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Elementary 2×18, ‘The Hound of the Cancer Cells’: The incredible shrinking Joan Watson

So let’s get something out of the way really early-like: just what the stuff is going on with the way this show is treating Joan this season?  Sure, this episode was yet another largely filler episode, and sure it had a few redeeming factors in the B-plot revolving around Detective Bell’s attempt to get a witness […]

Elementary 2×17, ‘Ears to You’: A chop off the old back

Through its almost two season run, Elementary has proven itself time and again as one of the few high-end broadcast productions dedicated to embellishing the crime procedural formula with unique characters and engaging stories that grow our protagonists (and a few antagonists, as well) in organic, interesting ways as the series develops.  We’ve watched anxiously […]


Elementary 2×16, ‘The One Percent Solution’: The game(cock) is afoot!

While NBC’s dastardly Olympic plot managed to keep our heroes off the airwaves for a brief interlude, no force on earth is strong enough to keep the combined intellects of Holmes and Watson off the case for too long a tenure (Johnny Weir’s wardrobe game notwithstanding, because . . . dang,  yo).  We’re back in […]


Elementary 2×15, ‘Corpse de Ballet’: Two halfs and the homeless

It’s a mystery in two parts!  He he he.  Well, bad title puns aside, it’s a filler episode through and through, though we were really due for one, weren’t we?  The last one we had was way back in October, and this blows that one away into tiny boring little pieces.  It’s chock-filled with standard […]

All In The Family

Elementary 2×13, “All in the Family”: The Ballad of Detective Bell

Gather ’round, children and you’ll hear tell The harrowing tale of young Marcus Bell, A police inspector who is honest and true And loyal to a fault to his boys in blue. He’ll find bodies and make connections to the mob with his deductions, And have a crisis of conscience when faced with corruption. But […]

Natalie Dormer guest stars as Jamie Moriarty Irene Adler with Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes with a painting of Joan Watson in CBS Elementary Season 2 Episode 12 The Diabolical Kind

Elementary 2×12, ‘The Diabolical Kind’; Jamie Moriarty, consulting villain for hire

We’re back into the fray after the holiday hiatus, and Elementary throws us neck-deep into the mythos of the show!  We’ve got callbacks from here to London, all points of the show converging here to bring us one ginormously entertaining episode heralding the return of brainy villainess, Jaime Moriarty, AKA Irene Adler, AKA the former(?) […]


Elementary 2×11, “Internal Audit”: Too many pharaohs in this pyramid scheme

We’re now into week three of the arc concerning Sherlock and Joan’s tumultuous relationship with the NYPD — an arc that, despite not featuring our wonderful peripheral characters from the Doyle canon, has not disappointed in terms of continuing to develop the increasingly nuanced mind and emotions of one Sherlock J. Holmes, Detective Consultant.  I […]


Elementary 2×10, “Tremors”: Truth and Consequences

After a week-long hiatus to allow us to all burn through the tryptophan-induced coma brought on by American Turkey Week (pt. 1, November edition), Elementary is back this week with a really, really, shockingly good episode.  Even more shocking in that equation is how it doesn’t remotely involve my favorite recurring characters or plotlines.  That’s […]

On The Line

Elementary 2×09, ‘On the Line’: Sherlock Holmes? More like JERK-lock Holmes, amirite?

The biscuit-laden gravy train of quality comes to an abrupt halt, its contents lurching and spilling out over the sides of its hold, spilling gravy everywhere, ruining the shrubbery and wasting perfectly good mushroom Béchamel.  And right here at Thanksgiving, too.  Shame, that, as mother’s turkey is usually so inedibly dry.  This week provides us […]

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Elementary 2×08, ‘Blood is Thicker’: Just in time for the holidays, a reminder that family sucks

The gravy train of good episodes keeps a’rolling this week, complete with biscuit wheels.  Of course, these are British-style biscuits I’m talking about, not those soggy wads of chewy buttermilk you’ll find south of the Mason-Dixon at each and every Cracker Barrel you’ll pass once every three miles.  I mean good biscuits, like chocolate HobNobs or […]

The Marchioness

Elementary 2×07, ‘The Marchioness’: I got your canon right here, pal

Holy racehorses, this episode was good!  Maybe too good.  It’s one of those episodes that so beautifully and effortlessly highlights the potential this show has to offer that it makes any episode not striving in this mold to look shabby and half-hearted in comparison.  Not only does this episode masterfully intertwine the A-Plot and B-Plot, […]

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Elementary 2×06 ‘An Unnatural Arrangement’: Captain Gregson has two marriages

Partnership is the central theme of this week’s episode, and I think it’s more important to focus on the metacommentary of that theme and it’s relationship to the dynamics presented therein than the actual mechanical functioning of the plot, because the plot is ridiculously contrived. Like, “wow, double cray” contrived. Which is a lot, according […]

Poison Pen

Elementary 2×04, ‘Poison Pen’: Two killers, all filler

If last week borrowed from Law & Order‘s “ripped from the headlines” approach, this week takes a page from the salaciousness and handwrung moral grandstanding from its sister show, L&O:SVU.  This, friends, was not a great episode.  Not an insulting or mind-numbing episode by any stretch, but rather just tedious, contrived, and surprisingly lazy, even for […]

We Are Everyone

Elementary 2×03, ‘We Are Everyone’: Shirley and Joan vs. teh haXx0rz

“RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES!!” . . . is what NBC would say about this episode during their promos.  They like doing that a lot.  I’ve never understood the hook that supposed to have in regards to grabbing the audience’s attention.  It’s always shouted at us by some gravel-throated announcer with the severity and import of […]


Elementary 2×02 ‘Solve for X’: The dangerous world of high-stakes maths

We’re back in New York after last week’s jaunt to Old Blighty, and we’re back to the old dynamics, which isn’t really a knock of any kind, as the old dynamics are still relatively fresh.  This episode finds us with Sherlock investigating a common happening on this show — homicide, that is — though our […]

Step Nine

Elementary 2×01 ‘Step Nine’: London, Baby! London!

Yes, the premier for the second season finds us in Jolly Olde London, m’lords and ladies, and we are not allowed to forget it at any point in this episode, as we are constantly bombarded by characters spouting references to exclusively British concepts. But it’s okay! We’re back on Sherlock’s home turf as we take […]


We’re Pumped for the 2013-14 Season!

When I was a kid, I loved summer because I could stay home and watch TV all day. Now I’m an adult who stays home all day year-round and every year I anticipate the fall because summer TV sucks and fall brings the start of awesome returning shows and new favorites. I asked some of […]