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Gotham 2×13 ‘A Dead Man Feels No Cold’: I wish my heart was made of ice

Because then I wouldn’t be crying so hard over this episode! Oh my God, I don’t why, but the writers of this show decided that Victor Fries’ story line wasn’t tragic enough, so of course they had to up the ante, and make his story as painful and as terribly sad as possible. I loved […]

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Gotham 2×11 ‘Worse Than A Crime’: The Dark Gordon rises

Nothing good happens at that bay, does it? First, Fish getting tossed into the water, and now Galavan getting popped in the head with a lovely umbrella shoved down his throat….But wait, did you see what I saw that made me squeal like the piece of trash fangirl that I am? Marnie Azzarelli is your […]

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Gotham 1×19 ‘Beasts Of Prey’: 50 shades of nope, nope, nope

Yes! Enraged Gordon is back, and he ain’t sucking up to nobody! He don’t play no games! He throws the games out, and calls you on you B.S., Loeb. Gordon ain’t taking no prisoners, and he’s going to take that Ogre DOWN, which kind of makes me sad because Milo Ventimiglia is a beautiful man, […]