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Revenge 4×19 ‘Exposure’: Alls well?

So, I don’t know if it was just me but this really felt like the end of Revenge. Between the mountain of flashbacks (Nolan’s season one hair!!) and everyone either moving on or letting go of the past, I’m not really sure what to think. The president of ABC claims that the show is not […]


Revenge 4×18 ‘Clarity’: Five minutes.

Wowzers folks that was one heck of an episode! I must admit, season four is ending much better than I had anticipated. As we all know, Emily has had a lot on her mind lately and I think she’s finally ready to let some people in on her most private thoughts. PLUS: Jack and Emily […]


Revenge 4×17 ‘Loss’: Yikes…that’s all I have to say.

Well, well, well! Did not see that ending coming, wow! Before I go spoiling that, what are the rest of our favorite vengeful characters up to? Louise and Nolan are up to their old hijinks, hiding evidence and lying, that old chestnut. Victoria and Margaux’s bond is becoming stronger than ever. Jack is handed a […]


Revenge 4×15 and 4×16 ‘Bait’ and ‘Retaliation’: I’m still rooting for Victoria.

After a very long break Revenge is back! I guess I didn’t realize last week’s episode aired on the ninth. Oops. So what have all of our fave characters been up to all this time? Nolan and Louise are still carrying on this charade of a marriage and Louise’s southern accent is all but disappeared. […]


Revenge 4×14 ‘Kindred’: “Is there a way around murder?”

Haha, whoops! I guess last week wasn’t the season four finale of Revenge. My bad! I really didn’t see this episode listed anywhere on IMDB, last time I’m trusting them! Anyway, what’s new? Nolan and Louise decide to throw quite the shindig to celebrate their blessed union. Louise deals with her super crazy family yet […]

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Revenge 4×13 ‘Abduction’: Nolan’s folly.

Well here we are folks, at the Revenge season four finale! I can’t believe it’s already here. The fate of season five is still in the air, and with the declining viewership I won’t be surprised if season five ends up being the last. A lot of major characters died off this season or left […]


Revenge 4×12 ‘Madness’: Malcolm Black is super cool.

With only two episodes to go in the fourth season of Revenge, I’m actually pretty invested in what’s coming next. Despite the show’s lackluster past season, season four has been pretty interesting so far and there are definitely some very tense and suspenseful moments this episode.  David is even more vengeful than Emily these days, […]


Revenge 4×11 ‘Epitaph’: The one where everyone lies.

Hello everyone and I hope you all had a Happy New Year! I’m sure you’re all dying to get caught up on Revenge like I am. After the last episode’s tragic events Victoria is sent into a grief spiral. Poor Margaux just can’t catch a break, Jack and Emily are terrified of Malcolm Black. David […]


Revenge 4×10 ‘Atonement’: Goodnight sweet prince

After all of the reveals last week who on earth can we trust?? Our new FBI friend Kate, that’s her name right? Is definitely hiding something. Jack you’re in danger, boy. David and Victoria are running scared from this mysterious man, Malcolm Black, from David’s already super weird past. Louise is obsessed with throwing water […]


Revenge 4×09 ‘Intel’: Be careful what you wish for

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’re ready for the next episode of Revenge because I know I sure am! Jack continues to grimace a lot and is there new romance on the horizon for both him and Emily? Obviously not between those two because the show will never ever let them be together.  Nolan and […]


Revenge 4×08 ‘Contact’: Loony Louise

This week’s episode is spectacularly soapy and is filled with lots of outrageous dialogue and meaningful stares. I got some good laughs out of the actress who plays Louise. She might be overacting more than Madeline Stowe and that’s really saying something. Nolan is living off the grid in like his fifth house or something […]


Revenge 4×07 ‘Ambush’: The real reunion this time.

Lots of stuff happened this week on Revenge: Emily finally speaks up to David, Nolan is buying a new home, Daniel is still dealing with crazy Louise and Margaux isn’t as cool with it now as she used to be. Ben is still giving Jack trouble for being friends with Emily which is making me […]


Revenge 4×06 ‘Damage’: We’ll do it live.

This week: Emily’s lies continue to hurt everyone but herself. Charlotte has a “breakthrough” and Daniel is back on top. Victoria cries (?!) and David is either seriously unhinged or is just being a huge jerk. Nolan is gob smacked (literally) and Margaux is mysterious once again. Oh and Louise still can’t fake a southern […]


Revenge 4×05 “Repercussions”: Fluffy filler

I hate to say this but this week’s episode was fluffier than cotton candy. There’s a lot of back and forth between Emily and her arch nemesis Victoria, which is normally entertaining but this time it was just sort of boring. We’ve seen enough of the glares, smirks, and dramatic statements between these two for […]


Revenge 4×04 ‘Meteor’: Will they or won’t they?

There’s so much going on this episode. Emily is finally reunited with her father, David Clarke and it’s not under the most ideal circumstances. Victoria is on the warpath and gathering her resources. Margaux and Daniel are still on a relentless quest to take over the world. Nolan is super worried about good ol’ Ems […]


Revenge 4×03 ‘Ashes’: The family reunion to die for

Although this episode was decidedly slower paced than last week and less fun, I still really enjoyed it. The story focuses a lot on Victoria and her plot for revenge (so many revenge plots!) against Emily. We also get to see a lot of Charlotte who is just as dazed and confused as ever. Also, […]


Revenge 4×02 ‘Disclosure’: Light ‘em up

In my humble opinion this episode was way better than the first of the season. There was more drama, intrigue, and good old-fashioned revenge. Plus Madeline Stowe has some great chewing-of-the-scenery moments. Emily finally gets what’s coming to her, and Charlotte is a huge mess. Nolan actually mutters the phrase “web of thorns.” New plots […]

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Revenge 4×01 ‘Renaissance’: Where do we go from here?

Well here it is ladies and gents! The latest season of Revenge. I’m interested to see where they go from here because after last season’s stunning finale it seems like Emily’s storyline of revenge is all wrapped up. Will the Grayson’s seek revenge against Emily? Can Victoria come back from her fall from grace? Does […]