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American Horror Story 3×13 ‘The Seven Wonders’: Sic transit gloria nonsense

Coven left an impression, I’ll give it that. The setting was brilliant, the conceits mostly landing towards the passable side of excellent. A lot of the characters popped in ways AHS characters don’t normally do. And come on, easily the best title sequence so far: the standard discordant shrieking, this time accompanied by an impressively […]

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American Horror Story 3×12 ‘Go to Hell’: Intercede pro me

The 20th century created two lasting visions of hell. One was a product of midcentury existentialism, inspired by the overwhelming sense of the senselessness of human actions and the meaningless cruelty of a history and people that was at best materialist and at worst actively evil. The other was steeped in 90s abstraction, a postmodern […]

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American Horror Story 3×11 ‘Protect the Coven’: Snake in mouth

I’m not going to mince words here: Coven has gone off the rails. Well, it went off the rails, a few episodes ago, right around the time of the salon massacre. It’s gotten away from the writers and it simply isn’t going to recover; right now the best case scenario is the kind of camp […]

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American Horror Story 3×10 ‘The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks’: Breesus saves

This was really the episode of ridiculous voices, huh? Something about Stevie Nicks brought out the overzealous patois in Angela Bassett, the breathy southerner in Jessica Lange, the waterbilly hippy in Lily Rabe, the aggressively Californian “betch”-laden cadence of Emma Roberts. I’m hovering somewhere in between this being a too obvious example of the whole […]

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American Horror Story 3×09 ‘Head’: Do you think we’re stupid or something?

You know, I’ve watched The American Experience‘s Eyes on the Prize a couple times now, but I don’t think I ever once laughed. Maybe once or twice, during a particularly ironic Bull Connor clip or something. But then, PBS didn’t choose to inter-cut footage from the civil rights movement with images of a white dude […]

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American Horror Story 3×08 ‘The Sacred Taking’: Spiraling into the nothingness

I’m starting to get really exasperated with this show, you guys. I’d be even more exasperated if American Horror Story didn’t always make me feel this way at this point in its run, but I guess since it comes with the territory I’ve gotten used to it. Todd VanDerWerff likes to say that good TV […]

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American Horror Story 3×07 ‘The Dead’: The quick

It’s pretty ballsy, naming something “The Dead“. It’s like naming your band “Partisan Dairy Motel” and playing indie psych folk that sounds vaguely eastern European about Helen Keller, or for some reason portraying a two-on-one threesome, where the “two” are a reanimated Frankenstein’s monster and a goth zombie and the “one” is a living, super-powerful […]


American Horror Story 3×01 ‘Bitchcraft’: the most anticipated premiere of the fall does not disappoint

American Horror Story‘s season three premiere is arguably the most anticipated of the fall and it definitely delivers. If you need convincing, here’s 6 reasons why you should be watching. As the show goes older, the better it gets and this season really feels like it’s going to be their most entertaining yet. The premiere features everything […]