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The Big Bang Theory 10×20 ‘The Recollection Dissipation’: No pants

This week kind of felt a little like filler, but kudos to them on finding a way to make “Soft Kitty” fell anew on The Big Bang Theory. While Sheldon’s cold medicine fiasco was comical, it wasn’t the best part of the episode. Those moments centered around Howard and Bernadette, and her fear of going […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×19 ‘The Collaboration Fluctuation’: 3rd Wheel

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last seen The Big Bang Theory and in that time in their realm in the heart of Pasadena Penny and Raj have gotten particularly close. This of course bothers the hell out of Leonard. While an awkward trio was forming there, Amy and Sheldon were trying to […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×18 ‘The Escape Hatch Identification’: Moocher Realization

Raj went from being my least favorite character right ahead of Stuart due to his inability to grasp reality to being not so bad on The Big Bang Theory in a matter of just a couple of episodes. Interestingly enough, there was no real this and that to this episode as everyone’s concerns kind of […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×17 ‘The Comic-Con Conundrum’: Growing Up

Well that was quite the episode of The Big Bang Theory, now wasn’t it? Again, people think this show is a onenote sort of thing, but that’s because they fail to see the depths in which these characters have actually grown and continue to do so. I was skeptical of going past a tenth season, […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×16 ‘The Allowance Evaporation’: Spoiled secrets

We circled back to the root of why Raj bothers me on The Big Bang Theory this week. He’s spoiled AF. While we were seeing Raj’s silver spoon shine bright, Sheldon was learning what he should and shouldn’t talk about with the lunch lady. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×15 ‘The Locomotion Reverberation’: I think I can

It feels like it’s been too long since The Big Bang Theory has been on, but it was back tonight with a girl’s night out, and a scheme to get some help. All the while Raj and Stuart tried really hard to land their own spinoff for whenever this show finally takes its final bow. […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×13 ‘The Romance Recalibration’: Honeymoon’s over

If you’ve ever met a married couple that says they haven’t experienced what Penny and Leonard are going through in this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, they haven’t been married very long. She thinks he’s not doing enough, he thinks he is doing plenty. This ruffles their relationship feathers, while it seems Sheldon […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×12 ‘The Holiday Summation’: Special circumstances

You can’t win them all and that’s the conclusion with this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. After a break you want something a little more than a quick hey. You want a full on conversation but that’s not what we got the gang met up to talk about how their holidays had been…and […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×11 ‘The Birthday Synchronicity’: Halley’s arrival

Finally! It’s like Bernadette and Howard have been expecting for a year now on The Big Bang Theory. Well that wait is over and instead of focusing on what was going on inside the room, the couple got their privacy – for once, while their friends sat in the waiting room looking back on how […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×10 ‘The Property Division Collision’: Unexpected Break

Just when you thought this was just an episode of The Big Bang Theory about Sheldon and Leonard facing the emotions that came with saying goodbye to one another as roommates. Instead we got Stuart the mooch back and quite the ending to that; what appeared to be the b-plot but was obviously the more […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×09 ‘The Geology Elevation’: Rocks…

When Burt wins a huge grant it’s safe to say that Sheldon is not happy a geologist has taken a prize where “genius” is in the title on The Big Bang Theory. While he has to learn to deal with jealousy, Howard is busy trying to figure out whether or not a toy he made […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×08 ‘The Brain Bowl Incubation’: Baby fever

Well, this was an unexpected turn of events on The Big Bang Theory. It seems like for weeks Raj has been standing so far in the background that he’s basically on another show BUT finally they gave him an actual storyline that didn’t depend on anyone else. Oh yeah, it was a love interest too! […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×07 ‘The Veracity Elasticity’: Moving on…

When people ask me what I watch and then mention The Big Bang Theory, they sort of give me this weird look like, “Really, still?” And I then have to say yeah, sometimes it’s not the best show but tell me what sitcom was golden every single week? I continue to watch because the characters […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×05 ‘The Hot Tub Contamination’: Toothbrush Drama

Moving in with someone new is never an easy thing to do. Even you and your BFF would have some disagreements at first. So it’s no surprise Sheldon and Amy were not sailing smoothly as their “experiment” went into another week on The Big Bang Theory. While those two were getting advice from the newlyweds, […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×04 ‘The Cohabitation Experimentation’: The move

Going from just dating to living together is a big step that we’ve watched a couple of pairs on The Big Bang Theory take but never could we have guessed back in season one that we’d be watching Sheldon moving in with a woman. Yeah, him and Amy are only going to be sharing quarters […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×03 ‘The Dependence Transcendence’: Addiction

After a couple of weeks of not really being too enthused about The Big Bang Theory, this week it slowly made me remember why I love this show. Sheldon was on point with his “addiction” to caffeine and possibly gambling, we found out Amy was popular and then there was the whole Bernadette not feeling […]


The Big Bang Theory 10×02 ‘The Military Miniaturization’: Liar, liar

Is it just me or is this season starting off really slow? The Big Bang Theory usually doesn’t go two weeks in a row with being so-so, but alas that’s how I felt after this week’s episode that saw the guys getting military clearance for their project, and Penny landing on the bad side of […]


The Big Bang Theory 2×10 ‘The Conjugal Conjecture’: They do…again…

We’ve already watched Leonard and Penny get married on The Big Bang Theory, but because friends and family weren’t in on it they decided to have another wedding. This meant meeting people we’d never met up until this point. When we left off we met Leonard’s dad for the first time, and Sheldon’s mom was […]


The Big Bang Theory 9×23 ‘The Line Substitution Solution’: The invite debate

Sheldon battled a Workaholic this week on The Big Bang Theory, while Penny tried really hard to find any sort of connection between her and Leonard’s mother. One did a disservice to the Civil Rights Movement, and the other resulted in an emotional revelation. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry […]


The Big Bang Theory 9×22 ‘The Fermentation Bifurcation’: Set sail…

When you had a cast of characters that include 99.9% of couples most of the time, you have a lot of opportunity to mix and match, but The Big Bang Theory usually keeps thing realistic because they note when a pairing is weird. It’s not rare, but it is weird to some to think of […]