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Copper 2×13 ‘The Place I Called My Home’: Goodbye, boyos.

Well. Copper certainly went out with a bizarre bang. I couldn’t tell if the writers were A) writing their little hearts out or B) just completely giving up. Either way, there were flashbacks, dead bodies in barrels, and cliffhangers that will never be answered. Katie Anaya lives in Austin, TX and has been obsessed with […]


Copper 2×12 ‘Beautiful Dreamers’: Actions have consequences. Or do they?

I have to confess I wasn’t as impressed with ‘Beautiful Dreamers’ as I was with last week’s ‘Good Heart and Willing Hand’. There was so much awesome tension and build up last week, ending on a mother of a cliffhanger. And this week? I just didn’t feel that same urgency, even though it was supposed […]


Copper 2×11 ‘Good Heart and Willing Hand’: Corky gets the gang back together to face Donovan

I’m not sure what’s in the air, but I really enjoyed this week’s episode of Copper. After two weeks of set-up, it was nice to get some major plot progression. Confrontations, showdowns and cliffhangers, oh my! Katie Anaya lives in Austin, TX and has been obsessed with television since she figured out how to work […]


Copper 2×10 ‘The Fine Ould Irish Gintleman’: Donovan’s moustache twirling continues

This week’s episode of Copper continued last week’s trend of building anticipation. That’s a nice way of saying that not much happened this week, but again set up some interesting stuff for next time. And by interesting stuff, I mean I hope we get to the Civil War flashbacks soon! Katie Anaya lives in Austin, […]


Copper 2×09 ‘Think Gently of the Erring’: The truth rarely wins the day

After last week’s action-packed episode, ‘Think Gently of the Erring’ was pretty lackluster. A filler episode, you might call it. But it did set up some interesting questions for next week. Katie Anaya lives in Austin, TX and has been obsessed with television since she figured out how to work a VCR back in the […]

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Copper 2×08 ‘Ashes Denote That Fire Was’: Five Points contemplates mortality

Well hello and welcome to another recap of Copper! Let’s dive in because TONS happened. It’s St. Patrick’s Day in Five Points and while the city celebrates the death of St. Patrick, our protagonists deal with deaths of their own. Y’know, ‘cause these guys never catch a break. RIP, TRK. The day has finally arrived […]

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Win a Hulu Plus Subscription for Commenting!

At, we try our best to write reviews that invite discussion from fellow fans and critics. To end the summer with a bang, we’re giving away a gift card for one month of Hulu Plus (there’s also a one week free trial for new signups) to one lucky winner. The contest will last two weeks, until 9pm Pacific […]


Copper 2×07 ‘The Hope Too Bright to Last’: Sometimes life just takes charge

Hello lovelies! Before we delve into this week’s grim episode, I just got back from a trip to Baltimore/DC and found a Copper-related goody at the Library of Congress! Lookit! A poster that touts the ‘Irish hero Corcoran’. I refuse to believe they’re referring to anyone but our Corky. But let us now return to […]


Copper 2×06 ‘To One Shortly to Die’: No respect for Corky

Oh, Copper. With Keating dead and Maguire back as a detective, I’m yawning. I want to like the whole Corky vs Maguire / good cop vs bad cop thing, but it just feels boring. That said, they did set up a few things this episode that I really enjoyed. Mother and daughter reunited Elizabeth returns […]


Copper 2×05 ‘A Morning Song’: Well that escalated quickly

From a recapper’s perspective, I loved this episode. There was only one plot to follow! From a viewer’s perspective, I’m disappointed. Most of my predictions from last week were shot down! The premise this week is that Philemon Keating, the guy that’s been making fake money, storms the police station to get his printing plates […]


Copper 2×04 ‘I Defy Thee to Forget’: Jesus H Christ. Is this what the Protestants call a honeymoon?

Welcome to another recap of Copper, the show where you punch first, ask questions later! Normally this would have some spectacular photos to go along with it, but until the official Copper website realizes they put up next week’s photos instead of this week’s, we’re left photo-less. To make up for it, I threw in […]


Copper 2×03 ‘Children of the Battlefield’: I don’t know what a ceili dance is but I want in

Guys, I have to admit I was pretty happy with this week’s episode. I’m actually starting to like and root for some of the characters, though the show is still far from perfect. Let’s jump right in. Missing boys missing no longer. After a lot of punching and torture, Corky figures out that a man […]


Copper 2×02 ‘Aileen Aroon’: Subtlety is lost on Five Points

First of all, sorry my recap is coming rather late! I was at LeakyCon this past weekend, which was fun but exhausting! Enough about that, let’s get back to our Five Points gang. Boys are still going missing. We find out that in total, 2 boys have been found dead and another 5 are missing. […]


Copper 2×01 ‘Home, Sweet Home’: Welcome to the party, boyos

Hi y’all! My name’s Katie, and this is my first recap for Watch It Rae! I hope you were excited as I was to welcome back the residents of Five Points. There was sex, there was violence, and there was plenty of great setup for Copper’s second season! We open with Kevin Corcoran running through […]