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Fargo 2x10 Cover

Fargo 2×10 ‘Palindrome’: A lack of communication

There’s an important scene in Fargo’s second season finale, “Palindrome”, maybe the most important scene in the series. Hank, after surviving being gutshot, tells his daughter and son-in-law about what he did when his wife passed way back when, how he tried to create a new universal language for everybody to use. Because conflict comes […]

Fargo 2x09 Cover

Fargo 2×09 ‘The Castle’: Massacre at Sioux Falls

Fargo has, over the course of its season, references a great deal of existential literature. From Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus to Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, Fargo drops these references into the narrative to underline the existential crises at play. But there’s a key word used in conjunction with those texts, a word that speaks […]

Fargo 2x08 Cover

Fargo 2×08 ‘Loplop’: Lashing out

The idea behind Fargo is that people want something different for their lives, but simply don’t have the resources to obtain it. Maybe they grew up in a place where the level of achievement they personally desire isn’t what is socially normal. Maybe they’re born into a deficit, where they’re impoverished or a person of […]

Fargo 2x07 Cover

Fargo 2×07 ‘”Did You Do This? No, You Did It”‘: The way of the future

It’s the way the world works. The status quo inevitably shifts, and as that shifting happens, the old slowly splits apart, strong bonds torn and withered until the individual pieces that are left get washed away. It’s this inevitability that we hate to look at. We want to believe that we have free will and […]

Fargo 2x06 Cover

Fargo 2×06 ‘Rhinoceros’: Charging ahead

Fargo is becoming one of those shows where every week I have to announce that I’ve seen the “best episode yet”, where I gush about how great it is and claim that I don’t know how it could possibly get any better. Last week’s episode, “The Gift of the Magi”, was easily the best of […]

Fargo 2x05 Cover

Fargo 2×05 ‘The Gift of the Magi’: The emptiness below

Everybody exists with the belief that they can exit their circumstances if the need arises. Maybe you run away, maybe you leave someone, maybe you steal something. It may be difficult, but there’s always a way out. Only that’s not always true. Power structures operate in a way that cages, that deletes options for the […]

Fargo 2x04 Cover

Fargo 2×04 ‘Fear and Trembling’: The hangover

People tend to believe that our best days are behind us, that society is in decline. Some shows argue this point to exhaustion, like The Sopranos, a show entirely dedicated to our existential struggle as the world shifts and declines around us. But was the past really all that great? Were people’s lives that much […]

Fargo 2x03 Cover

Fargo 2×03 ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’: Caretakers of the zoo

Fargo, believe it or not, is dancing around with quite a bit of existential literature. The first episode, “Waiting for Dutch”, was a play on Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”, an existential/absurdist play about two men Vladimir and Estragon as they waited in vain for a man named Godot. This episode, “The Myth of Sisyphus”, is […]

Fargo 2x02 Cover

Fargo 2×02 ‘Before the Law’: Pushing boundaries

It’s the thematic cohesion that really elevates Fargo to another level. The first season and the second both share a common theme of discontent and inadequacy, of being angry with the way that the world has left you behind. But the second season improves on the first in that it broadens its horizons from a […]

Fargo 2x01 Cover

Fargo 2×01 ‘Waiting for Dutch’: Godot’s arrival

It’s no mistake that Fargo starts its stellar second season by referencing both Carter and Reagan. We view our history as Americans in smaller chunks, and presidential figures evoke a certain image or impression of what the country was in a certain time. Carter’s speech at the beginning speaks to the identity crisis that people […]