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Photo from the episode "Emotional Proximity"

Chicago PD 4×15 ‘Emotional Proximity’

Yet another ‘crossover event’. If you have followed any of my Chicago PD articles you know how I feel about these crossovers. Normally I dislike them and credit them as a ploy for ratings and to expand the network’s viewership to it’s other programs. However, this installment of #OneChicago actually entertained me. Perhaps it was […]

CHICAGO P.D. -- "Don't Bury The Case" Episode 409 -- Pictured: Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide -- (Photo by: Matt Dinerstein/NBC)

Chicago PD 4×08 ‘Don’t Bury This Case’ Burgess the Badge Bunny

Chicago PD is back after an entire month on hiatus. And it wastes no time in getting straight to the drama. This episode starts us off with the interrogation of Kelly Severide a Lieutenant at Firehouse 51. It appears that this storyline was setup in Chicago Fire as we begin the night with Kelly already […]

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Chicago PD 3×22 “She’s Got Us”

Looks like the show is taking a week off from the social commentary and focusing on character development. Time and time again I have talked about wanting more character development. I want to become invested in the team so I will care about what happens to them. Unfortunately Chicago PD’s idea of characterization is beating […]

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Chicago PD 3×15 ‘Night Owl’ Trudy Platt just wants to make the world a better place

Lindsay and Burgess team up for some lady cop shenanigans, Platt gets schooled by Roman and does Jay have a new love interest that could threaten Linstead? Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in the infinite scroll of tumblr, or reading endless […]

Photo from the episode "Looking Out For Stateville"

Chicago PD 3×12 ‘Looking Out for Stateville’

Deputy Crowley is worried that Voight enlisting his old bunkmate as a CI is just “Stateville looking out for Stateville” turns out she’s kinda right. Voight owes Eddie a lot. But Hank Voight is no sucker, and he knows how to handle guys like Eddie. Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much […]

Photo from the episode "Now I'm God"

Chicago PD 3×10 ‘Now I’m God’ Use your words Hank

After a month long hiatus NBC comes back with #OneChicago a 3-part crossover episode between the Chicago franchise. Chicago PD is the concluding episode of the crossover event, which I actually really enjoyed. Maybe it’s because I actually watched all three parts or maybe it’s because it was written really well. Shea McKeown a self […]

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Chicago PD 3×04 ‘Debts of the Past’ No Regrets

Voight and Al’s past comes back to bite them in the ass. With their old crew being targeted by car bombs, the boys track down an old suspect to try and protect themselves and their families. While Burgess worries about her future with Adam when she learns of his past engagements. Shea McKeown a self […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×23 ‘Born Into Bad News’ Say Goodbye to Lindsay

Guess who has quit the Intelligence team…again? I wonder how long she’ll be gone this time. Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in the infinite scroll of tumblr, or reading endless amounts of fanfiction, she is marathoning her latest tv obsession. The […]

Chicago Fire - Season 3

Chicago Fire 3×06 ‘Madmen and Fools’: I’m an anaconda man myself

I think this is one of the only episodes, if not the only one, that didn’t involve any fire at all but it’s rife with awesome quotes like the one in the title. I think Nicki Minaj needs to write an extra verse about a firefighter named Kelly. I’m more than a little upset and […]

cf elevator

Chicago Fire 3×05 ‘The Nuclear Option’: Totally afraid of getting cut in half

Yesterday I randomly thought of the scene from The Office where Pam and Dwight get stuck in the elevator between floors, and then I saw this episode and prepared to watch as the elevator dropped with someone from House 51 caught in a compromising position. Thankfully, nobody was harmed, though the entire call had me […]


Chicago Fire 3×04 ‘Apologies are Dangerous’: I’ve never had a guy before

Obviously, Sylvie has had a guy…she just couldn’t keep him. I was wrong about her being a good match for Antonio (though a crossover episode is coming up!), but I’m making a new prediction about her falling for Mills. I know, I know, she’s back with her fiancé, but that can’t last, right? He wants […]

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Chicago Fire 3×03 ‘Just Drive the Truck’: We reap what we sow

This was an incredibly intense episode, even though nobody from Firehouse 51 was in critical condition because of the accident. It was refreshing to see someone other than Casey, Dawson, Severide or Shay (may she rest in peace) at the center of the action, but I think the suspense of whether or not Molina would […]

cf severide

Chicago Fire 3×02 ‘Wow Me’: For reals?

If I am ever trapped in a car suspended over a precipice, I think having Kelley Severide say “trust me” and “lunge into my arms,” followed by him grabbing my butt while carrying me to safety would still make it one of the best days of my life. What a lucky girl! Still, he’s not […]

Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD 2×01 ‘Call It Macaroni’ Jump drive from the grave

Everybody who hated Sergeant Voight after his role on Chicago Fire raise your hand. Now everybody who has been converted to Voight’s team please stand up. So all of you that are standing up with your hands in the air just like me must have loved this episode. Not only do we see Voight’s softer […]