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Pretty Little Liars 6×09 ‘Last Dance’ The Barn Prom

Team Mom unites after the gallery debacle to protect their daughters’ by throwing them a prom in a barn. But it’s not like a BARN barn, it’s the Hastings barn, which got a major facelift from the last time all of the liars were in it. Anyone else find it a little insensitive for Team […]


Pretty Little Liars 5×24 ‘I’m A Good Girl, I Am’

The good news is the Liars will be reunited once again. The bad news is it’ll be in prison. Not only was Alison found guilty of murdering Mona, but the remaining Liar’s have also been arrested.  Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck […]


Pretty Little Liars 5×22 ‘To Plea or Not To Plea’ Jail is the new High School

The countdown is on. Only 2 episodes left this season, and it is getting REAL! The case A has been building all season has closed on one of our pretty little liars and they have been arrested as Alison’s accomplice.  Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. […]


Pretty Little Liars 5×17 ‘The Bin of Sin’ Seriously, what’s in the barrel?!

It’s hard to remember that these girls are still in High School. I mean how many teenagers have been through as many near death experiences as the Liars have? This week’s life and death situation is Aria and Spencer almost being flash frozen in an abandoned ice cream factory. It only makes slightly more sense […]


Pretty Little Liars 5×15 ‘Fresh Meat’ How to destroy evidence 101

When did Ezra buy a coffee shop? I must have missed that plot point. But while Ali is sitting in the slammer, Emily and Aria are helping Ezra prepare the Brew for his big grand opening. Oh and Spencer and Caleb are destroying evidence. Just a normal day in Rosewood.  Shea McKeown a self professed […]