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The Goldbergs 4×10 ‘Han Ukkah Solo’: The wonder

We all have to grow up, but this week’s episode of The Goldbergs showed us that even though aging is going to happen you don’t have to lose that part of you that allows you to see the good in everything. While Pops was dishing out wise words, Beverly was lying to get what she […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×08 ‘Where are the Giggles?’: Freaking Elmo

It’s Christmas time on Fresh Off the Boat (and every other show right now) and with that comes a lesson about the holidays. Eddie learned he couldn’t just celebrate Kwanzaa, Jessica got a lesson about her youngest and Marv saw those pesky three ghosts we all know from A Christmas Carol. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere […]


The Goldbergs 4×09 ‘Globetrotters’:” Making moments

On the surface I am very much like Murray on The Goldbergs. Emotions are not really my thing when it comes to people, but like him with sports – I am full of feelings when it comes to TV, and with that…I was full of tears this week thanks to scrapbooks and the Harlem Globetrotters. […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×07 ‘The Taming of the Dads’: RIP Jerry

Lately I’ve felt like Fresh Off the Boat was losing me just a little in the humor department, but that dry spell ended tonight with an insane amount of ‘90s references, Jessica taking control of the court and Louis finding a new friend. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet […]


The Goldbergs 4×08 ‘The Greatest Musical Ever Written’: Lasagna

Half of my high school existence was spent in theater but I was never as passionate about it as Adam on The Goldbergs. While I would’ve been happy far in the background of something like Phantom of the Opera, this kid was living for it – too bad his brother wasn’t. While Barry was figuring […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×06 ‘WWJD: What Would Jessica Do?’: Costco

As if I couldn’t love Jessica from Fresh Off the Boat anymore, she showed her major appreciation for Costco this week. Of course it came with some heartache as she lost her shopping buddy to a higher power. While she was dealing with that, her other sons were trying to make the boring cereal taste […]


The Goldbergs 4×07 ‘Ho-ly K.I.T.T’: The vegetable thing

Another year, another Thanksgiving on The Goldbergs, and another year that we get to watch Murray and his brother learn to love one another a little more. This year no one could’ve guessed that Adam’s obsession with Knight Rider would lead his father and uncle to bond and then quickly dissolve, but it did. While […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×05 ‘No Thanks-giving’: Family trees

Eddie made a very important point this week on Fresh Off the Boat. 8th grade doesn’t matter. Even his principal and parents could see how right he was but at the same time, can you give a 14-year-old that much power. While they were dealing with that, they were also dealing with the idea of […]


The Goldbergs 4×06 ‘Recipe for Death II: Kiss The Cook’: Gimbels

Action movies were all the rage in the ‘80s as they were this week on The Goldbergs as Adam and Murray found something they could bond over. So much so that dad even shelled out money for his son to make his own. While they were making feature films on a “high budget,” Erica was […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×04 ‘Citizen Jessica’: East vs West

We’re a week away from what could potentially be Doom Day here in the US; the election that puts Hillary Clinton against a reality TV star. So it was fitting that Fresh Off the Boat had an election of their own…well the one that went down between another Clinton and Dole. Funny though, the issue […]


The Goldbergs 4×05 ‘Stevie King’: Little Shop of Horrors

In the honor of Halloween The Goldbergs decided to ditch Adam and Beverly’s couple costume this year and focus on Stephen King. Inspired by his words, Adam typed up his own nightmare with a familiar monster. While he was becoming the next great American author, Erica was dealing with a furious girlfriend who was onto […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×02 ‘Breaking Chains’: Hired help

This year we saw Adam enter high school and like I said then, it doesn’t matter what decade you’re in – school is always the same. So while none of the Huangs on Fresh Off the Boat are heading towards the milestone, Eddie is stepping into his eighth grade shoes, while his little brother is […]


The Goldbergs 4×04 “Crazy Calls”: Dysentery

Holy ‘80s Batman! Oregon Trail, snazzy computers, answering machines. What didn’t The Goldbergs have this week? So all of those were just stepping stones towards the big picture of course; parental relationships. Beverly tried really hard to learn boundaries, while Murray and his dad learned the value of a conversation. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in […]


Fresh Off the Boat 3×01 ‘Coming from America’: Ghost

Didn’t it feel like something was missing? Finally Fresh Off the Boat is back and they headed back to the homeland – at least as far as the parental Huangs go. As for Eddie and his brothers, it was their first time seeing Taiwan and it’s safe to say they weren’t the biggest fans. From […]


The Goldbergs 4×03 ‘George! George Glass!’: Paintball feelings

No matter how much a pain your siblings can be, they can always surprise you with doing something too sweet. This week we saw that when Adam saved Erica from humiliation on The Goldbergs after she almost failed at pulling off one of the most memorable lies in television history a la The Brady Bunch. […]


The Goldbergs 4×02 ‘I Heart Video Dating’: The Oracle

Later than usual because of an early wake up call this morning, The Goldbergs had to wait until I got a second wind. Now that I have, let’s talk about love, dreams and what VDs. Did I Love the ‘80s cover video dating? I feel like this is either one thing from that series I […]


The Goldbergs 4×01 ‘’Breakfast Club’: Lady and the worm

For many The Breakfast Club is a personal favorite that speaks volumes about who they are as a person. For me, I really don’t care all that much for it. While I am forever in awe of what John Hughes for the teen movie genre, this isn’t one I’d consider watching over and over again. […]

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Pretty Little Liars 7×10 ‘Darkest Knight’ Tim Burton’s Garage Sale

Maybe it’s because I watch too many thrillers, but has anyone else noticed that the person who gets shot is always wearing white? I know it’s a strategic choice by the wardrobe department to better showcase the seeming pool of blood, but it makes me anxious every time I see a character I like in […]

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Pretty Little Liars 7×09 ‘The Wrath of Kahn’ More like the wrath of Marin

Every person that appears on our screen is always oddly suspicious. Most of the time this is either cleverly done to throw us off course (a red herring) or they are acting sketchy for an unrelated reason. Noel Kahn however, does appear to be involved in the A shenanigans. The girls have caught him red […]

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Pretty Little Liars 7×08 ‘Exes and OMG’s’ look who’s back in town

All the girls said goodbye to their boys, minus Emily who said hello to her girl. Paige is back in town to compete with her ex for a swim coach job at the high school. But Spencer bid adieu to Toby who is taking his injured fiancée off to Maine, Aria sent Ezra off to […]