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The Antihero Trend In Film & TV

The term “antihero” gets thrown around quite a bit in fiction analysis and commentary, to the point that it’s a pretty easy word to brush over. However, before you ignore the term as a pretentious or meaningless label, you may want to take a minute to think about some of the biggest heroes of fiction […]

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Community 5×09 ‘VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing’ : Breaking Greendale

Another great Community episode. A crazy hilarious free style wrap from Dean “8 Mile” Pelton, Annie and Abed battle over a new roommate using a “classic” VCR game, and Winger, Shirley, Britta, Hickey and Chang go all Walter White & Gus Fring over some mint condition text books they find. Lets get into it after […]

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Breaking Bad 6×16 ‘Felina’: It all ends

To be honest, I’m not sure how to write this review. What exactly do you say about one of the best shows ever to be on television? Any compliment that I could give the show, it’s already been given hundreds of times. Any compliant…well, it’s hard to find a criticism of such a wonderful finale. […]

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Breaking Bad 5×15 ‘Granite State’: The calm before the really loud, really scary storm

Compared to last week, this week’s Breaking Bad was relatively tame. Most of the time, we were stuck with Walt in a cabin, trying to bide his time. While at first gung-ho to find hit men to take care of Hank’s murderers (and also to retrieve his money), Walt found that his cancer was making […]

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Breaking Bad 5×14 ‘Ozymandias’: R.I.P.

  Well, there goes my heart and soul. When we ended last week’s “To’hajiilee” (a big thanks to Michael St. Charles, who reviewed the episode for me) Hank and Gomez were in the middle of some heavy gunfire by Todd and his family, with Walt helplessly screaming for them to stop. And for a solid […]

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Breaking Bad 5×13 ‘To’hajiilee’: Walt’s tragic flaw

Walter White has never been in control.  Sure, he’s been able to manipulate Jesse and he’s been able to outsmart Hank, but he’s always been delusional about the extent of power that he has.  Think back to Season 4 and all of the displays of impotence that Walt exerted towards those around him.  A pitiful […]

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Breaking Bad 5×12 ‘Rabid Dog’: Old Yeller’s going to live a little longer

Jesse Pinkman cannot catch a break. Saul wants him dead because he knows too much. Skyler wants him dead so her family can be safe. Hank doesn’t want Jesse dead, but if he gets killed helping him catch Walt, then so be it. Megan Wright  

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Breaking Bad ‘5×11’ Confessions: Get out of Jesse’s way

Every week as I type up these reviews, I always want to say “Where should we start this week?” So far, every episode of Breaking Bad has been a rollercoaster of emotion and anxiety. Unlike most TV shows, where it takes forever for secrets to be revealed and lines to be drawn, the last season […]

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Breaking Bad 5×10 “Buried”: Turning against the family

On Breaking Bad this week, we got to see family togetherness and sticking by your siblings when times gets tough. Nah, I’m just kidding, we saw Skyler and Marie’s relationship completely fall apart with the slap heard ‘round the television set, and if that didn’t depress you enough, Skyler’s decided to side with Walt. Honestly, […]

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Breaking Bad: 5×09 ‘Blood Money’: Tread Lightly

Welcome to the final episodes of Breaking Bad. Get ready for some of the most fantastic – and extremely depressing – television of the year. A quick recap for those who need a refresher on where the show left off last year: Skyler had finally convinced Walt to quit the business by showing him the mountain […]