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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2×03 ‘The Jimmy Jab Games’: On your mark, get set, Wahlberg!

If this wasn’t a callback to The Office‘s “Office Olympics”, I don’t know what is. This week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the precinct had unexpected downtime waiting for their motorcade duty, which just happened to align with Captain Holt and Terry being out of the office. What resulted is the Jimmy Jab Games, a series of challenges which […]

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2×02 ‘Chocolate Milk’: Embarrassing yourself in front of Derek Jeter

Brooklyn Nine-Nine thrives when it focuses on being a workplace comedy and this week was no different. ‘Chocolate Milk’ saw Jake becoming a ‘friend-friend’ to Terry, Rosa stepping up to help out Boyle as a friend, and Amy stepping back from her teacher’s pet role for just a second. Katie Anaya lives in Austin, TX […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2×01’Undercover’: The gang’s all here

Ahh Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This summer has felt especially long without new exploits from my favorite bunch of comedic cops. But no longer! With a couple of Golden Globes under its belt, the pressure is on for B99 to avoid the sophomore slump. If “Undercover” is any indication, we’re off to a good start. Katie Anaya lives […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×22 ‘Charges and Specs’: Wassup?

Guys, how was this the season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? How is this show already on hiatus? How are we going to wait MONTHS until it comes back?! You’d think as a fan of Sherlock I’d be prepared for this kind of hiatus agony, but with a season finale as good as ‘Charges and Specs’, […]

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×21 ‘Unsolvable’: Cool motive. Still murder.

As I was watching this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I couldn’t help thinking back to my thoughts on the pilot. Back then I had qualms about the show’s general premise and the quality of its ensemble cast. Now, 20 episodes later, it amazes me how much B99 has put all my worries to rest. In fact, […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×20 ‘Fancy Brugdom’: Cantaloupe, yes I can!

It’s difficult to pick a favorite character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I think my answer changes every week because most of the time each character has some standout moments or lines. This week, Jake takes on the task of being Charles’s best man, Gina, Amy and Terry try to stick to a diet and Captain Holt […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×19 ‘Tactical Village’: Cupcake match

Are you tired of me gushing about Brooklyn Nine-Nine yet? Well sorry, because that’s exactly what I’m about to do. I know it’s not the most exciting recap to love on this show every week, but I can’t help the truth! Particularly when the episode features so much Jake and Amy cuteness. Katie Anaya lives […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×18 ‘The Apartment’: Oh Little Mermaid, what have you done?

It’s becoming a trend now that when I watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, I get most excited about seeing who pairs up each week. I know I mentioned that in my last recap, but it really is one of my favorite parts. This week, we got to see more of Gina and Jake, Rosa and Boyle and […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×17 ‘Full Boyle’: AAGLNYCPDA

One of my favorite parts of watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine each week is seeing who they’ll team up next. With so many great characters, it’s fun to watch the pairs change out each week. This time, we had some of my favorite pair ups: Jake and Charles, Amy and Rosa and Gina and Holt. Katie Anaya […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×16 ‘The Party’: Party huddle STAT!

How could ‘The Party’ not be great? We got to meet Captain Holt’s husband! It was great to get a peek into Holt’s personal life and it’s always fun to see the detectives outside the police station. I love that Terry is taking on a stronger, clearer leadership role in the group, which is only […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×15 ‘Operation: Broken Feather’: Out of the tear gas, rises the Phoenix

I was particularly nervous about ‘Operation: Broken Feather’ since it aired after the Super Bowl (and technically after New Girl). With so many new eyes on the show, I was worried it wouldn’t be the funny, endearing show I’ve grown to love. In retrospect, I don’t know why I was worried. While I didn’t enjoy […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×14 ‘The Ebony Falcon’: Like an enormous, muscular Ellen Degeneres

Well, you can’t win ‘em all. This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was not my favorite but still a solid episode. I mean, you just can’t go too wrong when the episode is called ‘The Ebony Falcon’. Katie Anaya lives in Austin, TX and has been obsessed with television since she figured out how to […]

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×13 ‘The Bet’: I get snacky

Golden Globe winner Andy Samberg. Best Comedy Series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Let that just deliciously sink in for a second. That’s right, our beloved cop comedy is now Hollywood Foreign Press approved. And, as they showed in ‘The Bet’, those awards are well deserved. Aptly named, The Bet revolves around the resolution of the bet between […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×12 ‘Pontiac Bandit’: Fievel! Papa!

Hello dear readers, welcome back! The television hiatus is finally over but I hope you enjoyed your time off with friends, family, and/or catching up on television! Personally, I am so glad to have Brooklyn Nine-Nine back with brand new episodes. As the season progresses, each episode just seems to get tighter and funnier. ‘Pontiac […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×11 ‘Christmas’: Santa stop hitting Santa

It’s Christmastime at the 99, but it’s business as usual for our favorite detectives as they deal with wacky situations and then team up to solve them. Sure, it’s cheesy and this week focused on a major TV trope, but cheese and tropes work for a reason! The cold open was pretty spectacular this week […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×10 ‘Thanksgiving’: Guaranteed trainwreck

This week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine is aptly named ‘Thanksgiving’. While it’s not my favorite of the season, I always love seeing the group outside of their uniforms and outside the station and I absolutely loved the bonding scene at the end. Katie Anaya lives in Austin, TX and has been obsessed with television since she figured […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×09 ‘Sal’s Pizza’: It is unwise to give candy to a baby

‘Sal’s Pizza’ takes its name from the pizza joint near and dear to Peralta, burnt to a crisp (bada-bing!) in this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The episode’s main storyline saw Peralta and Boyle facing off against the firefighters and the fire marshall (guest star Patton Oswalt). However, it was the ensemble cast that really shined for […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×08 ‘Old School’: Man did crime

Last week, I mentioned that Brooklyn Nine-Nine could fall into the trap of using the same plot structure every week where Peralta messes something up and the team comes together to fix it. However, I’m glad to see I was already contradicted this week. In fact, this week really focused on Jake and was both […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×07 ’48 Hours’: If it isn’t Joke Peralta

It would be difficult for any episode to follow ‘Halloween’ from a couple of week ago, but ‘48 Hours’ just wasn’t connecting for me. That said, I did like the show overall, but it seriously felt like BNN could do better. Plus I’m beginning to see a theme of Peralta screws something up, and the […]


Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×06 ‘Halloween’: I’m a detective! I will detect!

Where do I even begin with Brooklyn Nine-Nine this week? It was so good! We had new characters being paired together and lots of Peralta playing off of Captain Holt in B99’s first-ever Halloween-themed episode. I love watching the writers throw new pairs together each week. I like that they’re not afraid to try new […]