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Awkward. 4×14 ‘Bonfire of the Vanities’: #St.Louis

Much improvement over last week. The week’s featured great performances from the whole cast and had an interesting concept. The episode was about Tamara and Jenna discovering a book that rates girls. Outraged, Tamara and Jenna plan to get back at them. I was actually really impressed by the acting. Each character brought something unique […]


Awkward. 4×14 ‘Welcome to Hell’: The letter

Kind of a boring episode. This week’s episode was about Jenna getting reject from SCU. To make matters worse, Tamara got in instead of her. This comes as a surprise since Jenna nailed her interview and Tamara didn’t. However, Jenna going through that crazy phase made her grades slip significantly. The quality of the episode […]


Awkward. 4×13 ‘Auld Lang Party’: Awkward resolutions

Actually a really enjoyable episode. I really liked the dynamic of this episode. Reuniting the Tamra and Jake with Matty and Jenna felt nice. We haven’t had one of those moments in while, so it felt sweet seeing them again. The episode is about New Year’s Eve and how Jenna wants to start fresh… we […]


Awkward. 4×12 ‘Finals’: Lies, stess, betrayal oh my!

Pretty solid premiere episode. The episode took off right where we left off, with the jaw-dropping news of Ava being pregnant and Matty being the father. The episode opens with Jenna stressing over Luke and finals. With college being so close but far away, these final exams are extremely important. The scenes with Ava and […]


Awkward. 4×10 ‘Snow Job’: The senior ski trip

This wasn’t my favorite episode, but I still enjoyed it. Being the mid-season finale, it was pretty intense. The seniors went on a ski trip which caused more drama than it should have. Good things happened for some relationships, while others were torn even further apart. Nathan S. is a teenager who is addicted to […]


Awkward. 4×09 ‘My Personal Statement’: Awkward applications

A pretty decent episode. This episode was largely centered around Jenna applying for college and the possibility of leaving without Tamara. They have always been a dynamic duo but ever since the college visit, they have been distant. Of course this implies that they are looking at different schools. I doubt the writers would separate […]


Awkward. 4×08 ‘Prison Breaks’: Jailhouse blues

This episode was rather boring. This week’s was about Matty and Jake being locked up after drinking. This spiraled a ton of drama. For example, Eva telling lies about Jenna, Jake not going to the bathroom, and of course Matty confronting his adoption news once again. Nothing really happened in this episode besides Tamara having […]


Awkward. 4×07 ‘After Hours’: The set-up

Still very teenybopper-ish but this episode actually had a lot going on to compensate. This week’s episode was about Jenna trying to set Matty up with Eva. First of all, why? Why does he need to be set-up? I know they have a lot of chemistry, but she doesn’t need to fix her ex up […]


Awkward. 4×06 ‘Crowning Moments’: Pageant kings

Back to the teenybopper stuff I guess. This week’s episode was a lot about Jenna being self conscious about still being in high school because she’s seeing a college boy. This was probably the worst episode of the season so far because it was so predictable. We knew Matty’s secret was going to come out […]


Awkward. 4×05 ‘Overnight’: College life

The content was a little cheesy but the overall plot of the episode was good. This week’s episode was focused on college because Jenna and Tamara went on an overnight college visit. From what I saw, I like “college Jenna.” She seems to be very calm and knows what she wants to do. “College Tamara” […]


Awkward. 4×04 ‘Sophomore Sluts’: Spirit Week

Season 4 continues not to disappoint. This week’s installment went back to its comedy roots by focusing on rivalry between the sophomores. The week’s episode took place during spirit week and how seniors usually win but the “sophomore sluts” are determined to dethrone them. Seems like a dumb plot, but it actually was one of […]


Awkward. 4×03 ‘Touched by an Angel’: Catfished

Another steady episode. The season is still an overall improvement from last season. This episode was mostly about Jenna’s new club, Peer Counseling. Unfortunately, her partner is a bit of bully and nothing at all like Jenna. The relationships between the character are way better. There’s still a lot of fighting, but the chemistry is […]


Awkward. 4×02 ‘Listen to This’: Silent adoption

Another solid episode. This season is a tremendous improvement from last season. The writers are not being lazy and are actually creating somewhat better story-lines. I like that the show is starting to focus more on school than relationships. The reasons why I loved the show was because it was easy to relate to Jenna’s […]


Awkward. 4×01 ‘No Woman is an Island’: Senior year

Finally our favorite TV teen show has returned back for their fourth season and is off to a decent start. The season kicked off with Jenna recovering from her meltdown and focusing on college. Thankfully for the entire episode, there were no love triangles nor breakups. However, this is just the beginning. Zayne Mills is […]


Awkward. 3×20 ‘Who I Want to Be’: Dancing on my own

I actually really enjoyed this episode. Before watching it on my DVR, I saw that it was an hour long and I thought it was going to be a very long and boring episode. However, I was entertained the whole time. I really liked the ending of the episode. When she was narrating the paper […]

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Awkward. 3×19 ‘Karmic Relief’: Dead of night

A tremendous improvement. This episode actually made laugh, which is something that hasn’t happened in a while from Awkward. This episode saw returns from Becca and even Val. I very happy that this episode was an hour because there were so many things that needed to be done plot wise. Despite it being a little […]


Awkward. 3×18 ‘Old Jenna’: Mending the fences

Surprisingly enjoyable. These last two episodes have been Jenna’s transitioning period. She recently got involved with Collin and this caused her to spiral out of control with her friends and family. However, she has changed for the better and is starting to mend the fences with her friends and family. I loved how the episode […]


Awkward. 3×17 ‘The Campaign Fail’: Cleaning the slate

Sorry for the late review, I have been out of town because of Thanksgiving. Okay, so this week’s episode wasn’t awful. It wasn’t funny, but it was a nice┬áchange of attitude from Jenna. Ever since Collin revealed his true personality, Jenna has been trying to rekindle all of the relationships she ruined with her druggie […]


Awkward. 3×15/16 ‘A very special episode of Awkward.’: Intervention central

This episode was surprisingly okay. Compared to the last several, this episode actually stood out a little bit. I even chuckled once or twice. However, I feel like it could have been condensed into a half hour episode. The reason the writers did that was because they had “so much” stuff to put it in. […]


Awkward. 3×14 ‘The bad seed’: High as a kite

Every writer on this site is required to check which category the show falls under like comedy, drama etc. I have been checking comedy because that it what the show in the past has been characterized as. However, lately I have been wanting to check the drama box. Every episode is one large relationship problem […]