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Doctor Who 08×13 ‘Last Christmas’: Santa Claus is real.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! It’s time for the Doctor Who Christmas special episode! As you all know, this is Peter Capaldi’s first Christmas special and I’m very excited to see what happens. We’ve also got a special guest appearance with Nick Frost as Santa Claus (perfect casting if you ask me) to look […]


Doctor Who 8×06 ‘The Caretaker’: The beginning of the end?

I really enjoyed last night’s episode of Doctor Who, especially the second half of the episode which culminated to a rather harsh conclusion. In this episode, we found the Doctor, Clara, and – strangely enough, someone explain why she was in this episode – Courtney Woods on the moon in 2049, trying to make the biggest […]


Doctor Who 8×05 ‘The Caretaker’: Torn between two men

It wasn’t a happy day for Doctor Who fans. A quick Internet search has shown that I’m not the only one who’s no completely keen over the new Doctor. It’s not Capaldi’s fault – he’s a great actor who’s doing really well in spite of the bad writing – but it’s that, it’s the writing. […]


Doctor Who 8×05 ‘Time Heist’: First a mugging, now a heist?

While last week’s episode of Doctor Who brought us into a familiar nightmare everyone has had, this episode took everything to a whole new height – with a bank heist. The Doctor and Clara found themselves in a stressful situation, as they were suddenly forced to break into a bank while having no idea why, or […]


Doctor Who 8×04 ‘Listen’: Don’t Look Under the Bed

After a Robin Hood-themed episode that I wasn’t completely in love with, we treated to a more gutsy episode, reminiscent of “Blink” or “Midnight”. We see more of Danny and Clara’s blossoming romance, we went a step further into the Doctor’s past, and we all remembered how scary a bed can be at night. The […]


Doctor Who 8×03: ‘Robot of Sherwood’: Snarky vs sassy

Snarky Doctor is the best Doctor. Especially when it comes to him in a battle of wits (or just insults, really) with the illustrious Robin Hood. Obviously The Doctor has met all sorts on his adventures, but it’s very rare for him to meet someone who is purely known as legend. Hmmm…purely known as legend. […]


Doctor Who 8×02 ‘Into the Dalek’: It’s about as literal as you can get

Whoever thought we’d ever see The Doctor be called upon to actually be a doctor. Well, it happens. Unconventionally, of course. So much so that his patient turns out to be his deadliest enemy. And yet, his bedside manner is not as bad as you might expect. Sarah Lord is a college student in New […]


Doctor Who 8×01 ‘Deep Breath’: Eyebrows, Robots, and Dinosaurs!

There was a lot of pressure riding on this season’s premiere episode, as it introduced the 12th Doctor – played by Peter Capaldi – and as with every new Doctor, there came the expectations. We were treated to a dinosaur in the middle of Victorian London, a hot-air balloon made of human skin, and a […]

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special ‘The Day of The Doctor’: Zygons ate the birthday cake

Doctor Who has turned 50. One of the longest running franchises still around today. Yes there have been times where The Doctor was not seen on Television, but even then there were books, and comics, and audio dramas carrying on the memory until the good doctor returned to the silver screen. Paul Choate was born […]