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Baby Daddy 6×07 ‘The Sonny-Moon’: Tag!

So this week’s Baby Daddy sort of seemed meh to me. I wasn’t enthralled by anything that was going on. Which is a bummer because I campaigned hard for the pregnancy to take more time than anything. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. After two years […]


Baby Daddy 6×06 ‘The Third Wheeler’: Seduction

As we get older, a lot of things change around us. Our focus switches gears and we often times lose touch with people. Not because we don’t want them in our lives anymore, but because our own lives shifted gears and there just wasn’t enough time in the day to fit everything in. We saw […]


Baby Daddy 6×05 ‘When Elle Freezes Over’: OMFG

Okay so we’re only five episodes into season six of Baby Daddy. It seems like it’s been months since we began and in that time I felt like they’d forgotten all about the baby. In my defense they did seem to kind of put the latest Wheeler on the back burner for a few weeks, […]


Baby Daddy 6×03 ‘Ben Rides a Unicorn’: Hooked

What is even going on this season with Baby Daddy? In the years that have led to this point we’ve gotten really emotional with Riley and Danny but now it’s like they aren’t even expecting an actual child, basically NO ONE cares Riley is pregnant as Bonnie’s still making Tucker her partner in crime, and […]


Baby Daddy 6×02 ‘Pro and Con’: Pretty woman

Things got real between Ben and Tucker after one thinks the other is dating a lady of the night. Speaking of real, Brad finds himself in some real trouble with the law. Also, has anyone noticed that Riley and Danny’s baby is not as big a deal as it should be? Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere […]


Baby Daddy 6×01 ‘To Elle and Back’: Dirty dog

You know your life has taken a preoccupied turn when you totally forget the premiere of Baby Daddy. Not just any premiere, THE premiere that comes after Riley announcing she was pregnant, and Tucker saying adios to New York. Which also, wasn’t Danny supposed to be dealing with a major career choice? Kendra Beltran Lives […]


Baby Daddy 5×20 ‘My Fair Emma’: Baby on Board

Now that I’ve stopped crying, let’s talk about the summer finale of Baby Daddy and why this is a very underappreciated show. Shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory get all the buzz because they are on the big channels. I mean, yes – they are greatly written shows that stand the test of […]


Baby Daddy 5×19 ‘Condom Conundrum’: Close call?

Celebrating my future baby daddy’s birthday last night, I missed my OG Baby Daddy. So I got up this morning totally having forgotten the whole poked condoms thing and was surprised as hell to see that no one was pregnant – or so we think? Of course the guys didn’t come clean, the girls found […]


Baby Daddy 5×18 ‘She Said, Ben Said’: Oops!

Can we just get to next week to see what will come of Emma playing “Poke the Condom?” I don’t know how I feel about Baby Daddy other than, feeling antsy about fast forwarding a week in time. Riley and Danny are back together and now think they are the super couple of all couples […]


Baby Daddy 5×17 ‘The Love Seat’: Chair-reem Abdul Jabbar

FINALLY! Our favorite ship has docked, and another ship that I’m sure will be sinkin’ soon on Baby Daddy. Riley realized she didn’t have to always be right thanks to a Toddlers and Tiaras meltdown, and Ben finally got the girl of his 16-year-old dreams. There are only a few episodes left in this season […]


Baby Daddy 5×16 ‘Double Date Double Down’: Boiling bunnies

Just last week Riley was all about going all in with Ross on Baby Daddy. This week? Yeah, she’s over that just as much as Ben is over his fantasy fling with his former biology teacher Ms. Gilcrest. The two band together to get rid of their older lovers but in the grand scheme of […]


Baby Daddy 5×15 ‘Unholy Matrimony’: Faking it

No one was in a real relationship tonight on Baby Daddy. Danny was set up with a rising star for publicity, Riley was back with Ross to get back at Danny and Ben was dating…Bonnie? Yeah, it was a weird night for everyone and in the end we still didn’t get our OTP back. Kendra […]


Baby Daddy 5×14 ‘Not So Great Grandma’: Emotional improv

Loni Anderson guest starred as the grandma from hell on this week’s Baby Daddy. Sorry, but I didn’t buy for one second that she was as great as Ben and Danny thought her to be. If there’s a reason a mother doesn’t want someone around their kids – there’s a dang reason. So I was […]


Baby Daddy 5×13 ‘High School Diplomacy’: Cheaters!

Man, I was out of town and stuck in a home that was not appreciating Baby Daddy. So here I am a couple days later trying to wrap my head around what I just watched. Riley and Sam are now best buds, and Bonnie and Ben have headed back to school? Plus, as always – […]


Baby Daddy 5×12 ‘Ben-Gemination’: Issues

This week’s Baby Daddy was a ten times better than last week’s, but I’m still not happy with how Riley and Danny are acting towards one another. I mean, they made a little progress but it’s still like, grow the heck up and get on with it. Meanwhile we got to see their mother’s duke […]


Baby Daddy 5×11 ‘Trial by Liar’: Ding Dongs

So Freeform decided all we needed was a few short months to wonder what was to come of all the heartbreak that went down in April on Baby Daddy. Last we saw, Ben left a naked Sam to tell Zoe he wanted to be with her – only to find she’d gotten back together with […]


Baby Daddy 5×10 ‘Homecoming and Going’: Sinking ships…

This was the finale? This? Okay Baby Daddy writers, thanks for giving us all the hope and then taking it ALL AWAY. Ben finally realized who he wanted to be with, Bonnie and Brad had trouble in Peruvian paradise and drama even found its way into Riley and Danny’s life. So, if you need me […]


Baby Daddy 5×09 ‘Stupid Cupid’: Cock-a-doodle-will-do

Riley is a gift from above on Baby Daddy. She did her best to get Ben and Zoe together, knowing how perfect they are for one another, and while she was playing matchmaker – Bonnie was ruining Danny and Tucker’s TV time. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy […]


Baby Daddy 5×08 ‘Room-mating’: Donuts are for closers!

Whenever people stop praising the likes of Girls and Modern Family, I really hope Baby Daddy gets on the comedy list. Melissa Peterman and Tahj Mowry are genius together, and luckily they were together a lot this week as he started working for her at her new real estate gig. While those two caused a […]


Baby Daddy 5×07 ‘The Return of the Mommy’: Cop Girl

Judging by the title, we all knew who was back this week and you had to be crazy to be happy about it. Emma’s mom was back in the picture and back to her old ways on Baby Daddy while Tucker feared his ex-boss was trying to take his life. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in […]