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Fear the Walking Dead 2×14/2×15 ‘Wrath/North’: Scattered to the wind

Say what you will about Fear the Walking Dead, but at least something happened in the finale.  It’s been a pretty disappointing season all around, one that I had relatively high hopes for after a decent first season.  But something happened in this second season, something that caused the quality of the show to simply […]


Fear the Walking Dead 2×13 ‘Day of Death’: No life left

There really isn’t much to say about this show anymore. There’s only one episode after this one, and while I’m glad that I won’t have to say much more about this show, I’ll be surprised if I can put together something substantive to say out of what Fear the Walking Dead has to offer. Because […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×12 ‘Pillar of Salt’: Enemy on the horizon

At this point, there’s clearly only one reason to keep watching Fear the Walking Dead.  The show could certainly manufacture other reasons to continue watching the show, but as of right now, pretty much everything falls flat.  Madison and the hotel drama isn’t particularly riveting.  Travis and Chris have a potentially interesting story, but Chris’s […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×11 ‘Pablo and Jessica’: Golden boy

I’ll give Fear the Walking Dead some credit where it’s due. It’s at least exploiting the current storyline to capacity, the way it cuts back and forth between Madison’s perspective, Alicia’s perspective, Nick’s perspective, and Travis’s perspective. The different perspectives give it the ability to remain relatively fresh while it looks for new storylines to […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×10 ‘Do Not Disturb’: Becoming the villain

The issue with poor character development isn’t necessarily that it makes for a poor episode of television.  It’s that it puts a television series at a deficit, where it has to make up for lost time and reverse decisions surrounding characters that are inconsistent or messy.  The second season of The Walking Dead was one […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×09 ‘Los Muertos’: From death

The issue with spinoffs is that they rely on the original story to give it life.  More often than not, people see them as a moneymaking tactic, and in the case of The Walking Dead, they’re probably not wrong.  It’s not like AMC has many series with high ratings; Halt and Catch Fire is fantastic […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×08 ‘Grotesque’: A sense of community

Welcome back! Fear the Walking Dead has been off to kind of a bumpy start. The first season was relatively interesting, but the second season has been horribly boring with only small bursts of energy punctuating through the tedium. None of the characters really came into their own; Chris at least had a story arc, […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×07 ‘Shiva’: Blood bonds

I keep trying to diagnose just what the issue is with Fear the Walking Dead, because when compared to The Walking Dead, it is shockingly inferior, despite having the same central thematic drive.  Does it have to do with plotting?  Does it have to do with the story?  Does it have to do with the […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×06 ‘Sicut Cervus’: Downward spiral

It’s important for the plot on a television show to keep moving, no matter how much time there is to tell a story. The most economical movies, such as a movie like Green Room (which is ridiculously good, by the way), can tell a coherent story in 90 minutes. So when a show like Fear […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×05 ‘Captive’: No place like home

Shows often see plot advancement and character development as two separate entities. If you’re pushing plot forward, you’re not digging into characters. If you’re digging into character development, you’re not moving the plot forward. But there’s only so much time in one episode, in one movie, in one season, and there needs to be ways […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×04 ‘Blood in the Streets’: Coming aboard

I constantly find myself wishing better things for apocalypse stories.  Some are very, very well done, and they’re usually found in literature.  Take Station Eleven, an absolutely fantastic book about connection in a world that is ending.  Its brilliance comes from the way that it humanize star people in the stories, doing more than showing […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×03 ‘Ouroboros’: Quicksand

If there’s one thing I could say about Fear the Walking Dead, it’s that it tries SO hard to be good.  There are some shows that do a great job juggling characters, plot threads, story arcs, and can liven things up with some figurative language, some metaphor and symbolism.  And there are shows that don’t […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×02 ‘We All Fall Down’: Trying to move forward

Note: I’m going to be talking a little more broadly about this show instead of really focusing on the plot of the episode. So, if I leave things out, keep that in mind. However strange this may seem, when analyzing art, it’s important to pay attention to gut reaction.  Of course, you can’t exclusively do […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 2×01 ‘Monster’: Open waters

When I was writing about the first season of Fear the Walking Dead, I talked quite a bit about the difference between an adaptation and original material. Adaptations have a clear advantage over original material in that they don’t really run out of story if they pace themselves correctly. The Walking Dead may have had […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 1×06 ‘The Good Man’: The new status quo

No matter how well Fear the Walking Dead separates itself from its predecessor, there’s no way to escape the notion of decay. No matter what those in show do to survive, the world continues to decay and more zombies join the ranks of the undead. There’s a semblance of hope in all of this, that […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 1×05 ‘Cobalt’: Descent into chaos

It’s apparent that “Cobalt” is meant to function at a bridge between “Not Fade Away”, which sets up the stakes in the military-controlled quarantine zone, and “The Good Man”, which will surely be the transition from “control over the infection” to “the collapse of Los Angeles”. For the majority of the episode, “Cobalt” is rather […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 1×04 ‘Not Fade Away’: The corrosion of safety

“They do evil because of fear.” –Daniel Salazar Good storytelling comes from creating stakes that matter. At the beginning of the series, there were relatively few zombies, and considering how we know zombies to be relatively slow and easy to kill, the tension surrounding them wasn’t very strong. Tension comes from the powerlessness inherent in […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 1×03 ‘The Dog’: Passive or ruthless

The issue with a show (like Fear the Walking Dead) that bases its existence off of another show (like The Walking Dead) is that it ultimately needs to have a goal that is different than the show it’s based off of. Works of art have to function as individual entities, even if they’re parts of […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 1×02 ‘So Close, Yet So Far’: Paranoia and panic

Fear the Walking Dead has a lot going for it to potentially make it fresh and new. The characters are entirely new and aren’t based on anybody from the comics. The location is as far from Atlanta as it could possibly be. The show starts at the very beginning of the epidemic instead of its […]

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Fear the Walking Dead 1×01 ‘Pilot’: Beginning of the end

The intrigue behind having a The Walking Dead spinoff comes not simply from its central gimmick that this particular show enters the Walking Dead world at the beginning of the apocalypse.  That entry point is certainly fascinating, as it offers a new lens with which to view the very small world that The Walking Dead […]