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Constantine 1×07 ‘Blessed are the Damned’: Guiding, judging, damning

So have Chas and Zed ever been in the same episode together? It kinda seems like John’s become too much for them to handle and they’re tag-teaming. Look, I get isolating the characters to explore more of their history, but clearly that’s not happening here, so why not just put them together? We’re more than […]


Gracepoint 1×09 ‘1.9’: Running out of time

With only one episode to go on Gracepoint will our detectives solve the case of who murdered Danny Solano? Det. Carver is down for the count after hiding his illness from everyone much to the chagrin of Det. Miller. Mark and Beth are still having lot of marital issues but there may be some hope […]


Revenge 4×09 ‘Intel’: Be careful what you wish for

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’re ready for the next episode of Revenge because I know I sure am! Jack continues to grimace a lot and is there new romance on the horizon for both him and Emily? Obviously not between those two because the show will never ever let them be together.  Nolan and […]


Constantine 1×06 ‘Rage of Caliban’: Blahblah Rising Darkness, basically.

This week’s episode featured a little boy being possessed by a malevolent spirit hellbent on murdering parents. Sound familiar? Probably because it’s been done thousands of times before. And for good reason too, there’s something about scary children. Yeung Wing is an aspiring TV critic, writer and editor. You can see her past work on […]


Constantine 1×05 ‘Danse Vaudou’: Jackass of all trades, master of none

Unfortunately (or fortunately, as with many things it’s all about perspective) the review of the latest episode in Constantine will be a short one. Too bad the episode wasn’t. Not only does Constantine need to find a way to distinguish itself from other shows, it needs to distinguish its own episodes from each other. Yeung Wing is […]


Homeland 4×09 ‘There’s Something Else Going On’: Kaboom

The biggest question every fan of Homeland is asking: Will Saul Berenson make it through this season alive? Well, I’m still not sure. He’s been through the ringer before but never quite like this. Carrie’s mission is quickly going down in flames and she’s having to salvage it at every turn while dragging the rest […]


Gracepoint 1×08 ‘1.8’: More suspects, more problems

With only two more episodes left, it’s not surprising that Gracepoint is really kicking it into high gear.  Det. Carver’s medical issues are getting much worse and it’s starting to affect his job performance. Det. Miller’s son Tom is still missing. The Solano’s are still deeply grieving Danny but there is a little hope on […]


Revenge 4×08 ‘Contact’: Loony Louise

This week’s episode is spectacularly soapy and is filled with lots of outrageous dialogue and meaningful stares. I got some good laughs out of the actress who plays Louise. She might be overacting more than Madeline Stowe and that’s really saying something. Nolan is living off the grid in like his fifth house or something […]


Homeland 4×08 ‘Halfway to a Donut’: Nothing good can come of this

After last week’s shocking episode I didn’t think this week would be able to top it but it definitely did. This suspense was high and there was a lot more on the line. Saul is still being held in captivity by Haqqani. The American government is still trying to reach an agreement with the Pakistani […]


Gracepoint 1×07 ‘1.7’: Breaking the pattern.

This is the first big departure from Broadchurch that we’ve seen on Gracepoint and it’s a big one. Det. Miller’s son Tom goes missing and everyone in town is convinced he’s the next Danny Solano. Nothing like this happens in the original series. Mark, Beth, and the whole town attend the funeral for Jack Reinhold. […]


Revenge 4×07 ‘Ambush’: The real reunion this time.

Lots of stuff happened this week on Revenge: Emily finally speaks up to David, Nolan is buying a new home, Daniel is still dealing with crazy Louise and Margaux isn’t as cool with it now as she used to be. Ben is still giving Jack trouble for being friends with Emily which is making me […]


Homeland 4×07 ‘Redux’: UGH NO.

After last week’s catastrophic events where are our heroes? Well Carrie is on the move to rescue Saul who’s still being held prisoner by Haqqani and she’s starting to unravel. Deputy Director Lockhart comes to Islamabad to try to sort this mess out. Quinn and Fara are scrambling to make up for lost time. There’s […]

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Constantine 1×03 ‘The Devil’s Vinyl’: Prayer is one big negotiation

You know what sounds like a great premise for a television show? How about two people seeking out supernatural disturbances, traveling all over the country and solving said supernatural disturbances? Pretty good eh? Too bad it’s already been done, a la Supernatural. And this is the show’s biggest hurdle – making it unique for the viewers. Yeung […]


Gracepoint 1×06 ‘1.6’: In the hot seat

The action really amped up in the sixth installment of Gracepoint this week. Everyone is focusing on the wrong details and suspicions are running high once again. People all over the town are making demands and Det. Carver and Det. Miller are scrambling to keep ahead of the evidence as it rolls in. The small […]


Revenge 4×06 ‘Damage’: We’ll do it live.

This week: Emily’s lies continue to hurt everyone but herself. Charlotte has a “breakthrough” and Daniel is back on top. Victoria cries (?!) and David is either seriously unhinged or is just being a huge jerk. Nolan is gob smacked (literally) and Margaux is mysterious once again. Oh and Louise still can’t fake a southern […]


Homeland 4×06 ‘From A to B and Back Again’: Carrie, you in danger girl.

Looks like Carrie’s mission is back up and running after so many false starts. Quinn and Fara are both giving Carrie some serious side eyes and attitude. Aayan is revealing much more than he should be comfortable with. Dennis Boyd is becoming quite the “spook” at an alarming rate I must say. Things just sort […]


Gracepoint 1×05 ‘1.5’: Gracepoint is burning

Episode five marks the halfway point for this miniseries and I’m curious. Based on the pace the show is going at now, I wonder what they’ll do with two extra episodes. The original series Broadchurch wrapped up after eight episodes with a very satisfying finale. Perhaps this is what FOX means when they say that […]


Revenge 4×05 “Repercussions”: Fluffy filler

I hate to say this but this week’s episode was fluffier than cotton candy. There’s a lot of back and forth between Emily and her arch nemesis Victoria, which is normally entertaining but this time it was just sort of boring. We’ve seen enough of the glares, smirks, and dramatic statements between these two for […]


Boardwalk Empire 5×08 ‘El Dorado’: I have to see a man about a dog

“Prohibition is the trigger of crime.” ― Ian Fleming.   Now that we’ve arrived at the series finale, I feel a deep sense of serenity and poignancy settling over me. I do think that this finale gave the show what it deserved. A fair send off for all of the years of excellent writing, cinematography, […]

Homeland - Episode 4.05 - About a Boy - Promotional Photos

Homeland 4×05 ‘About a Boy’: A tall order

This week, Carrie is scrambling to keep her flighty asset under control while also having unrealistic expectations about what he’s ready to share. Quinn is still a lovelorn puppy who’s uncontrollable emotions are starting to get a little annoying. Fara is a reluctant spy and Saul has the rookie blues. I’ve read a lot of […]