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Arrow 3×09 ‘The Climb’: Season 3 gains momentum

There are no easy ways to say this but each week I found myself a little less excited for Arrow than Flash. Maybe it’s just because I’ve always been such a big fan of the character (Wally West 4 life) or perhaps because I haven’t been completely on board with the mystery of the season. Looking back, the […]


Arrow 3×08 ‘The Brave and the Bold’: Part 2

In tradition with every great superhero crossover, after Barry and Oliver duked it out in the previous episode, Oliver teams up with Barry to stop an assassin using boomerangs to unleash vengeance upon ARGUS. The title ‘The Brave and the Bold’ is a callback to the early crossovers of DC comics. And this was one […]

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Arrow 3×07 ‘Draw Back Your Bow’: Cupid, stupid

This was not a great episode of Arrow. There’s no way around that. But dang, was it entertaining. Cupid isn’t necessarily a deep character, she’s just obsessed with Green Arrow. Her plan to get his attention with the murders of criminals and posturing them with the same outfit that Oliver is wearing. It was a weird […]


Arrow 3×06 ‘Guilty’: Wildcats!

You know what I love about Arrow? The show has well staged action set pieces but my favorite thing about all of this is the character work. I like watching these characters get to know each other better. I like Team Arrow gathering new allies. I like spending time in Starling City with these people. And […]