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ReViews: Dawson’s Creek 2×16 – 2×19: A post for Abby

I know, I know. Abby is someone I have badmouthed in almost every post since she stepped foot in Capeside, but don’t worry, this is not a change of heart. There was a lot of stuff that happened in this set of episodes that wont get covered in depth because I ignored Abby for so […]

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ReViews: Dawson’s Creek 2×13 – 2×15: The truth comes out

Another two parter in this set! This time the pressing question is not who had sex but what sex Jack is attracted too. Honestly, it came up rather randomly. No questions of Jack’s sexuality present at all and then BAM! The poem. I don’t know how I feel about that. No suspicions or indications at all? Seems like […]

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ReViews: Dawson’s Creek 2×09 – 2×12: Whodunit

So much has happened in this set of episodes that there is no way I could possibly cover everything of importance, but here’s my stab at the best of the best. One credit I can give to Dawson’s Creek is that they at least acknowledge their shortcomings. The entrance of Dawson’s new movie script has […]

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Win a Hulu Plus Subscription for Commenting!

At gottawatchit.com, we try our best to write reviews that invite discussion from fellow fans and critics. To end the summer with a bang, we’re giving away a gift card for one month of Hulu Plus (there’s also a one week free trial for new signups) to one lucky winner. The contest will last two weeks, until 9pm Pacific […]


ReViews: Dawson’s Creek 2×01-2×04: Pacey’s creek

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Season 2. So far we have constant on-again-off-again drama between Joey and Dawson. Constant whiny, i-hate-my-life drama from Jen. Constant “I don’t want a divorce, but I don’t want to be with you, but maybe I do want a divorce” drama from Mitch and Gail, and then Pacey. […]


ReViews: Dawson’s Creek 1×10-1×13: The cliffhanger.

Ok, it’s time for me to admit it. I’m a total Pacey and Joey fan. Jacey, Poey, whatever their shipper name is, I fully support it, which is why I’m a little confused that I find myself rooting for Joey and Dawson at the current time. I understood the first time around because we are […]


ReViews: Dawson’s Creek 1×06-1×09: Oh Dawson, my fine oblivious friend

The first major event that occurs in this set of episodes is that Pacey’s affair with Ms. Jacob’s gets leaked. Of course, she is called to the school board to address the rumors, and half of the student body believes Pacey made it up. I have to say that I am impressed that Pacey took […]

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ReViews: Dawson’s Creek 1×02-1×05: Hormonal suicide

Secrets, secrets, secrets. Everyone in this town has one, and that means they are bound to come out sooner or later. Let’s take inventory. There’s the fact that Dawson’s mom is having an affair, and the fact that Joey knows about it. Pacey is having illegal relations with his english teacher, Ms. Jacobs, and finally, […]

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ReViews: Dawson’s Creek 1×01 ‘Pilot’

For my first show here at Watch It Rae! I felt like it would be good to go back to the root of all the shows that made me love television. That show is undeniably Dawson’s Creek. It is responsible for making The WB what it was, and The CW what it is today. 7th Heaven, […]