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Photo from the episode "Emotional Proximity"

Chicago PD 4×15 ‘Emotional Proximity’

Yet another ‘crossover event’. If you have followed any of my Chicago PD articles you know how I feel about these crossovers. Normally I dislike them and credit them as a ploy for ratings and to expand the network’s viewership to it’s other programs. However, this installment of #OneChicago actually entertained me. Perhaps it was […]

Photo from the episode "Favor, Affection, Malice Or Ill-Will"

Chicago PD 4×14 ‘Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will’

They did it again! I have tried to give the writer’s the benefit of the doubt but I don’t know how much longer I can just focus on the positives of this show when they do such a sloppy job at writing these over arcing storylines. If you’ve read any of my previous articles you […]

Photo from the episode "Seven Indictments"

Chicago PD 4×13 ‘Seven Indictments’

I know Chicago PD doesn’t focus that much on character development, the main focus being the cases and how the characters react to them. However from the minute Kenny Riggston walked onto our screen he has been a bit of a mystery. They have always alluded to his mysterious past. I suppose there is always […]

Photo from the episode "I Remember Her Now"

Chicago PD 4×12 ‘I Remember Her Now’

The body of a fifteen-year-old girl is found crumpled at the bottom of an elevator shaft, which leads the team to the Brady Home from Troubled Girls to investigate the murder. But what began as a homicide investigation quickly turns into an inquiry into the entire institution itself. As Jay goes undercover and discovers that […]

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Chicago PD 4×10 ‘You Wish’

I love it when I’m right! Not only is Jimmy not the father, but it was even suggested that Voight could be. When will Erin find out, and what will she do with this information? Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in […]


Chicago PD 4×09 ‘Don’t Read the News’

This week we get two Chicago PD’s in two days. Surprise! This episode Lindsay meets her biological father for the first time. But is he really her bio dad? Between Jay’s offer to run a DNA test ‘in case this whole thing is a fantasy’ and Voight revealing he knew Bunny before Erin was even […]

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Don't Bury The Case" Episode 409 -- Pictured: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Chicago PD 4×08 ‘Don’t Bury This Case’ Burgess the Badge Bunny

Chicago PD is back after an entire month on hiatus. And it wastes no time in getting straight to the drama. This episode starts us off with the interrogation of Kelly Severide a Lieutenant at Firehouse 51. It appears that this storyline was setup in Chicago Fire as we begin the night with Kelly already […]

Photo from the episode "A Shot Heard Around The World"

Chicago PD 4×07 ‘300,000 Like/Shot Heard Round the World’

There are too many things to discuss, where do I even begin. This two-hour mid season finale is jam packed with tear inducing, heart string plucking events. One of which is that we are loosing Antonio to Chicago Law which is bittersweet. Although fans can still tune in every week to get their Dawson fix […]

Photo from the episode "Skin in the Game"

Chicago PD 4×06 ‘Some Friend’

A young girl is found dead in a famous athlete’s home. As the team unravels the case a horrible tale unfurls. The sixteen year old, Maya Collins, is a teen runaway turned prostitute. Was she murdered by her abusive pimp, or by a violent john? No she was pushed and accidently killed by the man […]

Photo from the episode "Big Friends Big Enemies"

Chicago PD 4×04 ‘Big Friends, Big Enemies’

I realized I have taken a pessimistic view of Chicago PD in the past. So instead of focusing on the things I feel the show is lacking let’s discuss the positives. Unlike other television shows Chicago PD does not focus on the relationship drama of its’ characters, instead attempting the greater goal of discussing bigger […]

CHICAGO P.D. -- "All Cylinders Firing" Episode 405 -- Pictured: (l-r) Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess, Elias Koteas as Alvin Olinsky -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Chicago PD 4×03 ‘All Cylinders Firing’

Finally we get to see Trudy Platt out from behind that desk. Is what I thought when the episode started. I knew episode three would be Platt centered but I had no idea she would be stuck in a hospital bed for most of it. I wanted to see badass Sergeant Platt working the streets, […]

CHICAGO P.D.  -- "Made a Wrong Turn" Episode 402 -- Pictured: Jason Beghe as Hank Voight -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Chicago PD 4×02 ‘Made a Wrong Turn’ Where’s the Body At?

After the dramatics of last week’s episode, things seem to have calmed down. And by that I mean no one was murdered, no bodies dug up, and none of the Intelligence team was almost arrested. However we do have Mouse planning to join back up with the Rangers, Linstead moving in together and Platt facing […]

Photo from the episode "The Silos"

Chicago PD 4×01 ‘The Silos’ where you buried that guy you killed

If there was any doubt in our minds whether Voight killed that guy or not they are completely gone now. Considering Erin dug up and moved the body to protect Hank from Commander Crowley’s prying eyes, it’s confirmed that Hank Voight is a murderer. But is that really anything new? We have always known that […]

Photo from the episode "Start Digging"

Chicago PD 3×23 “Start Digging” and then I’ll shoot you

Hmm, that’s an interesting title. I wonder how they are going to reference that in the episode. Oh, Voight’s making a guy dig his own grave before he murders him, that’s how! Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in the infinite scroll […]

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Chicago PD 3×22 “She’s Got Us”

Looks like the show is taking a week off from the social commentary and focusing on character development. Time and time again I have talked about wanting more character development. I want to become invested in the team so I will care about what happens to them. Unfortunately Chicago PD’s idea of characterization is beating […]

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Chicago PD 3×21 “Justice”

Chicago PD at it again with the hard-hitting issues! The team is in a predicament when one of their officers is shot and their partner, returning fire, shoots what appears to be an unarmed black man. Even with the intense storyline this episode still felt like a commercial for a new Chicago LAW spinoff. Shea […]

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Chicago PD 3×20 ‘In a Duffel Bag’

You gotta admit, Chicago PD doesn’t shy away from the tough stuff. They tell it like it is. The horrible, tragic, heartbreaking way the world is. Sometimes things turn out ok, and sometimes they don’t. Luckily what started out as a horrifying story of a baby found outside in the Chicago cold turns out to […]

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Chicago PD 3×19 “If We Were Normal”

The Broman ship has set sail. BON VOYAGE! Hope you don’t hit an iceberg. Kim is worried about just that. Is a relationship between two partners doomed to sink? Considering she asked Erin to coffee to talk her out of it means that she thinks it will but is hoping that Erin will convince her […]

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Chicago PD 3×18 “Kasual with a K”

The title seems slightly inappropriate considering the majority of the episode dealt with battered women. Not really a ‘kasual’ issue. But while Erin is confronting some issues from her past Roman and Burgess are getting closer over an online dating app. Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time […]

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.56.37 PM

Chicago PD 3×17 ‘Forty Caliber Bread Crumb’

I knew that Jay’s new side job would get him in trouble, but I had no idea it would put him in the middle of a gunfight where one of his friends loses his life. Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in […]