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House of Lies 04×03 ‘Entropy is Contagious’: Don’t drink and text.

This week on House of Lies, Marty is still having an enormous amounts of personal and professional problems. Doug and Sarah are still trying to conceive, and she’s getting quite creepy about it. Clyde is having a personality crisis because he’s a jerk. Jeannie and Marty are still at odds over how to handle their […]


Portlandia 05×02 ‘Fiancée’: I’m looking at you so hard right now.

This week on Portlandia there’s a video editing service in the cold open, a family counseling session for Lance and Nina. Most of the episode focuses around this situation, by the way. Guest starring: Justin Long and Gretchen Corbett. Here are the sketches for Portlandia: Sarah S. Sarah S. is an aspiring couch potato and […]


Parks and Recreation 7×01, 7×02 ‘2017’ ‘Ron and Jammy’: Give me your skin.

Okay folks here it is! The finale premiere for the final season of Parks and Recreation! I’m so happy/sad! I love this show and I’m really sad to see it go but hey, all good things must come to an end I suppose. This is one of the only comedies I can think of where […]


House of Lies 04×02 ‘I’m a Mother***king Scorpion, That’s Why.’: Preemptive child services

Wow, Showtime sure is pushing out these new episodes quickly. With little to no warning either. I wonder what’s up. Anyway, this season started off strong, let’s hope the show keeps it that way. Marty is still trying to rebuild the company that Jeannie wrecked while he was away. We also get some more flashbacks […]


Portlandia 05×01 ‘Sharing Finances’: Sandra, I am unable to love.

IFC renewed Portlandia, a delightfully quirky sketch show, for two more seasons. Which means that this is technically season four or five or something? I’m a little confused about it but I’m just gonna call this season five. Anywho, Carrie and Fred (who play the majority of the characters in the show) are back to […]


House of Lies 04×01 ‘Episode 1′: No more Mr. Nice Guy.

I was quite surprised to see that Showtime released several premieres early this week, including House of Lies. If you’ve never seen it, the show centers around Marty Khan (DON CHEADLE) who runs a Management Consulting firm that basically cons every person they come across. The show also focuses on his associates, Jeanie Van Der […]

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Modern Family 6×01 ‘The Long Honeymoon’: A family of fire-starters, poison-eaters, and online prostitutes

After a long summer hiatus, our favorite family is finally back on air! The last time we saw the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan, they were finally celebrating the nuptials of Mitchell and Cameron, and everything was bliss. Three months later, it looks like things have changed – at least for some of them. Oishee Shemontee is a […]

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The Night Shift 1×03 ‘Hog Wild’: The case of growing character development.

Oh. My. God you guys. This episode actually exhibited some glimpses of good writing and character building. I really can’t believe it! I guess this is what happens when you spend more time on patient’s stories and less on crazy hijinks that aren’t funny. Maybe the show will finally find its ground as a medical […]


Modern Family 5×24: The Wedding (Part 2)’: A true modern wedding

I was going to blame my pulsating headache for causing me to not laugh at the season finale episode of Modern Family. However, after having watched it twice, once with a headache and once without, I have now come to the conclusion that this episode was not funny. For a comedy, having an unfunny episode […]


Veep 3×06 ‘Detroit’: Feminism: Reloaded

Team Veep heads to Detroit. Selina tries to be conservative and liberal when it comes to firearms. Catherine becomes an overnight sensation. It’s a mess for them, fun for us. Whenever Team Veep gets out of the office, it’s always great. When Catherine shows up, it’s always great. When Catherine shows up with Team Veep […]


Modern Family 5×22 ‘Message Recieved’: Guess who’s uninvited?

We’re almost to the two part finale of season five Modern Family fans! I knew it was going to be a filler episode so I set my standards low, but I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks to this episode, the stage has been set for next week. The biggest revelation of the night was that Jay […]


Modern Family 5×21 ‘Sleeper’: The episode that lived up to it’s name

Is anyone awake after watching this week’s episode of Modern Family? I have a feeling that once the crew got back from shooting the hyped Australia episode, there was one thing on their minds, sleep. I can picture the writers with eye bags that touched the floor whilst sitting around a table clutching their half […]


Veep 3×04 ‘Clovis’: Flying Hitler

We learned a couple new things this week on Veep. Mike is too happy being married, Selina Meyer became a millionaire in her thirties, porn parodies are a sure sign of success, and Veep is having one heck of a third season. Clovis and Craig (pronounced Kray-eeg) made for great opposition for our beloved Veep […]

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Veep 3×03 ‘Alicia’: Optimistic Warmonger with a soft spot for educated gays

In my previous review of Veep, I constantly referred to the central characters as not giving a s**t about anything unless the occasion called for it. Universal childcare happened to be the occasion to call for it. Diego Crespo Diego champions fallen TV shows that never had a chance to shine. LOST ruined his life […]


Veep 3×02 ‘The Choice’: Boom, boom, shake the womb!

Vice President Selina Meyers continues her secret campaign for the Presidency, Dan goes loses his cool, Mike returns from his honeymoon, and Jonah starts up his news blog. Part of the fun of watching Veep is imagining this lighter version of politics going on behind closed doors, so when the show tackles real political issues, it becomes […]

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Modern Family 5×06 ‘The Help’: The new Manny

I really wasn’t in the mood for Modern Family last night. I had been sick for the past two days; the guy I’m seeing came over and when my fever started returning, I just wanted to cuddle on the couch and not have to focus on watching a  show. Surprisingly, this episode was pretty good, […]

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Modern Family 5×05 ‘The Late Show’: Patience is not a virtue

“The Late Show” centers around a reservation Jay made for the adults of the family at a very fancy upscale restaurant, that he’s been waiting 6 weeks for. He’s practicing having more patience with Gloria since she takes forever to get ready and consistently makes him late for everything. However, his patience is short lived […]

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Modern Family 5×04 ‘Farm Strong’: Nothing divine here

Is it just me, or have all of the shows this season started off with a BANG! (some a 1 hr BANG!) and have slightly fizzled by the 4th episode? Maybe it was the phenomenal Baskin Robins Waffle Cone I had prior to viewing, this thing was divine (as Cameron would say).  It was so […]


The Michael J. Fox Show 1×03 “Art”: Network demands.

Well that was disappointing. After a good pilot (but a meh second episode) The Michael J. Fox Show returns with a story that feels so bizarrely out of touch it spells only bad news for the immediate future of the program. Last night’s episode felt like it was straight from the  60’s or 70’s with its warmed […]

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Modern Family 5×03 ‘Larry’s Wife’: In over their heads

My favorite episodes of Modern Family are when the writers take our quirky beloved characters, over exaggerate their qualities and incorporate it into their own small story line that ultimately ties everything together at the end; which is exactly what episode 3 “Larry’s Wife” is. Emily D. is a Video Editor, Animal Lover and Environmentalist. […]