going Rogue’: Cold snaps

The Flash reaches new heights this week with the introduction of Captain Cold and the return of a familiar face from Arrow. So it looks like the weak villains were the only thing really holding this series back from being genuinely great. Because this episode rocked from top to bottom. What continues to amaze is the character […]


The Flash 1×03 ‘Things You Can’t Outrun’: Misty-eyed

The consistent quality of The Flash  only three episodes in is admirable. Each episode we’ve gotten worthy villains for Barry, although they’re underdeveloped. The stories all help Barry grow in some way or another, whether it’s learning his physical limitations, or he’s coming to an understanding of his new responsibilities as a hero. Add all that […]


The Flash 1×02 ‘The Fastest Man Alive’: Multiplex

Just as Barry and Team Flash fight a man who can copy and paste himself, ‘The Fastest Man Alive’ copy and pastes Barry questioning himself. Does he truly have what it takes to be a hero? Well, duh. We established that last episode. But it’s nice to see it expanded upon. And this show is […]


The Flash 1×01 ‘City of Heroes’: A running start

As a lifelong fan of The Flash character, you can imagine what a big deal this show is for me. We’ve yet to see a feature length Flash movie but this new series might just be a step in the right direction. Taking place in the same universe as Arrow probably garners a majority of […]