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Baby Daddy 4×20 ‘Till Dress Do Us Part’: Another Wheeler war…

For the past month or so Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy have been one in the same in terms of structure, and this week was no different. They both had clip shows and both looked at the two main relationships the series are based upon. Only when it came to Baby Daddy, the two […]


Melissa & Joey 4×20 ‘Game Night’: Who knows more?

There are only two more episodes of Melissa & Joey left in the series and they decided that it was a fine time to have a look back at things with a clip show. However, the focus was on the history of the two core couples; Mel and Joe, and Lennox and Zander. Kendra Beltran […]


Pretty Little Liars 6×07 ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Though’ Did you remove your

  The girls preform amateur surgery to remove their trackers, Toby gets stoned before he ambushes Charles, and Ali gets kidnapped.  Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in the infinite scroll of tumblr, or reading endless amounts of fanfiction, she is marathoning […]


Baby Daddy 4×19 ‘Ring Around the Party’: “The manly thing to do…”

Last week Melissa & Joey and Baby Daddy had similar ideas with the whole fast forward thing and this week both are about rings that people hate. Mel’s was too big, while Bonnie’s was too small. In other news Ross and Ben have a run in, Danny doesn’t know too much about his new girlfriend […]


Melissa & Joey 4×19 ‘Put a Ring on It’: Gwyneth Paltrow has a big head…

It’s Mel’s birthday and being her first one as a married woman, you’d think her new husband would go above and beyond to make her day insanely special. Instead his gifts just drove her insane. Meanwhile Lennox was weird because she’s too old to still be hanging around her aunt’s house. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere […]


Baby Daddy 4×18 ‘Parental Guidance’: Flash mobs and maybe moms…

Baby Daddy decided to take a more serious route with their flash forward episode after Ben gets some possible disturbing news from the doctor. Also Brad’s back and while it was weird at first it ended on such a cute note – that you totally forgave him for the Brad/Tad ordeal. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere […]


Melissa & Joey 4×18 ‘Melissa & Joey’s Frozen’: Calabasas…

ABC Family decided that we needed a non-holiday wacky episode of Melissa & Joey. While this show usually tanks with those, this one was actually pretty okay. Those who read these every week are shocked because I’ve been hating on this show for awhile now. Nevertheless, we fast forwarded 100 years into the future and […]


Baby Daddy 4×17 ‘Wheeler War’: “Yo mama is on the floor…”

Just when you thought the love triangle that seems to be the underlying glue of Baby Daddy was over and done with – it creeps back in. Yup, Ben’s not over Riley, Danny’s not over Riley, Riley’s not over Ril…I mean Danny. So how do we resolve this? Talk like adults? NOPE, have an all […]


Melissa & Joey 4×17 ‘The Parent Trap’: “Amazing Grace”

Melissa & Joey is one of the most underrated raunchy shows out there. Well, as raunchy as one can be on ABC Family. This week was all about hooking up as Mel and Joe’s parents acted like Zander and Lennox – which was weird because both let feelings get the best of them. Kendra Beltran […]


Pretty Little Liars 6×05 ‘She’s No Angel’ She’s Leslie Stone

Spencer is having a creepy dream about some little girl dancing in an insane asylum. Nobody knows what this means, but it looks really cool.  Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. When she isn’t stuck in the infinite scroll of tumblr, or reading endless amounts of […]


Baby Daddy 4×16 ‘Lowering the Bar’: Awkward…

This week Baby Daddy had a little heart, some laughs and some awkward moments for those of us who were old enough to watch Sister, Sister and Smart Guy. Bonnie tried to make the guys get rid of the bar, Riley went to court and Tucker got hit on and it made me TOO uncomfortable. […]


Melissa & Joey 4×16 ‘The Early Shift’: “Booty for life…”

Another week, another Melissa & Joey. This time around Joe was working on his career while Lennox was working her magic to make Zander realize his stupid ways. We saw one of these endings coming… Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. After two years of stress […]


Baby Daddy 4×15 ‘One Night Stand Off’: Or rather…hooks up and shake ups…

This was an amazing episode of Baby Daddy in the sense that it really took us to a new chapter of the characters’ lives. Ben and Danny are embarking on a new business venture and Riley is expanding her social circle at the office, in an intimate way… Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality […]


Melissa & Joey 4×15 ‘The Book Club’: “…penetrating insights…”

This show continues to truck on and I’m not even sure why, but alas Melissa & Joey was on this week and gave us a look at their version of 50 Shades of Grey, and Lennox picked up real fast what we all caught last week. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing […]


Pretty Little Liars 6×03 ‘Songs of Experience’ Everyone is working with A

Today is the day the girls are going back to school. It’s not really a surprise that they don’t all make it. Nothing is ever simple or easy in Rosewood. Especially when your friend’s brother’s evil twin tries to kidnap you and keep you in a living Dollhouse. Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends […]


Baby Daddy 4×14 ‘It Takes a Village Idiot’: “…less crazy…”

Unlike Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy will be back for a fifth season and you know what – it deserves it. This is one of the funniest shows on TV and I really hope that it gets more recognition because Tahj Mowry is comedic gold. He was paired with Riley in a game of pretend, […]


Melissa & Joey 4×14 ‘You Little Devil’: “…shred my butt!?”

This week on Melissa & Joey it wasn’t the best of times, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. Both storylines had their moments that made me laugh a little, and both offered up some interesting insight on where the show’s going in its last run. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll […]


Baby Daddy 4×13 ‘’Home Is Where the Wheeler Is’: “Nobody moves back to Jersey!”

Last time we saw the Baby Daddy gang, Danny was being a meany, Bonnie and Tucker were reckless and Ben was trying to fix things. Well, the only thing that’s changed is Danny’s attitude and girlfriend, but it’s not who you think. Kendra Beltran Lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy […]


Melissa & Joey 4×13 ‘Call of Duty’: “I want a b-word…”

This is the last run for Melissa & Joey and we’re starting off with some bad news. Well a double dose of bad news; Ryder is leaving and Mel’s not pregnant. My guess is because Nick Robinson is about to have a great year thanks to Jurassic World, and that they’re going to do more […]

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Pretty Little Liars 6×01 ‘Game On, Charles’ Who the heck is Charles?

Well we know that Charles is A, but WHO is Charles? Is he a Di Laurentis ? Is he Andrew Campbell? Everything is pure speculation at this point. But one thing we do know is apparently the game is ON! Shea McKeown a self professed ‘internet nerd’,spends way too much of her free time online. […]